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Pittsburgh Office

Posted by dhji84@gmail.com 
Pittsburgh Office
January 02, 2012 03:56PM
I was an agent at Farmers in the Pittsburgh office. I can't even begin to tell you what kind of a shit show this operation was and still is. Originally I was contacted by one of the many recruiters that this office has. The recruiter brought me in for a series of interviews, during which I had a series of questions that were vaguely answered. Once I reach a meeting with the management I met with the Director of the office and another manager. Again, I re-approached the same questions that were posed to the recruiter, but this time around all of my questions were dodged with "all information is outlined in your contract". I wasn't able to review a contract until closer to the date of training, then they applied a lot of pressure to signing the contract before reading it over and allowing me to make up my own mind. I should have brought my attorney to look over the documents, just as everyone should. During that session, I did ask questions about some specific concerns within the contract, with a response from Dave Mason "It is what it is. I don't write the shit, I just have to deliver it. If you care to question us repeatedly, I'll show you the door. "

I should have acted on my gut feeling that day and just got up and left, but I didn't. I reviewed the contract with a lawyer and began the training program. The training was just okay. There was a lot of emphasis on "winging it" when sitting down with potential clients. "You as an agent and them as a customer will never read through and entire contract, so just act like you know what you're talking about and you'll win the customer." There was a solid week where the other agents and myself would do nothing but spin the sale with dodging customer objections and practicing similar tactics. Sales Manager Dave Johnson approached me one day and told me that if I wasn't willing to bend the truth to customers I might as well not get out of bed in the morning.

One of the main reasons I left was because of some major HR concerns. Derogatory and racist remarks from upper management we're always lingering around the office. The staff is diverse with two black women, one a recruiter and the other a CSR, and a gay male who is a recruiter. Dave Johnson, Dave Mason and Dave Howard made some remarks about these people on numerous occasions. More specifically about the women not only because the color of their skin, but also because of their gender. There was also a huge awkwardness around the recruiting manager and the woman of the office, particularly the younger women. On numerous occasions, I overheard the CSR's talking about how Matthew Grant would inappropriately send text messages that had something sexual in nature contained. One of my counterparts- a recent college graduate that became an agent, was approached once by Grant and felt uncomfortable with his remarks and the mannerism that he displayed while in close proximity with her. She left the office early that day before telling me that she wasn’t sure if she could handle this type of work environment. These types of actions surround the office through upper management. The director and managers are all males and they truly make it seem like a “boys club”.

Outside of Farmers I had other responsibilities and was completely assured that on those weekends when I had to serve my country that there wasn’t going to be any problems. Of course, when I did advise them that my weekend was coming up, there was major pushback and often threatened to use my signed contract against me. After this happened several times I decided that this continuing battle and poor work environment just wasn’t for me. I decided to leave the company and focus my efforts elsewhere. It is a shame that I wasted a lot of time on what could have been a successful business opportunity. It seems like this office has a hard time finding good agents, and its no surprise due to the poor atmosphere this “team” creates.

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Re: Pittsburgh Office
January 16, 2012 05:10AM
It is so wrong the way this company is treating it's employees and I can tell you that they treat the best employees the worst. It is also time that somewhere, someone begins standing up against this discrimnation. I know how you feel in a different way and I am pushing it very far to make sure that employees are treated fair. That is very uncommon in Farmers way.

I worked for this company for a very long time and I had an upmost respect for agents. There was no one else that assisted agents like I did and being forced out almost destroyed me. Stand up and report the serious incidents that have happened. Don't just let it go. Never let it go!!

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Re: Pittsburgh Office
January 20, 2012 09:56PM
I was in the selection process over this past summer. After what had been nearly a month of meetings with the recruiter and the managers, they denied me entering into the agent program.

I went through four interviews, one online "quiz", a credit check, a background check and handed in a hundred lead list for them. After my last meeting, I waited. and waited. and waited. Until 14 days later, they told me that I wasn't a good farmers fit. I asked why, and they threw my credit check back in my face. They told me they couldn't allow someone with my financial credentials into the program. The entire situation was a misunderstanding. I had my ex-wife forward documents that were notarized that cleared the issues they brought up. They still didn't care.

The entire ordeal took about two months from start to finish. The funny thing was, during that last meeting I was given business cards from Matthew Grant and David Howard which I still have. These two managers, told me that if I had any questions to call them directly - the reason why they gave me cards. I called both of them several times, but neither of them had the time to contact me. I had to finally contact the recruiter to discuss the misunderstanding. Eventually I decided that they were just giving me the run around. I came to the conclusion that they didn't want someone like me, a 54 year old recovering victim of a car crash that has burn scars on the side of my face, including over my eye and hands working for them.

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Re: Pittsburgh Office
February 13, 2012 09:26PM
Thank god I've found this site because I can unload my frustration and voice my concerns about what I've heard through the series of calls I've received.

I'm becoming increasingly annoyed at the amount of phone calls I'm receiving both on my work and home phone numbers for being a sales agent. I've been contacted by numerous recruiters since last April. My resume is a two page detailed history of my skills within the health care industry and, no, I'm not looking to change careers.

Since I've posted my resume online I've been keeping track of who calls me, noting the phone numbers, names and positions, along with descriptions and benefits. This "opportunity" sounds like a cubicle /call center atmosphere, with minimal income, especially for the first five or so years.

I've spoke to four DIFFERENT recruiters (even after I requested my name be taken off their call list). Each recruiter was presenting me with a different message and it doesn't seem like anyone REALLY knows all the details about the position. One recruiter told me anyone can be an agent, and they've turned truck drivers into stellar sales people. While on the other hand a different recruiter told me he was only looking for "type a" personalities because he's seen great success in those people. Last month I was told two different stories by two female recruiters about pay. One told me I was salaried and the other told me it was commissions. Who is right? It doesn't matter because why would I want to work for a company that can't get their story straight?

I'll say one thing for sure, if they continue to blow up my phone anytime, especially around 8 in the morning or close to 7 at night, they are going to get a very angry visitor to the lobby their office. I'll be sure to bring Sally Wiggins or someone from WTAE to do a report on your scumbag company and practices.

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Re: Pittsburgh Office
February 21, 2012 06:40PM
I wish this website had a "like" button. That last post was great!

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Re: Pittsburgh Office
May 30, 2012 05:38AM
Yeah I met Heather and everything she says is true. I have been in this business 30 years and the training is crap. The company is crap. The pay is a crime. The don't pay you they "subsidise" you and then they sue you when you wash out. They dont lose a thing because you wrote your friends and family then they cut you off. I was desparate when I took the job and i tried to keep an open mind, but after 6 months it boiled down to you need to make 6 hours of company provided cold telemarketing calls 6 days a week to make quotas. I have started three companies and can't believe I fell for this shit. Seventwofourfivefourfour nineninezerosix if you have questions.

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Re: Pittsburgh Office
August 16, 2012 03:08PM
Oh, and P.S. Drew Howard and his "team" are complete assholes. I was asked multiple times if I needed help or if he or his team could provide me with additional support. When I asked or voiced concern - with a willingness to work additional hours, stay late, come in early, etc., he and the other team members treated me like I was a reject, always stating that they had to focus on the next group of recruits. "We need to get them licensed." or "We need to focus on getting them trained, you've had your training already."

All this is corporate B.S.

Thanks for your b.s. and wasting a lot of my time.

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