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Posted by cjhdaddy1 
July 12, 2006 10:50PM
We were rear ended by a driver represented by farmers. After very reasonable medical care we are absolutely lowballed in the offer ($1500 for everything) by Farmers and they won't budge. Put me in the category that Farmer's is unetchical to be polite. I am going to sue in small claims court the driver and file complaints to the FTC, insurance commissioner and send any letter I can to newspapers and any web sites I can find. May not win but I vow to spread the work any where I can about what an unfair, unethical business this is.

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Re: Lowballed
December 02, 2006 03:37AM
This same thing is happening to us right now. How did your situation turn out?

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Re: Lowballed
December 06, 2006 07:18AM
Me too. Would like to hear how yours ended up.

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Re: Lowballed
January 12, 2007 08:26PM
I am closing on a case right now after 4 years. Was rear ended by a Farmers policy holder totaling my car (he was having a seizure; estimated speed on impact 65 mph) and I still treat occasionally for my injuries...they offered me $2,500 to start but I could only negotiate to $3,500. Can't sue the driver, he died in surgery after the accident. Good Luck to you.

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Re: Lowballed
January 14, 2007 06:31PM
I have the same problem...I was rear ended while stopped in traffic on the freeway by a teenager on her cellphone doing 65 mph. My Mercedes SUV was totalled (and yes I am joining the class action against Farmers for their valuation of my vehicle.) I have documented over 16,000 in lost wages but Farmers has given me a final offer of $5,700. I don't know if I should hire an attorney and go through a lawsuit or not. They are reprehensible.

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Re: Lowballed and in litigation
January 24, 2007 01:47AM
Farmers Insurance is the worst. I want to see them suffer finacially. My wife and daughter were injured because a Farmers insured turned in front of us on a two lane road we were going 50mph and the speed limit was 65mph and it was dark and we couldnt see her or stop in time to avoid her we t-boned her vehicle. She was at fault totally and received a ticket. Farmers acts like it is not even their responsibility. They lowballed my daughter on her claim, and my wife has a head injury from hitting the windshield "Documented" and yes she was wearing a seatblet and they are treating us like we are liars they said her condition was preexisting which is a total lie. We have filed suit against them however in Oklahoma where we live the legislators are in the insurance companies pocket. In court it is illegal to let the jury know if there is insurance involved this is to protect the insurance company. I dont know how we will come out in court, but no matter what happens I will tell everyone including newspapers or whomever I have too about the sorry pieces of garbage called Farmers Insurance. They should be held accountable for their lying cheating ways. I wish we could all ban together and shut down their company for unfair practices and hit them in their pocketbook to send the message that enough is enough.

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Re: Lowballed
June 02, 2007 02:59AM
I was rear ended by a gentlemen who who going 45 MPH on expressway and fail to stop in time, needless to say I was hit pretty hard. Farmers would only pay out $1500 for my loss wages, medical and pain and suffer. Farmers also stated that I had pre existing medical conditions which was not true. They refused to contact my Dr and said that $1500 was the best they could do, if I needed to get a atty I should do so. I got tired of going round and round and getting no where. Sounds like Farmers really has there low balling techniques in place. Let me know how small claims works out. I'm think this is probably my next plan.

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Re: Lowballed
July 21, 2007 12:54AM
Farmers are shameful in their attitude and they have no conscience. My wife and I were hit by a teenager who gunned his traffic across three lanes of traffic and straight into the front of our car, causing $9000 worth of damage, as well as giving my wife and I back pain and whiplash injuries. This was 9 months ago.

My wife has since then suffered back pain. we are also going through fertility treatment and we know that two of the infertility sessions were compromised becuase of the severe back pain she was in.

After repairs Farmers have offered us a total of $6500, which comes out to arond $1500 for pain and suffering after we have paid medical. We have provided them with all sorts of data supporting our case, including a letter from our OBGYN. They say that unless our OBGYN says that the crass was solely responsible for the fertility treatments failing, they will not budge.

