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Homeowners Related Complaints

Write a complaint about Farmers Homeowners Insurance. You may want to write your complaint in a word processor and then paste it in. Please be as detailed as possible. 
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8 wks & counting "burglary claim not paid".

by Isa Brittain
4,299 3 09/25/2009 08:03PM
Last Post by duadjuster

Mold Problem

by Jessica
1,557 2 09/08/2009 05:38PM
Last Post by Redman

thank you

by tonia
1,391 1 08/14/2009 03:22PM
Last Post by tonia


by EXXXposed
1,315 1 07/26/2009 05:33AM
Last Post by EXXXposed


by RLopez
2,925 2 07/23/2009 07:41PM
Last Post by janeb

Break-in/ Burglary

by mrobmc
2,037 4 06/06/2009 02:11AM
Last Post by Sylvia

claim disputed

by martacmar
1,201 1 05/27/2009 04:37PM
Last Post by martacmar

Hail Damage Repair sucks and Farmers won't help

by Ben Rabinovich
1,217 1 05/22/2009 09:13PM
Last Post by Ben Rabinovich

tornado 5/22/09 still no payment from Farmers

by Pam
1,004 1 05/11/2009 05:46PM
Last Post by Pam

Farmer's advertising

by Joe
1,931 3 04/24/2009 09:33AM
Last Post by Farmers Parolee

No coverage!

by Pam
1,493 4 04/18/2009 08:46AM
Last Post by Melissa

Farmers delay tactics Nightmare with farmers Insurance

by lift8
8,336 4 04/16/2009 03:52PM
Last Post by Helen Myrick

Cheap, cheap Farmers adjuster

by William Buckley
2,203 5 02/19/2009 04:33PM
Last Post by AMC

I have been Ripped on Homeowner's Ins.

by Annie
1,493 4 02/10/2009 02:38PM
Last Post by Rajkumar Iyer


by Emily Kuzmich
1,300 2 12/23/2008 06:36PM
Last Post by Iguy

homeowners insurance

by Philip
1,591 3 12/11/2008 01:26PM
Last Post by kimberly shworles

abusive claims officers

by Emily Kuzmich
1,611 1 11/16/2008 03:56PM
Last Post by Emily Kuzmich

water damage

by Scott Melton
1,561 2 10/05/2008 10:55AM
Last Post by Alana Campbell

Is Farmers even WORSE than ALLSTATE?

by melshae
13,379 3 08/14/2008 02:24PM
Last Post by Chris

Farmers Insurance are thieves

by Vicky Hargrave
17,396 5 08/13/2008 01:32PM
Last Post by stephanie

"Send Lawyers, Guns & Money"

by The Tartan Thistle
7,640 2 07/27/2008 08:53PM
Last Post by Zani

collapsed chimney

by neverknew1
1,411 2 07/27/2008 05:33PM
Last Post by Redman

Helpful hints when dealing with an insurance claim!!

by Sandra
2,118 1 07/11/2008 08:16AM
Last Post by Sandra

Highway Robbery

by Jack Lovett
2,126 1 07/07/2008 03:58PM
Last Post by Jack Lovett

Lies, Lies and More Lies

by Pat McGee
1,451 1 07/05/2008 09:59AM
Last Post by Pat McGee

Shorted on Homeowners Premium

by John
1,383 1 06/17/2008 10:56AM
Last Post by John

No Accountability

by Nancy Puffer
1,402 1 05/12/2008 02:52PM
Last Post by Nancy Puffer

lack of service

by Deborah
1,436 2 03/28/2008 12:51AM
Last Post by Mike

Farmers Agent Erik Eivey, Longmont, CO -- a bad person to do business with

by Michael Ross
1,706 1 01/05/2008 09:59AM
Last Post by Michael Ross

Homeowners claim

by Sherry Jones
1,709 1 01/04/2008 01:02PM
Last Post by Sherry Jones

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