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Foremost Insurance Sucks

This site is Unauthorized by Foremost Insurance and Farmers Insurance. Farmers Insurance owns Foremost Insurance. If you would like your complaint listed here please send it. Avoid Foremost Insurance. See our Alternatives to Farmers Insurance/Foremost Insurance. Foremost Insurance Complaints:

red ball BEWARE!!!! They cover nothing, read the list of disclaimers, I got ripped off but maybe I can save someone else from this schyster outfit. The city water main leaked and caused $30k worth of damage to my basement floor. After a three year lawsuit the judge threw it out because of the myriad of exclusions in the fine print on their policy. Don't waste your money on this company! - Gayle O 2/24/2007

red ball My problem is that Foremost dropped me after my flood lost. I think they served me well as far as payment. Soon afterwards I received a letter of cancel policy. What is Insurance for if you cannot use it because you are afraid of being dropped? Now I am just scared to file a claim becuase I know that I can be dropped as soon as I am paid. Mobile Home Insurance is hard to come by these days. Carolyn H. 2/28/07

red ball First, my opinion about Foremost Insurance Co. and their advertising is as follows: Their ads tell us to have a clear mind, travel, and enjoy life because Foremost will always be around to protect us and our homes! I say this is a blatant case of False Advertising! How dare they make such a claim when they deny most of the ones they receive! Protection? The only protection ‘we’ need is from Foremost Insurance!!Secondly, their tactics to delay or deny claim payment are reprehensible and implausible. Two outstanding claims are on-going for nearly 7 [seven] months now-!! I reported stolen property to the police and to Foremost, and on the same day the police inspected my residence and filed a report. Soon thereafter, I received a letter from the police along with a copy of their report which reiterated what they previously told me: “You have to resolve this with your insurance company.” Eventually, a Foremost employee came to my home and conducted a physical investigation and interviewed my wife and me. TWICE we gave our sworn testimony (one of which was tape recorded), and now they ask for a THIRD for no reason. While in our home, we showed them whatever they asked to see in regards to the investigation, i.e., the rooms, places where items were taken, the alarm system, etc. One of these items was a very expensive and unique painting by Pablo Picasso. There were approximately 100 paintings in our home and just 1 from 100 was taken. (The Picasso was #7 out of 10 limited editions that he either printed himself or supervised the printing of them. Picasso also touched up these pieces ­ originally etchings - and signed all 10 of them.) My father purchased this Picasso in 1961 and gave it to me as a gift. My father died in April 1994, so this work has immeasurable sentimental value attached to it. Together, all of the paintings I have are worth approximately $1,000,000.00 (although the Picasso has been appraised by an art auctioneer for over $1,000,000.00 by itself).
I have repeatedly said to the adjuster, “please find it for me, I do not want money. I t means too much.” Then, about two (2) months ago, I heard on the news that a Picasso lithograph had surfaced in Mexico, so I called Foremost and informed them of the news. I did not get any response. Also, at a Persian Rug Company, I found two rugs similar to my rugs that were stolen and I faxed the information to the insurance company. I have not heard from them. Recently, I contacted an attorney, but he wants to work for a percentage. My issue with this is that I want my possessions replaced or returned. I do not-want money. I never had to make an insurance claim on my residence not even when (1)my exterior pipes burst, leaving me with a $3,000 water bill, which I paid myself; (2)My roof leaked and I’ve paid for repairs twice because there was not severe damage nor huge cost. But now, the roof is leaking somewhere else and the damage is extensive ­ Foremost did not send an adjuster until over 2 months after I made the claim. A leaky roof can be costly and more importantly, DANGEROUS! Water can stand on a roof for months, and then suddenly it collapses ­ severely injuring or even killing any person in the rooms under it. So, with all of these things happening, my wife developed an extreme anxiety disorder (add to this her grandmother and mother dying within year of each other). More stress could put her in the hospital and now Foremost wants ANOTHER sworn testimony?! I have problems focusing on my work ­ which is nearly impossible for me to do now, and much of my days are filled with worry and pressure, both personal and financial. However, we were getting back on our feet when the burglary occurred earlier this year (reason for my first claim) and now Foremost has dragged out the conclusion of the claim for nearly 7 months Foreclosure is imminent (in 30 days) and I personally feel that they are intentionally delaying payment. I don’t know what’s next for me and my wife, but I hope that for Foremost, their next move will be to the ‘out of business’ claim department. We’ve taken the first steps with an attorney and I now plan to report Foremost to the Georgia (our home state) insurance commission as well as to the insurance commissions of Washington, Wisconsin and Illinois (the main locations of their business). Thanks for reading…
Reza J. 9/12/2006


red ball This is how Foremost treated a 72 year old widow. Consumer Beware!!! Monthly premium is $72.81 and it covers nothing!
I was unaware that the hot water heater at my residence was leaking. I live in a mobile home and it's located in a spot that isn't visible. It leaked into the bathroom, hallway and into one of the bedrooms causing water damage to the floors and mold. I have been paying homeowners insurance for over 50 years and have never filed a claim. The policy states it covers Loss caused by water that escapes from plumbing, sprinkler protection, or an appliance that occurs over a period of weeks, months or years. The adjuster who came out states there's a clause that states it doesn't cover if it has been a problem for awhile. That's not how I read the policy. It there's a clause I feel like it's misrepresentation. That's not how the policy reads. He stated if he covered it he could be fired. He stated that people might let damage get worse on purpose so they can remodel. He was concerned about mold on the wall. The bedroom had laminate flooring. I did not know that there was a leak until I saw the mold on the wall. The water did not penetrate through the sub-floor. Obviously it had not been leaking that long. Please note that I replaced the flooring in the hallway, bedroom and bathroom approx. 3 years ago. I had no intention of remodeling. Prior to this I had also filed a claim last spring because the roof was leaking . It did damage to the inside walls and ceiling. I did not want to file a claim. My grandson tried to fix it. While he was on the roof his foot came through the ceiling because of severe water damage. I had no idea that the damage was that severe. I didn't know there was a problem until the water actually started leaking into the house. I had spent the previous 4 years caring for my husband who was a complete invalid 24/7 until he passed away in late March 2008. I had no choice except to file a claim. The same adjuster denied the claim. The carpet was pulled up in the living room because I'm replacing it due to age and wear and tear. I did not file a claim on the living room floor and had no intentions of doing so. I am a widow on a fixed income. I'm wondering if the adjusters receive a bonus for denied claims. He looked for every reason possible to deny it. He even measured the kitchen. I'm not sure why.

I wonder if there are bonuses given out for the amount of claims that are denied.

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