It's a joke. Fertility treatment by nature is not 100% gauranteed. So there are obviously a lot of factors which can affect it. But we know that the back pain my wife has been in has affected her and added more stress to an already very stressful process and situation.

In the end we have decided to accept their offer and be done with it. We are sick of fighting with these bastards. And they really are that. Heartless bastards. I will write to the CEO and our stats commissioner too. And we are telling all of our friends NEVER to do business with Farmers.

So imagine our joy when a month of so ago I was in a 50/50 reverse accident with, you guessed it, another Farmers customer. we agreed it was a 50/50 crash and that we'd cover each other's damages - just a dent in the rear fender on both vehicles.... When Farmers assessed out car (which is only 3 months old) they said they would only pay for a reconditioned fender!!!! Thank God for our insurance company, who tore up that assessment and insisted we get a new part. And the cost in difference between a new and reconditioned part - about $60!!!!


Gotta love Farmers...NOT!

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Re: Lowballed
August 09, 2007 05:32AM
Someone in a similar situation asked a lawyer what they should do and they lawyer also recommended small claims court.

--- snip---
Question submitted:

While waiting at the red light, a young woman in a Toyota 4 runner hit my car in the rear. (Ford Mustang). Farmers Insurance authorized repairs on the same day. The total cost of repairs was $967.93, which included replacement of the rear absorber and bumper cover. At the time of the accident, I felt fine. Within 48hrs, I felt back pain, I tried to self treat. The pain became unbearable, a Kaiser physician documented my upper back tenderness and back pain upon flexion. I was prescribed pain medication and a muscle relaxer. I also received chiropractic treatment. Total bill $1,800. Today, I received a denial letter from Farmers Insurance which states, due to the low impact of the accident, they will not honor my medical claim. Do I have grounds to file a lawsuit? I really suffered after the accident. Please help.

My response:

What you have experienced is par for the course. This is how Farmers handles what they consider to be "low impact" auto accident personal injury claims.

You do have grounds to file a lawsuit. However, that is not really the question. What you really want to know is, "How do I economically recover what I am entitled to for my medical expenses, out of pocket expenses, other recoverable losses as well as "pain & suffering?"

First, what it takes to fight Farmers, through a trial, to rightfully recover what you are entitled to, will cost much more than you could reasonably recover. Farmers will have their team of "expert witness" testify that you could not possibly be injured from this accident. To counter their experts with experts of your own and pay the other necessary litigation costs to complete a trial, you'd be into the case for at least $10,000 to $15,000. I would expect 75% of the jury verdicts for your case, assuming the jury believes your position rather than Farmers, to be in the $4,000 to $8,000 range. You could easily win the case and lose thousands of dollars. Farmers knows this. That's how they get away with denying a claim like yours.

In days past, if Farmers pulled this tactic on you, you could go to trial, win your $4,000 to $8,000 and then sue Farmers for "insurance bad faith" (failure to fairly adjust a legitimate claim). You could seek punitive damages for their despicable conduct. However, our State Supreme Court, reversing previous rulings, struck down a person's ability to punish insurance companies for such tactics. The insurance lobby, probably the strongest lobby in California, continually keeps our law makers from passing any laws that would give people like you an opportunity to hold insurance companies accountable for their "wrongful denial of claims" tactics.

So, what can you reasonably do? Wait. Wait at least a year to see how your injuries heal. Only then will you know the full extent of your injuries. If your injuries and losses are large enough to make economic since to hire an attorney and go to trial, that's what you do. Keep in mind that many back injuries do not fully manifest themselves for many months to years. You have two years from the time of your accident to file a lawsuit.

If you are lucky and your back heals up fine and you have no further problems, first consider yourself fortunate and second, sue the other driver in small claims court. Small claims court is easy and inexpensive. The insurance company can not come in and defend their insured, the negligent driver. No attorneys are allowed in small claims court. I have never heard of an insurance company having their insured bring expert witnesses into trial. Besides, the negligent driver is not likely to know how to present the expert witness testimony. There are a number of websites devoted to teaching you the simple procedures of small claims court. I would expect a small claims judge to award you between $3,600 and the small claims maximum of $7,500.

