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Employee and Agent Complaints

Current employess, former-employees, Agents and DM's of Farmers use this forum to discuss how you were treated (complaints) by Farmers Insurance and other information you would like to share.  
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Should I become a Farmer's Agency Owner?   (Pages: 1 ... 6 7 8)

by Erskine
401,465 215 03/04/2020 10:18PM
Last Post by Redman

Contract Breeched & Terminated - Hosed by Farmers   (Pages: 1 2 3)

by texasagent
82,685 90 10/09/2019 06:08PM
Last Post by ex Farmers

Becoming an agent for Farmers   (Pages: 1 2 3)

by Erskine
77,856 81 09/28/2018 01:20AM
Last Post by Tarzan

Farmers Insurance Agent vs. Independent

by administrator
16,111 9 10/16/2017 09:39PM
Last Post by Zach Lane

Employee, Ex-Employee, DM, and Agent Complaint Archives   (Pages: 1 2)

by administrator
53,435 53 04/07/2017 03:43PM
Last Post by Liz Cepler

2009 Terminated employees in Oregon   (Pages: 1 2)

by ExFarmer
17,817 35 08/05/2015 08:03PM
Last Post by Anonymous1954

Potential Class Action for unlawful garnishment of sick pay

by Clayton Roloff
28,046 24 08/01/2015 06:50PM
Last Post by Anonymous512

The way Farmers handles agents should be a crime

by Little "Big Tex"
6,705 4 05/21/2013 08:51PM
Last Post by mmay

NEW: Farmers SIU employee over time class action law su

by Clayton Roloff
12,946 9 03/17/2013 06:47PM
Last Post by anonymous500

Farmers uses people for free advertisement.

by David Fields
5,647 2 05/06/2010 08:33PM
Last Post by lablvr87

Subsidy Payback My Story   (Pages: 1 2)

by 3yearcareer
4,971 31 04/13/2020 11:25PM
Last Post by Just got my letter!

Farmers Insurance Agent Subsidy   (Pages: 1 2)

by DanaJ
25,095 31 04/11/2020 06:09PM
Last Post by Rae Ann

Farmers Underhanded Dealing

by bill diggins
256 1 02/06/2020 01:00AM
Last Post by bill diggins

SEED AGENTS - Did your book convert??

by caliagent95
259 1 02/05/2020 01:12AM
Last Post by caliagent95

How do I get a copy of my contract?

by LifeisRuined?
3,308 6 01/02/2020 04:43PM
Last Post by anon


313 1 12/28/2019 06:33AM
Last Post by DALLAS18

Farmers Errors and Omissions Claims against its Agents

by administrator
6,134 2 11/13/2019 02:35PM
Last Post by Cliff

Only A Fool Would Buy A Farmers Insurance Agency

by franksc@startmail.com
11,768 3 10/07/2019 06:00PM
Last Post by Andrew Engeman

Agent terminations for agents in their 60's and 70's

by Duke
523 1 08/27/2019 08:29PM
Last Post by Duke

agent posted something inappropriate

by Upset At Agent
544 1 08/22/2019 03:20AM
Last Post by Upset At Agent

Has anyone here ever work for Marty Tietjen or Ryan Bradley?

by John Martin
5,987 7 08/01/2019 05:54PM
Last Post by Me

Worst "opportunity" ever.

by Lee
3,626 5 07/10/2019 09:23PM
Last Post by mark

Agency transition bonus

by Greg
560 1 07/02/2019 06:39PM
Last Post by Greg

agent issues

by Gregg
676 2 04/04/2019 07:20PM
Last Post by Redman

It’s been two weeks and I haven’t gotten put on the schedule

by New Hire
688 2 04/04/2019 07:18PM
Last Post by Redman

Need Help to sue back Farmers Insurance for the conspiracy claims and law suits to the agents

by Delilah
921 1 01/03/2019 08:46AM
Last Post by Delilah

Farmers Breach of Contract/E Folio Chargebacks

by inncocent
2,052 2 11/15/2018 04:59PM
Last Post by Natale Lessey

Terminated , (after 16 years) for an ADA protected medcal condition

by seantori
1,438 2 11/01/2018 06:01PM
Last Post by Michael Faber

FMLA/EEOC/ADA Related Termination

by Roy27
2,900 2 11/01/2018 06:00PM
Last Post by Michael Faber

1099 problem for ex agent

by Sherry LaLonde
6,207 9 10/02/2018 09:05PM
Last Post by Manny o

Need advice on getting out

by missagent
1,974 3 08/17/2018 01:30AM
Last Post by Fufarmers

Gods Glory

by cjf
3,309 2 07/30/2018 02:21PM
Last Post by cjf

new store vs same store classification and bonus

by agency owner
1,355 1 04/28/2018 10:56PM
Last Post by agency owner

Under insured on condo--errors and omissions?

by KH
1,207 1 04/27/2018 09:14PM
Last Post by KH

Subsidy...Collections...then what?

2,663 2 01/15/2018 08:22PM
Last Post by NICOLE

They hired a documented monster (Paul Oraze -Seattle) with MANY victims!

by Amy Steenmeyer
1,928 5 01/14/2018 09:51PM
Last Post by EEM

Reserve Agents

by Fufarmers
1,796 1 09/06/2017 09:53PM
Last Post by Fufarmers

I agree Farmer's DOES SUCK

by Tom Strelka
1,761 1 08/17/2017 03:47PM
Last Post by Tom Strelka

Preeti Sehgal, San jose, CA is worst agent in farmers

by good name
6,338 6 07/17/2017 05:55PM
Last Post by lesson learned

I just lost my dream

by Agent
5,393 4 06/12/2017 04:37PM
Last Post by DamageAgent

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