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Unbelievably shameless

Posted by Tom Simmons 
Unbelievably shameless
February 19, 2018 10:25PM
Previously, I had auto insurance via 21st Century a subsidiary of Farmers and it was great, not a problem. I had them for many years and with no exception found their service flawless. Then I was notified that 21st Century was no longer insuring in Florida and my coverage would be picked up by Foremost. I was advised that they were also a part of the Farmers family, so I thought things would be just as they were before. They were not.

First, the price went up and when I asked why got the standard "Florida rates", good drivers have to suffer for bad drivers..yadda yadda. I relied on past experiences and stayed with the company. Soon thereafter I saw the differences. When I authorized the transfer, I was told that I had to either return some signatures via the mail or I could do it online. These were the standard forms transferring my coverages. So, I opted to do them online. Shortly, thereafter, I went online to verify that my initial premium payment (1 of 6) had gone through and it had. However, the next payments were significantly more than what was initially posted. The response I received to that was that since I had not returned the requested signed forms they had to adjust my payments upwards. I told the agent that, in fact, I did sign the forms and had done so online as was indicated I could at the time. She checked and confirmed for me that I had, indeed, filled out the forms online. So, I assumed all was good. It was not.

I had three vehicles insured via my policy and I sold one of those in January and called to have it removed from my policy. I was told that it was not quite that simple (because I live in Florida....that was news to me). I was instructed to send a formal request, denoting the policy number, the make and model of my vehicle). I did all that and was then told that despite my cancelling the policy, the preset premium payment (that would include charges for that vehicle) would still go through several days hence. I complained strongly about this and at that moment decided to cancel the policy. Now the real fun began.

You cannot simply cancel a policy (if you live in Florida), you have to submit more paperwork, again following a specific format in order for them to cancel your policy and it takes "days"..meanwhile I am still paying for coverage on a car I no longer have.

I couldn't get them to cancel the automatic payment, so I stopped payment at my bank and that took care of that. That cost me $36 as opposed to the $422 premium I would have been chasing for the rest of my life to get it refunded. I called them at that point and was told that the policy would be cancelled, but I would owe them $ 24 in fees. I asked for what and after about a 10 minute stumbling session, was left with an explanation that required explanation. Namely, that the fee was for the paperwork they had to deal with upon the initial mistake (they) made about my "not" returning the signed documents. Additionally, there was a charge for the 6 months of premiums (on a prorated basis) of some
fee they charge for your being able to pay over six months as opposed to all at once. When I inquired as to how I could be charged for
six months of premiums when my policy only lasted one month...there was no answer forthcoming. What I did hear was that they would
turn it over to a collection agency if there was no payment. What?

So, let me get this straight...I couldn't get you to remove a vehicle that I sold....you charged me for having not returned paperwork at the onset that I submitted via your website (as your website said I could and your agent confirmed that I did) and in the end you threaten me with collections for monies charged to use the 6 month payment plan...that I did not use.

I think this company makes its' profits on the fees it charges not the service it provides. I submit that if you really do have an insurance problem, you are probably not going to get much help. I strongly recommend anyone considering this company RECONSIDER!!

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