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Hopkins/Farmers Friend now an accused "Pedophile"!

Posted by Mormons4Justice 
Mormons4Justice has just recieved a signed and sworn statement from an individual that swears they were repeatedly molested by Curt Windhorst, AKA Curt McLaughlin when they were a child!!!! This individual expressed a desire to see him prosecuted and asked to know of his whereabouts. If anyone knows his current address please send it to us so we can forward the document to the proper authorities!

The implications are beyond staggerring! Curt Windhorst, according to the individual, changed his last name and fled Utah to avoid being charged as a Sexual Predator! He is now known as Curt McLaughlin.

Now for the big question: We address this to Paul Hopkins, CEO of Farmers and Grand Wizard of the Farmers Inquisitorial Squad which WE hold responsible for the Great Mormon Massacre of 2002.

1. Didn't you "use" your private police force to "dig up dirt" on all of the Mormons that complained about being discriminated against while pretending to conduct an investigation????

2. Curt reportedly had a large sum of money in his bank account after your "investigation". Did You Bribe Him into stating that he was forced into writing his complaint by District Manager Paul Drockton or other Mormon Insurance Agents against his will???

3. Or did you blackmail him with the above information and threaten to expose his pedophile tendencies to law enforcement, in order to get him to publicly recant his complaint letter??? Being labeled a "Sexual Predator" can have a tremendous impact on one's ability to find gainful employment after they spend a decade or so in Federal Prison.

4. Whatever you did, it worked. Windhorst, a former rep with Pfizer Pharmaceuticals tried to overdose Drockton with "Celebrex", causing him to visit the hospital emergency room. At the time, Windhorst had a large stash in his basement of this "new and expensive" drug. He gave it to Drockton for free when the latter complained about pain in his shoulder.

5. Windhorst also met secretly with Jill Beard before she and Kevin Hatton decided to trash Drockton's credit, reputation and financial well-being. Is Curt the one who handed Jill the $100,000 payoff? Or did he offer her a lollipop and a car ride?

6. Wasn't it Curt Windhorst who met with the other agents that complained and talked them into withdrawing their complaints?

7. Didn'tCurt also meet with LDS Church leaders and reassure them that no "Mormon Discrimination was taking place at Farmers Insurance?" He would have been the right choice: President of his class at BYU; Aaryan physique with a poker face that would beat any casino? Even a returned missionary! Now those are Mormon credentials strong enough to fool even a savy G.A.

8. Didn't Curt Windhorst also deliver campaign donations to David Safavian and Chris Cannon? Utah's Mormon Congresssman who had 1 million in debt magically disappear and the whole insurance industry suddenly clamoring to triple his campaign chest?

9. Did Curt also meet with Joe Cannon to keep the whole "Mormon Massacre" out of the Newspapers? Joe was the head of Utah's Republican Party at the time! Mysteriously, a whole lot of money started coming into the Utah Party from Farmers and Friends! A large amount from California!

Poor Curt the "bagman" Windhorst, AKA McLaughlin. One would think that an individual with such a "dark and jaded past" would have a hard time finding employment after a name change; but he appears to be doing quite well as an Executive of a Cannon connected Medical Company in San Diego, California. Who said crime doesn't pay?

Meanwhile, one his alleged victims is in therapy. Who knows how many other victims are out there? One estimate is that there are 20 victims for every one that gets the perpetrator caught. We wish this victim all the best in her search for justice. Sadly, we can't help but believe that somehow, someway, Farmers will put her somewhere she doesn't belong!

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