If you have further questions, contact an attorney from InjuryBoard.com.
Good luck!

John Bisnar
Bisnar Chase LLP
--- snip ---

...Copied without permission from [longbeach.injuryboard.com]

Make sure to also file a complaint with your Insurance Commissioner

And also see
Farmers Insurance Low Ball You on a Settlement?

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Re: Lowballed
August 27, 2007 10:06PM
I have the same problem, a friend of mine was dirving my car and was rear ended by a Farmers policy holder. They offered me a very low amount for my car, they placed a claim w/ my insurance because the driver was slightly injured and now they don't want to pay for the full amount of the rental they provided until I received my check. I had time off work and they're acting as if they cannot help me any further than the actual market value of my car. This is insane. I am taking the other driver to small claims but should I add farmers as a defendant as well? If so, does anyone know an address I can serve them at in CA?

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Re: Lowballed
September 02, 2007 02:09AM
Dont bother trying to serve Farmers, they will simply have it throw out. Pursue the people that hit you then Farmers will have to provide a defense for thier insured. They may decide to pay you to prevent the high defense cost.

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Re: Lowballed
September 19, 2007 08:07AM
How did small claims go?

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Re: Lowballed
October 09, 2007 03:53PM
I'd love to know what happened, I am thinking of filing a claim myself although the negotiations are not yet over. We were hit by a vehicle insured by Farmer's. Our car was ten years old but in great shape, one owner, low mileage, regularly serviced etc, just had new tires put on prior to a trip last month. The car is a write off, what they have so far offered doesn't get anywhere near to paying for a replacement. Why should I end up out of pocket?

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Re: Lowballed
October 11, 2007 05:24AM

As long as they are offering you a fair price for the car you had, they are not lowballing you. There is a difference between lowballing and offering the correct amount on an old vehicle. By law, they do not owe you money for a new car or a replacement car. They owe you for car of like kind quality, in your case a 10 year old car with similar miles and options. To a degree, it is subjective in nature. I know that it is not fair since you did not ask to get in the accident, but all their insured owes is like kind quality. It is the risk you take by driving an older model vehicle.

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Re: Lowballed
October 14, 2007 07:50PM
I had a similar situation here to what just about everyone was going through, except I was lucky and didn't sustain much bodily injury. However, the brand-new $60K Mercedes I had just bought sustained about $5K of damage. The accident was totally the other person's fault (insured by Farmers); poster "LG", I feel your pain.

I learned a lot from my battles with them, and thought I'd share them for what they're worth.

I hired a local Diminished Value (DV) appraiser to see what the DV amount is, since as you know after a car is wrecked and fixed it's never worth the same. Farmers simply denied that any DV existed. Again the "delay, deny, defend" modus operandi was proving itself here.

There is only one way to get the at-fault insurance company to deal fairly with you, and unfortunately it's not coming up with good arguments and hiring Bill Clinton to do your smooth-talking negotiating with them on the phone in an attempt to settle before filing a lawsuit. The only way you can ever get them to truly pay attention to you is to file a lawsuit (remember, your claim is against the other driver/party, not their insurance company). Why is this? Two reasons:

1) Very simply, because there's a cost and hassle involved for you to bring a suit against them - BUT - the amount the insurance company would have to pay in court or out of court is the same. They do not have to pay more if they delay and deny your claim and force you to file a lawsuit, but they know there is a cost for you to take them to court. So why on earth would they even CONSIDER giving you ANY meaningful amount out of court? Simply put, there is no penalty for them denying a legitimate claim because they will owe the same amount either in court or out of court. You are screwed - it's simple economics stacked in their favor.

2) Unless you file suit, you are just expending a lot of words, which are cheap. If you're not going to show you're serious by filing a lawsuit, there's a chance you are just huffing and puffing to see what you can get for free, and if they ignore you long enough you'll go away. Filing suit is the only way they know that you aren't going away quietly.

