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Political Activism

Posted by Jesus F Gonzalez 
Political Activism
April 19, 2014 01:03AM
I am currently an anti-insurance activist, my backstory is in parenthesis and bordered by asterix, which you can feel free to skip.

(I personally believe that Farmers Insurance was willing to stage a set-up with a new gulliple police recruit hopeful offering me to hold a gun (he would not have been of the clean-up work and reforms since Bratton was police chief). I listened to my instincts and declined the offer, as I have been dealing with significant slander from Farmers Insurance and that is what leads me to believe that the incident is connected. When I say slander, I mean a rapid change in family relationships soon after being forced out of Farmers Insurance with very rude, nasty, and indirect and subtle harrassment. Not a day in the park those last few months.

I also believe that the executives at Farmers Insurance are a bunch of scumbags who are taking orders from a bunch of scumbags at Zurich.

Therefore, I am becoming more of an activist until they do more than suggest indirectly anything that doesn't show results.)

Based on my believes and current state of slander with my family, I make the following political activism suggestions for now (more later, as I doubt they will ever be humble enough to change course).

It is a rate-payers' bill of rights that benefits individual consumers, small businesses, and voters!

1) Hit them in the wallets, the only place that hurts them, by posting places that it will be read why people should vote for an insurance commissioner who will set lower insurance rates.

2) Demand lower insurance rates at the state level (where insurance policy is held).

3) Demand that Farmers Insurance be driven out of your home state, or at least that insurance commissioners show they are willing to stand up to the rich swiss insurance company that owns farmers insurance. Support public funds for 10 years for insurance commissioners so they remain more immune from Insurance company vengeance or bribes through campaign contributions!

4) Be willing to make public comments and postings and blogs and such about politicians which your research shows accepted money from parent company Zurich Insurance or directly from Farmers Insurance. In your public comments, be willing to state your position on lowering insurance rates for consumers and small businesses being important, and raising benefits for claimants and injured workers. We are being over-charged by rate-fixers in California, Farmers Insurance is based in Los Angeles, California!

5) Hit them back when they wrong you by demanding politicians get some political comments and free speech rights create political heat for Farmers Insurance to misbehave and leave consumers, former employees, injured workers, and small businesses so dissatisfied!
Don't be afraid to threaten to vote based on positions on insurance rates, especially when it comes to insurance commissioners.

People dissatisfied with Farmers Insurance have a God-given right to defend themselves and a right to become civic activists.

I have experienced their violations of privacy laws, price-fixing laws, underwriting laws, insider information laws, etc.
These Zurich, Switzerland owned crooks are basically fleecing consumers and then taking the profits back to switzerland laughing all the way to their banks.

One more thing:

If you are not anonymous: Use social media, twitter, facebook, blogs, pinterest, wordpress.com, blogger, instagram, to make your feelings and opinions public,
but feel free to remain anonymous.

Use Proxy IP addresses to surf the net and leave anonymous comments to put out your views.

Feel free to try one of these many proxy IP sites:

Whatever you do, try to popularize and voice your pain either publicly or anonymously and also recommend their rivals when they have higher satisfaction ratings!

Buy American insurance, not swiss-owned, money sucking, job sucking insurance companies like Farmers Insurance! Buy local insurance! Use websites to compare insurance rates.

You get the idea.

Your vote is your voice, but so is the ability to talk to trusted family and friends as well as to make public statements.

The goal is to hit back and force a change in Farmers Insurance's corporate culture that avoids responsibility or accountability.

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Re: Political Activism
June 25, 2015 08:11PM
I have been dealing with the possibility that Farmers Insurance will continue their same tactics that they use on some of us former employees, but even by corrupting justice. They are twisting arms at the courthouse to try to get me not to file a complaint.

It appears that they are also willing to seek to get people in trouble based on false impressions and false accusations and harassment. I am now without the same contacts and friendships and relationships and reputation. Like others, I have faced intense suffering and loss of social contacts (friends and even family) after Farmers Insurance decided to target me. I tried to leave the state but was harassed and kept from finding employment there too.

What else can I do after trying to start fresh in another state? I feel like they have taken this to a point beyond law, justice, and what they do with whistleblowers.

I believe that they are willing to not only scare people and damage their reputations and coerce relationship contacts, but also to prevent me from attempting to finally file a civil case even though I merely represent myself and stopped venting inappropriately the way I have done with many people I have tried to be more respectful and wise, but they have continued to peel away my contacts with people, make untrue things appear to, and I know they have done this to others.

