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Farmers Insurance Is Unbelievably Dishonest.

Posted by Dennis Feece 
The claim that I had with Farmers Insurance Group was a relatively small one. While eating in a local restaurant, I bit hard onto a piece of bone or gristle and broke off about half my tooth. I showed the waitress, and also talked to the owner. They both seen the broken tooth. The owner gave me his local insurance company, which was right here in town and was Farmers. We went immediately to the Dentist and brought the broken tooth. He made a temporary cap and took impressions for a new one. We went to the Farmers office and told them what we were there for. That was the beginning of a real experience. The local agency reps were extremely rude and condescending and made us feel like Bonnie & Clyde. By the way, at this time I was still in some serious pain, but not quite as much as initially. She put me on the phone to a claims rep in another state, who also was extremely rude and condescending. She asked totally stupid questions and talked very rudely. My wife & I left the office knowing this was not going to be a very pretty relationship. I had to pay the dentist bill up front when the new cap was installed. It was a reasonable $650. My own dental ins paid $300 of that. My only request from Farmers was to legitimately cover my out of pocket expenses for $350. The real kicker was that, I had just been to the dentist a week before and had x-rays showing that tooth to be intact. After about 6 weeks of foot dragging, I got the letter I figured I would get. They denied any liability and payment. The letter gave no plausable reason for the denial. It was filled with stupid statements. Let me give you two of the best ones. Quote. "The premises medical payments coverage does not apply in this case because this is considered a products claim. Medical Payments coverage does not apply to products claims". Here's another: " The object that you say that broke your tooth may have been the broken portion of the tooth itself". Huh? That was the best one!! How does a broken tooth break the broken tooth???? Well that was my experience with Farmers Insurance Group. STAY AWAY FROM FARMERS!

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No, the tooth braking the tooth statement makes no sense, however, it sounds as if they were not really denying your claim and more so they were not covering the loss for their insured. ( To you there is no difference since they will not be making payment to you) What it sounds like is that the restaurant has general liability insurance (fall in parking lot, hot soup in lap) and not products liability coverage. They would also be correct that any medical payments coverage that their insured has would not apply to a products case.

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Reply to Dasfuk
August 28, 2007 09:38PM
To Dasfuk. Hey thanks for the input. I never thought of that angle. I'm open to all explanations of Farmers seemingly weird behavior.

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That is not to say that you could not pursue this against the restaurant. There is small claims court or you could contact them directly. Let them know that you received a denial from their insurance company and see what they will do. Some business owners will do the right thing some will not. Let them know that their insurance company is telling you that they do not have coverage for the loss, as it is also possible that they have product liability coverage and the insurance company is not being totally honest. If they do have the coverage and you tell them you are being told they don't, you can bet they will be on the phone to their agent in a second. It could help and it can't hurt.

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I had an after market transmission oil cooler installed by transmission shop in my town of Paradise Ca. Who is insured by Farmers Insurance. The cooler started a fire and my truck was totaled according to Farmers. The Kelley blue book being 5615.00 for my 94 Ford F150 4x4 in perfect condition. With all current Maintenance records. And according to there adjuster had an overall above average rating in eleven of twelve points of inspection. Engine, Transmission, Exterior, Interior, Glass, Apolstery,Tires Trim, Carpet,Dashboard,Headliner,Seats.Only one item had a normal rating. There overall rating was normal wear for a vehicle of this age. Eventhough my truck had 11% fewer miles than average, and eleven out of twelve above average in points of inspection. In there fare market evaluation of two other vehicles. One from the nickel saver that was 2800 , That I called and checked on It was in the paper so long that the guy finally sold it to his brother because no one wanted it because it was a gas hog that got 8 to 10 miles to the gallon and was missing a bumper and had miss matched paint on the fenders. The other was two hundred miles away that was a quad cab that had 36 thousand more miles than mine and sold for 4800. and after there Adjusted Value they offered me 4671.00 for mine almost two hundred bucks less than the one with 36 thousand miles more than mine. And they offered me 314 bucks for loss of use for my pick up truck telling me they could rent a truck from Enterprise or Hertz for 303 dollars a month. When I checked with them for me to rent it was 160.00 from one and 74.99 from the other the average being 117.50 a day the said they could rent for 10.00 bucks a day on a monthly contract. So I called Enterprise and Hertz. And they Said no way They could get a special deal but not that cheep, one was 33.50 and the other was 36.00 a day. They told me that they would give me a loss of use at the rate of what they could rent me a truck at and they say it is 303 a month that they are lying about. When I called them on it they stuck to there guns and said I was wrong. So I double checked and they cannot. What can I do? They are flat out lying to me.

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