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Is this job really all its made out to be?

Posted by Andrea 
QUESTION to all who know anything about Farmers.

I was recently called for an interview to become an agent. Beforehand I spoke to my parents and was advised to not believe anything they say. So it turns out that I go in, and it all seems and sounds way to good to be true. So i told them Id think aobut it... I was just recently asked to come back again b/c they have found another position I may find more interesting. So it turns out they offered me a position as a "Life Insurance Trainer". I would still need to obtain my license but i would not be an actual agent, I'd just be helping to train them while making a salary. Or what they seem to consider a salary which is 10 dollars an hour + commissions. Id recieve commission off of the life polices that I help the reserve agents to obtain. THe part about earning such great commissions and beginning a new career all sounds so enticing! is this true? or just another Farmers scam like everyones else has experienced??? Please help... I have to decide soon.

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Re: Is this job really all its made out to be?
April 07, 2009 04:22AM
Farmers Insurance is the MOST Corrupt, Unethical company out there. I guess it's safe to say you came to a place where you will definitely hear the drawbacks of the Farmers Ignorance Group. I'll give you a quick taste of what I've been through:
Worked for Farmers for 9 years. Moved into a different unit where, my Manager, Chuck Bos made an announcement in a meeting to all of his people as follows: "I definitely play favorites with you guys. You know who you are and aren't". This same clown also amde a statement in the same meeting that he terminated an employee that had cancer. He then said "She's gonna be hurting for money now that I fired her. She won't even be able to afford her chemo treatments". He then laughed. Truly, a sick bastard.
When he promoted one of his ass lickers, John Cassidy to management, he became my new "Captain Corruption". I had a medical issue related to my diabetes and I asked for an ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) accomodation. He responded by saying "We don't have to do anytjhing for you, If you can't do your job, that's tough". I asked for my assignements to be cut back (From 12 down to 6 or 7 per month)for a few weeks until a new medication took hold for me. Instead, he increased them to 16 per month. I then began to notice, NO work was coming in for my territory. When I asked him about it, he said "No referrals are coming in for your area, They all dried up".
I found it odd that there was no work for an entire 2 state territory. A week later, I received a call from a Claims Rep. who ask me "Why are all of my referrals for your area being assigned to people in Oklahoma City and Tennessee. Scumbag manager #2 (Trained by moron manager #1) was giving my work away and setting me up for failure. Hence, I was terminated for poor job performance. I haven't worked in 14 months (economy), haven't had any medications for 3 months now, have 1 bottle of insulin left, no medical coverage, no Rx coverage, when I called a friend of mine who still works for Farmers, I was told I wasn't permitted to speak to my friends anymore. H/R was advised of the managers actions and they blatantly ignored it. H/R Manager Jackie Stevens said "Oh, I know nothing about it, so, there's nothing I can do."
They are a bunch of corrupt, unethical, lying fucks. Take a job with them and they will run you into the ground, make you work 70-80 hours a week, give you crap benefits (all health insurance plans have an annual deductible with the lowest being $600/year and 20% co-insurance for the rest of the year), no more profit sharing. I GUARANTEE YOU, if you take a job with this shithole company, you will regret it from the word "GO". I worked hard for 9 years and I ended up with my health deteriorating rapidly now, I'm about to lose my house, car and everything else I own. Because of an ex-marine manager who can't even call his workers by their first names (even the women). He barks orders at people by their last names. I was told, if I don't have plans to go away while on vacation, I MUST work while on vacation. I hope every last one of these pathetic, cretinous yahoos rot in hell.
Sorry for my harsh opinion but, it's hard to say even a middle of the road comment about this crap insurance carrier and their half-wit, power tripping scumbag managers. They actually get excited about firing people. Dipshit Manager #1, Chuck Bos stands in a meeting and makes an announcement that a cancer patient won't be able to afford chemo because he fired her!!! THEN HE LAUGHS!! How sick is that. I'm pretty sure, he got his ass kicked everyday when he was a kid. Dipshit manager #2, John Cassidy, stood there with a smile on his fat face when he handed me my termination letter. These bastards (Farmers) will stop at NOTHING to walk all over people to get what they want and then smile about it.
Think about it, you found a site dedicated to customers and employees that have been shafted BIGTIME by these assholes. My opinion, RUN!!! Go elsewhere where you can put your talent to work. Somehwhere it will be appreciated. Farmers will tell you everything under the sun, to get you onboard and once they have you, they'll kick you around and laugh about it. They'll abuse you....bottom line! Read some postings from employees, agents and customers. It's enough to turn your stomach.
Sorry for the rant. It's tough to keep in sometimes when I sit and think about This crap company. RUN, RUN, RUN!!!!!!!

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