Worst of all, I thought they were trying to scare me with my feeling of security about my food. I am not so sure it stopped at that anymore and have noticed their contacts/ coerced or hired operatives' response to my feeding my food to animals whenever I suspect something is more than trying to scare me.

At a courthouse today 6/25/15, I went in and the security guard was new from the one that helped me the last two days. He asked me where I was going and I said intake. He reacted surprised and said "intake" and I repeated to look into filing a civil suit with the clerk He said "the pro se clinic is closed" (I had been investigating with the pro se clinic the day before but had not mentioned this). I asked him why he thought I would be going to see the pro se clinic since I already said I was going to intake with the clerk. He was quite and a bit sheepish or at a loss for words. He then looked through my stuff and then as if looking for an excuse said I could not take that item in. I noted they had previously kept things in drawers and not even made a big fuz about the item (a small bottle of pepper spray). I asked why they let me in before.
He said "I guess that's why the last guy doesn't work there anymore." (The prior guys were there two days back to back when I was there)
I said "That's too bad, it's too bad how things work out sometimes," and then, but I guess busines is business huh?"

What should I do?

I am homeless, but filing "in forma pauperis" if they don't finally achieve getting me in trouble or doing harm to me as they seem to be trying to do if not scaring and dissuading and pushing the envelope on how they do these things. I have twice eaten things at fast food restaurants or from people I still want to trust, but which food I should have suspected sooner that made me throw up in the last few months and other foods that just made me feel bad in other ways.

What would you do?

Just in case, I am being cautious.

I am Jesse Gonzalez, and I think that instead of moving on by letting me go out of state, Farmers Insurance is trying to scare me, make me scared of my own food by signaling the way they did when I feed the iffy food to the pidgeons as if they were concerned... and keeping me from prosecuting my case or being safe, or getting a job.

I have vented when their harrassment has reached new levels.

I'm not sure how much worse it will go, but they will surely seek to provoke more venting from their former employees online.

I hope I live to post again because I am never giving up trying to lead a normal life without a ruined reputation, lost contacts, and loss of employment.

I hope you speak up for your own case no matter what level of effort they have put on your case to punish you.

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We've each had our tough experiences.

I have been threatened harm to my life after being recruited to work at farmers and being treated with harsh force out tactics that only got worse and escalated over time. Since the beginning, however, they were recruiting me with bad intentions and an almost routine way of getting me in trouble as a group. I have no doubt that politics was involved and that it grew personal for some, including due to my poor way of expressing myself in what I felt should be rightfully private moments.

I am truly grateful for this website and forum.

Without it I may have continued with longer periods of food insecurity and feeling sick, which happens less often, but still happens. Though I am taping odd behaviors at places I have frequented or been anticipated by others, and posting some photos of perpetrators online, it has not been enough to feel more secure. If they can even coerce your family and friends, and have influence in government and law enforcement even as many good people try to do their job anyway, you can imagine why it is hard to feel secure.

In my admitting to contacts that I had blogged at Farmersinsurancegroupsucks.com, I was (not the first time) given a few visuals in my days of trucks, decals, etc with the phrase Sh*thappens.com and other threats and scare tactics.

I am most concerned of the threats they make to frame me and jokes that my blogging at a library (where several people were behaving like operatives with the looks and communications at each other and towards me, including the different and more serious librarian help desk people that day instead of the regular lady that was friendly)... had "added ten years to my life" which is both a way of scarily referencing the reality of a threat and also at the same time is one of the suggestions and implications they had made about framing me or setting me up.

A group of "gang-stalkers" or "operatives" included in the past people who made complaints to police, some of whom were more helpful than others. Some police asked questions responding to the many complaints, and I saw some people who dressed up a little like me but screaming about things in a neighborhood where I walked, and others looking like me but carrying something like what I had as a walking/carrying tool but a more menacing version parading the neighborhood. Some complaints I made and questions answered for some people in the courthouse and the police (I have not been charged with anything but have investigated filing charges like I mentioned before) were questions I should not have answered sometimes.

I fear the "playback" attack has been used, editing what I have said and the context in answer to different questions.

What I have seen online in libraries used by people who had used my computer I pointed out as suspicious video titles from youtube with middle eastern names that I would have no problem with but did not want to be falsely associated with.

Even a mall security questioned me on supposed reports of taking too much video and aiming the phone wrong, to which I pointed I was checking my new phone and many others used their phones.

A lot of people have not liked when I have used phones and cameras, but mostly in the sense that they have stopped their suspicious behavior and harassing comments.

I fear the threat of "accidental discharge" of weapons. S* like that should not happen by prediction.

I wish I had no need to defend myself from such extreme harassment or scary threats.

Good luck all.

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