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Employee and Agent Complaints

Current employess, former-employees, Agents and DM's of Farmers use this forum to discuss how you were treated (complaints) by Farmers Insurance and other information you would like to share.  
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NonLicensed Agents vs Licensed agents

by Tripping
1,018 1 02/15/2012 09:39PM
Last Post by Tripping

Immoral Scam to hire New agents

by S.L.
8,458 7 02/14/2012 07:32PM
Last Post by My3Sons

Subsidy Payback

by Coach
2,020 1 02/06/2012 02:18PM
Last Post by Coach

1099 problem for ex agent

by Sherry LaLonde
2,556 6 02/02/2012 09:06AM
Last Post by Need Help


by liedtoincolorado
1,249 2 01/17/2012 10:45AM
Last Post by mondayismine

Can the Agency owner take an account manager's account legally?

by Jan
1,008 1 12/27/2011 09:54PM
Last Post by Jan

Thank you

by Judy
1,041 1 12/27/2011 07:00PM
Last Post by Judy

I just lost my dream

by Agent
1,827 3 12/26/2011 07:02AM
Last Post by jls523


by jls523
1,340 1 12/25/2011 08:38AM
Last Post by jls523

State takes enforcement actions against insurance agent

by Appalled-and-Aghast
1,680 1 10/31/2011 11:49AM
Last Post by Appalled-and-Aghast

Prendiville Insurance bribery

by Pgaputter
1,233 1 10/26/2011 11:59PM
Last Post by Pgaputter

I need advice on how to resign from being a reserve agent!!

by Under Pressure
1,456 1 10/11/2011 04:39PM
Last Post by Under Pressure

Policy Surrender

by Steve
888 1 10/01/2011 10:06AM
Last Post by Steve

Need help with Subsidy repayment options....

by Need Help
1,259 1 08/26/2011 10:17AM
Last Post by Need Help


by edcoach
2,045 3 08/24/2011 04:51PM
Last Post by michelle

Any ex-CSRs who have inside knowledge of commission problems

by DisgustedWife
1,274 3 08/20/2011 03:36AM

Lawsuit for overtime pay

by Joseph Mahoney
2,749 5 08/08/2011 12:58PM
Last Post by David Hickman

IIED, extended network of harrassment to outside of work is dangerous

by MobbedByFarmers
1,429 1 07/15/2011 01:55PM
Last Post by MobbedByFarmers

MOBBING (forced out? slandered? black-balled?)

by Having Worked At FRAMERS
1,104 1 07/15/2011 04:37AM
Last Post by Having Worked At FRAMERS


by Valerie Banks
4,655 3 04/13/2011 02:52PM
Last Post by liedtoincolorado

Thanks to all of you

by Dani
1,254 1 03/14/2011 08:09AM
Last Post by Dani

Seeking info on A manager "JASON K." @ OKC NDC

1,899 1 02/17/2011 04:33PM

Sexual Harassment - Kansas City Claims Office

by kev1974a
3,020 5 01/22/2011 05:30AM
Last Post by kev1974a

Jobvent deletes all negative comments about farmers.

by john
1,371 2 01/13/2011 07:06AM
Last Post by Redman

Mutual sick benefit associations

by arstreamp
1,052 1 01/10/2011 08:07AM
Last Post by arstreamp

mandatory Overtime Oklahoma

by Miranda
1,307 1 01/03/2011 08:50AM
Last Post by Miranda

OT pay

by zeke
2,317 7 12/20/2010 07:06PM
Last Post by Redman

class action suit for stress   (Pages: 1 2)

by ExFarmers Employee
7,833 31 12/11/2010 04:58PM
Last Post by Redman

Agents in California

by Vance Webster
3,681 7 12/09/2010 10:58AM
Last Post by Hopeless in California

Wrongfull Termination Updates Wanted

by TheTruth
1,812 4 11/18/2010 06:58PM
Last Post by Screwed in Detroit

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