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Farmers Insurance is the WORST

Posted by administrator 
Farmers Insurance is the WORST
February 21, 2008 04:17PM
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I have never been spoken to so rudely and unprofessionally as I was with several Farmers agents. My car was 5 weeks old and they refused to make all the necessary repairs their policyholder caused by his stupidity by going through a red light. My case is still not resolved and I had to get my insurance company involved. They appraisers are the most unprofessional people I've met in a long time and I am certain they are trained to be that way just to get rid of the claimant and be through with us; well not me. I am also certain they are trained not to pay for everything and take their chances. If I was looking for an insurance company, it certainly would not be Farmers.

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I am working on a university degree in car crash analysis and have interviewed insurance adjusters to discover their investigation methods. When I began, I assumed that they were intelligent, trained people; yet am disappointed to find how little they know about correct investigation methods. Many know little to nothing about physics, instead preferring "he said, she said" arguments to create doubt when the physical evidence should rightly end the debate. As part of my research, I have compared tape recordings of phone interviews between insurance adjusters and third-party witnesses (to specific crashes) with the file letters from those adjusters who deny claims bases on their claim that witnesses said they saw a specific detail. On comparison of those tape-recordings, line-by-line, these witnesses made no such claims. There are patterns here. More evidences is abundant to show that adjusters routinely embellish or fabricate witness' claims to deny claims. Adjusters routinely use the U.S. mail to send denial letters they know, or should know, are unfair and incorrectly assessed. Frankly, many adjusters are boldly dishonest; others are just plain incompetent to the point where they should repeat remedial high school courses.

As I examine the pattern of errors, Farmers Insurance adjusters stand out as the poorest, bearing the most errors. I am not sure if that is due to Farmers market % within my city/county or whether Farmers agents are less trained, or more incompetent than most.

To all readers and writers to this blog: Please consider emailing me some the details of your accident. I need to see if the problematic patterns in current cases are similar to your cases. Write me at steveparkin28@yahoo.com. -Steve

Farmers Insurance Rated Worst Farmers Insurance Sucks T-shirts Farmers Insurance Alternatives

Re: Farmers Insurance is the WORST
November 27, 2008 11:10PM
Farmers Insurance shouldn't be allowed to sell insurance. On November 2006, my husband had our Ford F150 parked in a parking lot of our local country store. My husband was inside the store eating his breakfast on his way to work. The store sits on a crossroads and a 19 year old girl (at the time) lost control of her vehicle as she came down the hill and around the curve slamming into the back of our F150 and pushing it 10 feet. She totalled her Mazda Protege and did $2,000 worth of damage to our truck. The posted speed limit at this intersection is 25 mph which doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that she was going over the speed limit. My husband took copies of the estimates to our local Farmers Insurance claims office, as the girl who hit our truck had Farmers Insurance. The adjuster wouldn't even take our copies of the estimates saying that they weren't responsible for our damages. Farmers Insurance claims that a man who was stopped at the stop sign attempting to go across the road that the girl was traveling on was to blame as he pulled out in front of her causing her to wreck. I spoke with the district claims manager who stated that their driver was put in an emergency situation and therefore they weren't responsible. I told the district claims manager that my insurance company said they were at fault and that I would be contacting an attorney. The district claims manager began yelling at me telling me to Bring it on that they had lawyers too. There were 2 eyewitnesses to this accident one stating that the man didn't pull out in front of the girl and another witness who conveniently works for Farmers Insurance who says this man did pull out in front of this girl. I personally don't care if a UFO landed in front of her she hit our truck and needs to pay for the damages she caused. This man's insurance company said they aren't at fault but were willing to pay 50% of the damages if Farmers will pay the other half. The damages to the truck were $2,000. Farmers stated they wouldn't pay a dime. We have been fighting this now for 2 years and are still fighting. My insurance company took both parties involved to general sessions court where Farmers requested that the trial be sent to a higher court so the judge awarded in my favor in the amount of $1 so it could go to a higher court. Farmers has requested a jury trial and depositions be done and aren't being cooperative with our attorney in getting a new date set. All this over $2,000. Why is Farmers calling the shots here? It is so completely stupid!!!! Farmers is just trying to drag this out hoping that I will just give up but I hate to break the news to them that I will never give up and I will do alot of negative advertising for them!!!

Farmers Insurance Rated Worst Farmers Insurance Sucks T-shirts Farmers Insurance Alternatives


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