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Bristol West Insurance Sucks

This site is Unauthorized by Bristol West Insurance and Farmers Insurance. Farmers Insurance owns Bristol West Insurance. If you would like your complaint listed here please send it. Avoid Bristol West Insurance. See our Alternatives to Farmers Insurance/Bristol West Insurance.


red ballKecia Milliner's Story

My beautiful, bright, sweet daughter, she's five years old at the time, was hit by a speeding car and dragged from one driveway to the next, right before my very eyes. I couldn't run to her, um, I couldn't comfort her, I couldn't barely look at her bloodstained face. She had a gash in her forehead, she had lacerations to the liver and spleen, she had a bruised kidney, she had a severely broken left femur, her leg was broken and crunched together, um, but the most severe of her injuries wasn't discovered until later, and that's the most lasting one of them all, because it's gonna affect her and our family for the rest of our lives. Of course we had taken her to the neurologist, and they did ultimately discover that she had a traumatic brain injury. We contacted the insurance company (Bristol West Insurance) and they said you know what, we're gonna honor your personal injury protection benefits, and we're gonna pay for all of her bills, but from the beginning the insurance company (Bristol West Insurance) has done nothing but shun their responsibilities. They have not paid her bills. We have seen, taken her to countless doctors, complied with everything that they asked us to comply with, all of their requests we've honored, even the request to have her assessed by a neuropsychologist of their choosing, we said that's fine.

My daughter has seen at least 12 doctors, minimum, of at least 12 doctors, who all say the same thing, not including her speech cognitive physical therapist and academic therapist. But once she got to this doctor who said "yes, we agree with the diagnosis," they reluctantly paid for a short period of time, but once they added on therapy, oh no, we want you to be reassessed by a different doctor, by a different doctor, and I asked them, I said "Well, how about you send us to the doctor you originally sent us to?" They wanted her to go to a different doctor. Once they got to that doctor, that doctor said exactly what they wanted her to say, and offered no explanation, she said, that her injuries were not a result of her accident and offered no explanation as to why her learning patterns changed.

On April the 28th, 2008, they stopped all of her personal injury protection benefits. They breached our contract, and they reneged on their promise. And since then - it has been just a little over a year - we have seen a significant amount of regression; all of her grades have gone down, her behavior has increasingly gotten out of hand, and we've been doing everything we can to talk to the insurance company (Bristol West Insurance) to get her therapy up and going. I mean this has been a monumental financial strain on our family in addition. You know, although I have two degrees, and one from the University of Michigan with distinction, we've really had to make some huge sacrifices for the welfare of our daughter. We had to do what was best for her and so we had to make the decision to put her welfare ahead of financial stability. And as a result, everyday, all of our bills have gotten behind, on our home, and our credit has been ruined.

red ballKecia Milliner's Call to Action

I don't know the insurance company (Bristol West Insurance) gets away with it, I don't know how the doctors sleep, I don't know how the insurance adjusters sleep. Because there is no way that I could say that a child with a traumatic brain injury, the services that my daughter, she has to have these services, how could I say "you know what, we're gonna cut your child off. We're not gonna give her the services she needs." What's gonna happen to my daughter a year from now, two years from now, three years from now, ten years from now? I don't know how they sleep at night.

I think that not only should the adjusted be held accountable, but the CEOs should be held accountable. They have to be held accountable. If you're rewarding an adjusted, so you're sending a message to other adjusters to deny as many claims as you can. My daughter is not a piece, a, a name on a piece of paper. We're not names on a sheet of paper. My daughter has a life… and for you (Bristol West Insurance) to deny her claim, and to be rewarded for denying the claim… it's, it's inconceivable. It's inconceivable. How can you put a price tag on a person's life? How can you put a price tag on a person's life? And if you actually think about it, how much money, that they're getting out, to say "no, we're not gonna pay your daughter's claim," but they took my premium! And if I did not pay my premium, they would have cut me off. Not only would they have cut me off but if I was caught driving without insurance I would be penalized. The government would penalize me. And I would have to pay a driver responsibility fee for two years. So, what responsibility is the government gonna assess on the insurance company, when they deny the claim? They need to have a responsibility fee. And hold them accountable for not honoring the agreement. Now if the government, the government says we have to insurance. We have to have insurance. So if we have to have insurance, then the insurance company has to honor the agreement.

I think the public has to made aware of what's going on. Because you never know what's gonna happen to you or a family member. We would have never thought, in a million years, that we would be going through what we're going through right now. I wish someone had informed me, but I'm just glad that I have the opportunity now, to speak out, to help someone. Because it can be you at any time. It can be you at any time, so this is important not just to me and my family because I always thought it was someone else. When I hear about these things happening to other people I say "Oh that is so sad for them." But I never knew it would be me, and so it's important for the public to be made aware of what's going on, that way we can all speak out and say something. I mean one lone voice in the wilderness may not make much difference, but you got a million voices crying out? We have to be heard.

It's time to get up, get out and do something. We can't stand idly by while the insurance company (Bristol West Insurance) gets away with robbing us, because that's basically what they're doing. Why do we have insurance if when it's time to make a claim, they're not gonna be there. They take our premium, gladly, and if we don't pay our premium, then they're gonna cut us off and we'll be held responsible. Let's make insurance companies responsible. Let's put pressure on them, and say you know, you need to honor our contract. When they take our premium, and we sign on that dotted line, and they accept our premium, we have a legally binding contract, and it's time that they honored the contract. If we didn't honor our contract, we would be held responsible, so let's hold them responsible. So I, personally, I'm going to the website, I'm gonna sign that petition, and I'm gonna tell everyone in my family to sign the petition, and I just encourage everyone to sign the petition. Go to the website. Let's make a difference.

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