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Goodbye Farmers

Posted by Duane Tanner 
Goodbye Farmers
June 04, 2008 07:36PM
I had been a Farmers customer for 34 years, both auto and home, with only one claim filed on my homeowners policy in that time, and surprisingly, the adjuster worked with me in allowing my own work to cover the deductible. Then last year my wife lost our '97 pickup over a cliff (long story on that one) and Farmers paid the total loss. Things were good so far, our agent worked for us, as did other claims people, and it was handled expeditiously and fairly and we were paid.

When I got a renewal notice for our car, which my wife is rated on, the premium had jumped over $200 a year. I confirmed with my agent that the increase was due to the loss on the pickup. 34 years with Farmers, one accident claim, and premiums go up $200. As this site indicates, Farmers sucks!!

I am no longer with Farmers for auto insurance and after receiving my homeowners renewal today with a $90 increase, I'm going elsewhere for that also.

After reading a lot of this site, I consider myself fortunate...and a much wiser insurance consumer going forward. We're now with USAA, rated #1 for customer service...and depending on how long you've been with them, no charge forgiveness on an accident involving a claim payout. Had we been with USAA even a portion of the time we were with Farmers, the pickup loss would not have affected our rates one bit.

Duane Tanner

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Re: Goodbye Farmers
July 09, 2008 08:01AM
As an ex agent of Farmers, I'm no fan...in fact, I probably think they suck more than most on here...but in all honesty, your premium increase on your auto is pretty normal. A large comprehensive claim would affect your rates with just about any company (and I do business with many). When you change companies and get a better rate, the accident you describe was likely counted against you to some degree...you have just been paying too much all along with Farmers. The homeowners premium increase can't be explained with any accuracy. One misconception many people have is that their rates should never change because they are loyal. While some companies offer a "loyalty discount", there are many, many factors that can affect premiums...and don't forget about inflation. BUT...I'm glad you went elsewhere, there is so much better than Farmers. Hopefully you have found an independant agent that can always shop your account for the best possible value.

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Re: Goodbye Farmers
July 09, 2008 09:08PM
PS - Sorry I didn't put this in the original post, but I believe that your homeowners premium increase was due to the fact that you cancelled your auto with them, thus you would have lost your auto / home discount. It is always the best practice to package all of your risks with one company, when possible. Again...good for you for leaving them smiling smiley

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Re: Goodbye Farmers
May 23, 2009 05:05PM
Yes, Farmers totally sucks!! I was in a minor auto accident and it will be 3 yrs. in July, 2009. My record has been clean for the almost 3 yrs. My insurance went up dramatically over that time and I was never told about the Good Driver Forgiveness program wherein my insurance premium would be reduced each of the 3 years if no violation. I found out from my current agent that my previous agent had been fired due to bad praticies (this doesn't help me!). Farmers should be responsible for his wrong-doing but my current agent told me there was nothing I could due to get reimbursement for my over-payments.

Does anyone out there know how I can get my money back?? I have moved both my auto and house insurance to another company!!!

Posted May 23, 2009

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Re: Goodbye Farmers
May 25, 2009 06:55PM
We have been with Farmers 50.5 years and quit them as of May 24. We saved $1,000 going to another company. They were really overcharging us. We have had some good agents but in the last few years we had some rotten ones. The last one moved his office 2 times in 6 months and never bothered to inform us. We never received a card saying thank you for your loyalty for 50 plus years. Chevron and Texaco (25) and (40) sent us very nice letters. Farmers cop out was we just don't keep that kind of records! WHOA...don't keep records...only if they want money. LOYALTY means nothing to Farmers Group Insurance.

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This is a pretty funny site! I am an independent agent and write for the some of the best carriers in the industry (Chubb and Fireman's Fund among others). USAA is good for their service but not coverage. To think you'll not be surcharged by them for driving over a cliff is ludicrous. Most all will give you a break if you buy accident foregiveness (wich USAA doesn't offer) or have longevity for 3-5 years or more. As for Gayle overpaying.....kind of your fault for not questionong your agent or looking elsewhere for years. Do you go to a store and pay $20 for an orange and not question it...or shop elsewhere? My advice....find a good independent agent you trust that has a wealth of carriers or shop your coverage, find a better rate and ask that person you trust why the big price difference. If he/she is any good, they will look out for you and tell you to take the good offer...and return if it doesn't pan out. There are a lot of bait and switch direct carriers out there these days.

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Re: Goodbye Farmers
July 07, 2009 04:12AM
Goodbye Farmers I have been with Farmers Homeowners Ins and Farmers Auto for 5 years since I have been with them my homeowners has gone up 200% from $1050 in 2005-06 to now 2009-2010 $3138 and my auto has gone up 50% !! Now I do live 40 miles from the Gulf Coast but I'm north of I -10 AND I'm over 200 ft above sea level I have been through two huricanes but had no damage and made no claims!! So I have decided to leave Framers I will not pay a Insurance co these outrages rates that go up every year!! So Goodbye and I will never come back!! This Government should look into this Insurance Co. and all the others who have increased there rates as much as they have done mine no wonder why this countries economey is falling people like myself who were paying less than $100 for homeowners insurance are now paying close to $ 400 dollars a month and over $ 150 a month for auto insurance were I was paing around $80 a month yrs ago. No wonder people are not going out to eat and to the movies like they use to no wonder they are not buying new cars. The Insurance co. are getting all the money and we the people are being forced to pay them !!! If something does not change soon I will hate to see what my kids will have to pay They will never be able to own there own home !!

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