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Retaliation through tiny pretext annoyance works both ways

Posted by Jesus F Gonzalez 
Are you annoyed at farmers insurance like I am?
I ask myself however, how much copying farmers insurance tactics is too much?
For example, when I worked there, a process also called "mobbing" occurred in terms of many small annoyances, hard to prove the intent, but the effects over time are real, they make people quit and leave them a little extra alert like on coffee caffein.
Would it be fair game to make that exta phone call for an extra random question with a so-so reason to call, for example, when you might just look it up online... Extra phone calls when you have an excuse are no big deal, right, but is it the right way to respond?

Would copying a tactic be just, or would it make you just as bad? These are just questions to ponder.

Would you learn how to ping an I.p. Adress for your own purposes and select in an individual act a company you don't like to ping, like a farmers insurance website or agent website, rather than other company? I have learned how to look up a website's I.p. Address for example just for the purpose of curiosity. Yet someone has to be pinged to test if you are getting a good connection, but why not steer away from pinging companies that actually give a darn about treating people well, towards companies that unnecessarily slander.

I have not called or pinged or written farmers insurance unnecessarily yet. I ask because I spend sometime venting by finding a good action to counter bad action.

I seek justice in a just manner, and free speech airing of ideas are a good action.

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I prefer to focus on activism against Farmers Insurance, and not against the other insurance, so I would recommend not focussing on rate-setting tactics. I would focus on things more specific to Farmers for as long as they seek to finish with my reputation, social contacts, and who knows what else.

I do not consider individuals scumbags anymore, I apologize for that venting and choice of language.

It is not personal, but I hope the management of Farmers Insurance will give consideration to a better resolution than trying to leave me with none of my same old relations and to have their contacts slip me bad stuff in my food. The only excessive issue I could understand so far is that they would pursh harder to try to get people not to file civil suits, but the rest it too much.

Whie employed, I vented after being forced to quit by saying every outrageous thing in the privacy of my own home.

While employed, I vented by playing revenge songs in the privacy of my own car.

However, they always suggested that my believe that I was being harassed while being forced out with personal information was disputable by them.

It simply feels like a big political thing. I was recruited there after my involvement supporting Obama for President. I was harassed, vented in private, and now it seems that they are about to achieve their initial political goals or personal excesses rather than ever seek reasonable discussions.

That is why I need my free speech rights.

I believe that our system needs freedom as a check on coorporate and political excess.

Good luck on your missions regarding blogging about Farmers Insurance.

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