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Auto Related Complaints

Write a complaint about Farmers Auto Insurance. You may want to write your complaint in a word processor and then paste it in. Please be as detailed as possible. 
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Disingenuous Claims Adjuster

by Richard
6,992 1 08/02/2010 10:31PM
Last Post by Richard

Uninsured Motorist

by mistihm
6,927 1 06/13/2010 05:33PM
Last Post by mistihm

Farmers Insurance trying to "*crew" me over

by Karen
4,152 2 05/04/2010 01:01AM
Last Post by Tina

Who is at fault?

by Loving
3,826 1 04/22/2010 11:50PM
Last Post by Loving

Farmers Wants 4,500 From A Wreck I Got Into 3 Years AGO!!

by Michelle
4,234 1 03/18/2010 03:47PM
Last Post by Michelle


by Brenda
4,003 2 03/05/2010 02:48AM
Last Post by Rusty

Harassed by Farmer's agent (Ken Evanson)

by avann
7,924 1 02/26/2010 03:46AM
Last Post by avann

Credit collection after affirmed cancellation

by James
5,322 3 02/22/2010 11:33PM
Last Post by Peter

I was a Farmers policyholder...rear-ended by another Farmers Policyholder...

by Richelle
4,308 3 01/31/2010 05:58AM
Last Post by Former Adjuster

Farmers Scared of Wal Mart

3,919 2 01/31/2010 05:50AM
Last Post by Former Adjuster

Buyer Beware of the fine print and untrained agents....

by arcouch
3,842 1 01/19/2010 05:38PM
Last Post by arcouch

Bristol West billing me for bogus rate increase

by Bentover
4,019 1 01/06/2010 06:07AM
Last Post by Bentover

Farmers charge me for bogus rate increase after cancelation

by Bentover
4,037 1 01/06/2010 06:06AM
Last Post by Bentover


by oldschooljdm
3,799 1 12/02/2009 05:42PM
Last Post by oldschooljdm


by Christian Bourn
3,728 2 11/25/2009 07:19PM
Last Post by Farmers Parolee

Not a Raving FAN!!!!!!!!!

by Shannon
3,709 1 11/09/2009 04:43PM
Last Post by Shannon

income coverage failed

by Dwight Waller
3,884 2 10/31/2009 03:05PM
Last Post by djw46

Charges $50 for a $55 golf car cancellation; no pro-rating.

by Paul Haney
4,438 1 10/24/2009 10:41PM
Last Post by Paul Haney

Policy Wrong cancellation

by Genn
9,147 11 10/24/2009 12:13PM
Last Post by Redman

long wait

by dalasmad
3,936 1 10/22/2009 08:54PM
Last Post by dalasmad

Farmer's trying to collect $$ after they agreed to settle

by ethoorsell
4,036 2 10/21/2009 09:47PM
Last Post by Redman

Ripped off by Farmers

by Darla
4,131 3 09/24/2009 01:48AM
Last Post by Darla

Farmers to collection agent

by simjack
4,134 2 09/22/2009 04:29PM
Last Post by don dowell

auto claim denied

by Richard Brooks
4,599 4 09/03/2009 09:36PM
Last Post by PDX GAR

unfair rate increase

by rlpenalis
3,837 1 08/02/2009 12:25AM
Last Post by rlpenalis


by Colin Quinn
3,759 1 07/30/2009 05:54PM
Last Post by Colin Quinn

Farmers trying to con me

by Soffie'schoice
3,740 1 07/21/2009 09:26PM
Last Post by Soffie'schoice

after market replacement glass

by john larsen
3,897 2 07/19/2009 04:42PM
Last Post by fredy D

Quote to Policy!

by Carol
3,609 2 07/11/2009 06:07PM
Last Post by Devon

Collection Without Representation

by Jetsmech
6,537 3 06/18/2009 02:20PM
Last Post by esther nzoma

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