The only possible way around this would be if the insurance company had more to lose by losing in court than paying in a settlement out of court. Initiatives like Washington State's Referendum 67, which creates a cost for an insurance company to wrongfully deny a legitimate claim if it goes to court, create the incentive for the insurance company to deal fairly with you before court. However, initiatives like that are only passed in 7 states (I hear), so until they get wider-spread, filing a lawsuit will be the only way most of us have to get them to take our claim seriously.

There's only one option to hope for if you're the victim. Pray the amount of your damages is less than your state's maximum amount you can bring in small claims court, or at least be willing to write off any amount above the Small Claims limit so you can bring it to small claims. If it is, you're golden. Simply try to work with the insurance company, get their (multiple) denials in writing, then file a small claims suit against the person who was at fault in the accident. It's important to have documentation of your efforts with them to settle out of court because it shows you tried to deal in good faith, and that may help you sympathetically with the judge / JP. At this point, you will either get a more reasonable offer from the insurance company (because they know you're serious, see #2 above) or you will argue your case and win. The beauty of small claims is, it's cheap and easy for you to do, and in many states the other party has to represent themselves (no greasy Farmers attorneys show up and crush you on some stupid technicality). This last part means that when you win, the other party's insurance company has to pay the judgement to you and is unable to argue with you about it - to not pay would be to violate a court order. So the deck is stacked in your favor in Small Claims. But it sucks that you have to go through that just to collect damages for something you didn't ask to happen to you.

If your case it too big for small claims, the only way to handle it is to find a good attorney and file a claim. I've heard that often cases like this, where you're in the right and the insurance company knows it, are settled on the court steps immediately prior to trial. Again the reason for this is #2 above, if you haven't shown you're willing to go all the way there's a chance you'll take a menial amount and disappear. The discussion from John Bisnar above, where he talks about "bad faith" is key, because you might be able to recover attorney's fees under that principle. Make sure you push that issue and recover your attorney's fees, because until your state gets something like Washington's Ref. 67, recovering fees is the only way you will ever come close to getting what you're owed. It's why the insurance companies have spent millions trying to fight Ref. 67 alone.

Sorry for this long post. If you guys want, I'll post the letter I wrote to Farmers to set the stage for my small claims Diminished Value claim. Take care everyone.


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Re: Lowballed
January 09, 2008 09:33PM
My story is not as horrific as the ones posted here. A Farmer's insured woman hit my parked car in a lot. She left a note and her phone number (WooHoo!) She admitted total fault. Talked to her insurance agent, no problem will submit the claim. I was given a fax number to send the estimate to. Did that. Got a call saying they were processing my claim, go ahead and get the car scheduled for repairs. Did that. I was informed I would have the check before my car was repaired. No so. Check didn't arrive until the night that the car was ready to be picked up. Made multiple calls to my claims rep at Farmers. The check was less than the repair costs. They never contacted me or the repair shop to discuss the discrepancy. Left messages in voice mail boxes for supervisors and their supervisors. No one returned the calls. Decided to look for names of President/Ceo to contact and found this site! (WooHoo!) Contacted the President of Claims office at 818.874.1920. Talked to the president's assistant (SHE ANSWERED HER PHONE!) She took my information and made a call, voila, I have aforementioned claims rep calling me. The issue has been resolved. You need to be a pest and willing to call anyone and everyone daily/hourly to get responses.
Probably won't work with a big amount, but works for small amounts. Good luck to you all.

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Re: Lowballed
January 19, 2008 01:11AM
Good Luck with Farmers.
My husband was hit by a drunk driver from behind in 2004. Here we are in 2008 still not settled with them. The kicker in all this was the lady that hit him was as I said very drunk and the wife of a Farmers Insurance Regional Manager. He has used his influence to delay the case to where we are ready for bankruptcy. We have lost our home and taken out loans to keep ourselves afloat. So good luck to you and get Em.... I hope you win

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Re: Lowballed
July 15, 2008 03:57PM
I am another victim of the unscrupulous Farmers company. Their insured pulled out in front of us suddenly and we Tboned him. There was no question it was his fault. Even with my seat belt on, my knees hit the dash so hard that it left two dents. One knee cap was broken and a bone chip broke free. The problems with Farmers started immediately when they offered me half of the book price for my car. I refused and they would not budge. Worse than that, they towed my car away from the storage shed without my knowledge much less my permission then tried to threaten and bully me into sending them the title so they could salvage it. I refused since they literally stole my car and gave me nothing. I have spent the last three years in a horrendous battle with them over the medical surgeries which they have tried to say was due to arthritis, not the accident, and their theft of my car. They have lied left and right and tried to bully me and my surgeon. I am furious that my lawyer felt we should settle out of court and let them get away with their crooked activity, but I'm not done filing complaints anywhere and everywhere I can against them. Fortunately they are not the typical insurance company and everything should be done to drive them out of business.

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Re: Lowballed
July 24, 2008 04:58PM
Hi- I just took Farmer's to small claims court yesterday on an accident that occurred 12/8/05.
Their insured backed into my brand new car at the time and caused hood and front bumper damage. I had the damage assessed and an estimate was given for over $2K.
They claim to have sent $700 to the shop at the time for repairs. They only wanted to patch up my car and not pay for a brand new hood for my new car. I fought with them for about a month at that time but then gave up because I was going through a pregnancy & just couldn't deal with it. Long story short, I paid $850 to the shop for the substandard repairs and another $186 for a rental car to get my car back then because the body shop did not cash/receive the checks.
I wanted to get them to pay before statue of limitations was up (3 years in CA) so I contacted them again in Feb 08. I gave them all teh evidence and tried to get them to pay. Nothing run around- they finally sent me a check for $850 in April 2008 saying that was all I was owed.
Now, when I took them to court they tried to tell the court the claim was paid but the judge knew otherwise. He said they were responsible to replace the hood on a brand new car. Although I did not get the total amount I believe I should have received, the judge awarded me about $1,300 plus court fees. I wish I would have taken them to court sooner.
Anyone can sue them in small claims in CA for up to $7,500 but you need to make sure you name the insured party as a defendant. I named both the insured party & Farmers as defendants because I was told that was the best way to get their attention. The judge dismissed Farmers as a defendant but they are responsible paying for any judgment against the insured on a case that relates to an auto accident.
I let the insured person know that it wasn't personal but that I had to name her because her insurance company sucked!!!! Luckily, she said she was no longer with them. If you get people to stop getting FARMERS they will go out of BUSINESS!!!

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Re: Lowballed
July 24, 2008 08:49PM
Bravo to you!
Another note about the Farmers Insured, once they are sued in Small Claims and lose, their Credit History gets dinged!

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Re: Lowballed
July 28, 2008 09:57PM
I too have been lowballed by Farmers! I was trying to figure out how to take them to small claims court until I read what I have on this site! I was stopped at a red light July 2007 on my motorcycle when I was rear-ended by someone insured by Farmers. They quickly paid me for the bike which was totalled, but still haven't settled the personal injury. They just offered me $1100 plus medidal bills (which ended up being about $600). When I denied their offer, I was told since I only went to the er once, and the chiropractor twice, I was lucky to see $500! Lesson learned. Next time someone hits me, I am going away in an ambulance, and taking advantage of any medical treatment offered. No more going to work in pain for this guy.

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Re: Lowballed
August 26, 2008 06:09PM
Hi Folks - I just posted to another topic on this forum as one victimized by Farmer's as well, and I just could not stomach all the injustices I am seeing here, so I thought perhaps a different strategy may be in order. I know that Farmer’s Insurance Group of North America is a wholly owned subsidiary of Zürich Financial Services of Switzerland (http://www.zurich.com/main/home/welcome.htm). I completed an online contact form addressed to their CEO Mr. Gentz Manfred with a brief explanation of my situation - which is not so different than yours out there. The Swiss are supposed to be a compassionate group of human beings and thought this route might appeal to their sensibilities enough to pressure their American offices to behave better. Perhaps it will work if enough people flood their inbox. Shifting the spotlight to the parent company may help. I could be wrong, but isn't it worth a try?

Best Regards,


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Re: Lowballed
August 27, 2008 03:51AM
I love this site. I felt totally screwed by Farmers. After I was lowballed and then told I was 20% at fault...a Farmers Insured Backed into me. They had no damage and I had the right of way.
So I sued the Driver. Finally the Drivers family got fed up with my small claims forms they must have called their agent and given him a mouthful. I am sure they pay many dollars in premiums for vehicles, businesses and home so Farmers should take care of them better. Farmers has called me and is wanting to take it out of small claims court. Not done yet, but I was only looking for the 20%. Now I want the difference in Lowballing. Farmers estimate 1300 Toyota Estimate 2400.

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Re: Lowballed
September 25, 2008 07:07PM
I was a passenger in a car who got hit by an uninsured motorist in Texas in June. Her insurance is Farmer's and they said they would cover medical, etc., under her un-insured motorist policy. My total medical bills alone are $3500, and my out of pocket just about $900 (documented). They offered me $2,900 in which I had to pay my medical. They said it was QUOTE "not our problem you chose a doctor who has excessive charges!!" My doctor charges no more than any other dr. in the town!!!

I got a lawyer to take my case. It's not even about money now -- it is about principal -- that they think they can just screw me over like this!! My friends policy has a $25,000 uninsured protection against everyone in the vehicle.

I hope my lawyer sticks it to them!

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Re: Lowballed
September 25, 2008 09:35PM
I'm sorry to hear of everybody's miserable experiences with The Farmers Ignorance Group. I hope and pray that something happens in the near future where they go belly up and sink to the bottom of the sewer.
I don't if any of you took at a look at the employees postings on this site but, I speak from experience that it was a living hell working for that crap company. Employees have ended up on medications etc.. because of Farmers.
They treat their employees like trash, drive them into the dirt and then let them go.
I had a medical condition I was taking care of. My moron manager said I was lying. I offered medical reports but, he refused them. He then fired me for job performance issues. I'm about ready to lose my house at this point. I did file an EEOC charge against them.
Take a look at the employee section of this site and go to jobvent.com and look up Farmers and see all of the complaints there as well.
I wish you all the best. Don't back down to those cretinous yahoos.

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Re: Lowballed
October 19, 2008 03:29PM
I just had a breast reduction 3 weeks ago and on my way to get the stitches removed, I was at a red light and a guy hit my car going around 30 to 40 my breast hit the steering wheel and i instantly started hurting. The guy got out of his car and asked if i was okay and i told him no i was not okay.He asked me did i need a ambulance i informed him yes. I was in so much pain and shaken up very badly and ten minutes later he came back and asked was i okay again.I was on the same street as my surgeon and realized he had not called anyone but he had went to go write down his insurance info. We did not call the cops but i called my doctor and decided just to drive to the doctor without a police report.Upon arrival to the physician he noticed my breast were bleeding and he stopped the bleeeding with bandages and solution but im still having pain. I called to file the claim 3 days, they will call tomorrow.
I have had farmers myself 5 years and the the farmers agent stated i can file against him and my pip but now looking at this site, does anyone have any helpful information.

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Re: Lowballed
October 20, 2008 01:22AM
Yes, you can file on your own insurance under PIP or MED if you have it. It is fault free and will not affect your rates. They will pay the bills (what is the going rate in your area) when they are incurred. The liability policy will pay once and only once your ready to sign a release. You usually have 2-4 years depending on what state your in.

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Re: Lowballed and in litigation
September 08, 2009 05:41PM
My Husband's truck was parked in front of our home. On a Sunday afternoon a female driver insured with Farmers hit the rear end (flipped her car right in front of our house), shoving the truck into his Saturn parked in front of it. There is no question that it was totally her fault. They totalled the truck and gave $500 for the bumper of the Saturn. They only offered $850 for the totalled pick-up truck. They used comps that were from the Dallas area that weren't comparable. They were smaller, with fewer features, also not available. The only way to replace the pick-up truck would have been to get $4,000 to $4,500 plus the money for the Saturn. We wrote letters, hired a lawyer, and they refuse to respond. They are just waiting for the 2-year statute of limitations to run out October 21, 2009.

How did your suit come out? We want to sue the driver and the insurance company, but we can't find the driver to serve her. We already $500 to hire the lawyer but he didn't even file a suit yet and just wants more money. The point here is that we don't have money to waste on a lawsuit that will never pay off. Please respond to let me know how you came out.

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Re: Lowballed and in litigation
September 09, 2009 12:32AM
Well dont waste your time suing the insurance company, they will throw that out of court. However, you can go after the insured driver, whether you find them or not. You can do whats called public service, by serving them thru the newspaper. It is legal and we do it all the time. Who is your attorney? What town are you in? Who was the adjuster?

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Re: Lowballed
October 26, 2009 02:03AM
I read your post and I want to tell you right away from experience with Farmers. Do not sign any documents. If you already had, do not sing any other documents. Discontinue seeing your drug happy doctor imediately. Search for a doctor that specializes in injury. Your healthcare provider will say once you start treatment with me you must finish treatment with me also. Tell your doctor F*** Y****.
You must get X-Ray of your entire body and a Cerebral MRI. Sounds excessive but it is not. I had injury to my spine from a previous accident that never properly healed. This new accident caused further injury to old injuries. I have two slipped discs in my upper neck caused by this recent accident. The doctor instructed me to stop weight lifting immediately or I can cause serious injury to my spinal cord.

Second you must get an attorney that specializes in auto accident injury.
Most people will tell you that it is not neccessary and it is unethical.
What is unethical is that the insurance (ie. Farmers) will tell you that you have to pay for medical expences out of pocket and they will determine a settlement amount. You tell your medical adjustor that you are changing doctors and seeking professional help immediately. Your adjustor must give your new Doctor an authorization code to the clinic you are visiting. If you adjuster is avoiding you or giving you B.S. excuses that he/she is going to be out of the office for a few days, go immediately to the attorney because they are out to screw you!

Now here is what will happen, the insurance will do everything they can to trick you because they just want to give you $5oo.oo for pain and suffering and pay your drug happy doctor what ever the doctors visit cost plus your prescripton. Which I estimate a ballpark figure of $1,300 in medical expences from your drugy Doctor.

What your Lorcet, Darvocet and Coke head Docter is not telling you is that if you have any slipped disc, in your Spinal Cord; when you turn 40 or 50 those slipped disc will get Artheritis and you will loose the ability to use your arms in the future. The bottom line is degeneration of your nervous system.( The slipped disc are starving the spinal cord of fluids and proper nutrition). Then you will not be able to drive or work or workout at the gym because you are basically an involant at that age. However there is hope, that means immediately seek a specialist in sports or auto injuries. F*** the insurance make them pay for your medical bills. Dont feel sorry for the Cell phone B*** that hit you.

I am speaking to you from experience I live in Dallas and the drivers here come from rural areas or small towns and they do not know how to drive in heavy traffic. This is my second rear ending.( Correction 6'th rear ending) This 2nd time around I got an attorney to force those pieces of crap to pay for my medical expenses.

The attorney naturally will want a huge settlement out of this because he's got to make a living too. I figure what ever, my attorney can sue for the Sun if he wants, I just want Farmers to quit screwing with me and dicking me around. Since Farmers wants to dick with me and play phone tag and not give my clinique the authorization codes they need to give me treatment; I got an attorney.
If you live in Dallas call these people ( Ben Abbott ) 972-263-5555. Jim Adler or other Attorney that specialize in Auto Accidents.
P.S. If you try to settle things on your own Farmers will laugh at you and avoid you and at the end they will SCREW YOU 3 ways till Sunday.

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