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Denied Claim

Posted by Monique McDuffie 
Denied Claim
May 09, 2008 12:16AM
On 4/15/08 as I was exiting Buckhead apartment complex, a Ford F-150 backing out of a parking space struck my Toyota Corolla. At the scene an officer recorded an admission of guilt from the driver of the Ford F-150 and issued him a traffic violation of unsafe movement and the at fault vehicle. I filed a claim with Farmers’ Insurance Company on 4/15/08 with adjustor Laurie Scheibelhut. From the beginning Laurie Scheibelhut was unprofessional, inaccessible, and uneager to assist me with my claim. In spite of overwhelming evidence to support my claim of being back into Farmer’s Insurance Company represented by Laurie Scheibelhut denied my claim based on her clients statement alone. I have been given the run around for almost a month now with Farmers’ and all I want is my property repaired and to be treated fairly and justly. I feel that Farmers Insurance has not done this claim justice nor giving the investigation the attention necessary to come to a justifiable conclusion. Farmers’ Insurance Company has been unwilling to handle this claim with integrity and has been slow to come to even this bogus conclusion. Farmers’ Insurance has not lived up to their slogan its been weeks and I am still not back were I belong. I feel Farmers’ has been dishonest and underhanded in dealing with me. They have left me stranded with a damaged vehicle that was damaged due to no fault of my own. How is it possible for Farmers’ Insurance Company to treat me this way when I had the right of way and was backed into, have a police report supporting my position and a statement from their insurer to the reporting officer supporting my position?

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Re: Denied Claim
May 09, 2008 03:18AM
This is a classic David vs Goliath, however you can't win. If you do not have a ton of extra time,money and energy, you need to file with your own carrier and let them collect back from THE COMPANY. Your only other recourse would be to obtain an atty but in the absense of injuries, none of them will be interested in your situation. These are the cold hard facts. I wonder how many others are in the same situation because of the ruthless tactics of this company?

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Re: Denied Claim
November 27, 2008 10:06PM
I too am a victim of Farmers Insurance denying our claim. I have been fighting with them for 2 years now. On November 2006 my husband had our Ford F150 truck parked at a counrty store and he was inside eating breakfast on his way to work that morning. A 19 year old girl (at the time) came down the hill and around the corner and lost control of her car slamming into the rear of our truck parked in the store parking lot. My husband got estimates and took them to our local Farmers Insurance claim office, as the girl who hit our truck had Farmers Insurance. The adjuster refused to take our estimates saying that they are not at fault for the damages to our truck. Farmers insurance is trying to state that since the store sits on a crossroads a man supposedly pulled out in front of her and that he is responsible for the damages to our vehicle. This man's insurance company says they aren't responsible but are willing to pay 50% of my damages if Farmers Insurance pays the other 50%. Farmers Insurance Company refuses to pay a dime as they bluntly put it even though their insured driver is the one who hit our truck. The speed limit at this intersection is posted as 25 mph and it is very obvious that this girl was not doing the speed limit as she totalled her car in the back of our truck and pushed it 10 feet. My insurance company filed suit on both parties involved so we went to court a month ago. It went to General Sessions court where Farm Bureau requested it be heard in a different court. So the judge awarded in my favor in the amount of $1 which is a joke so it can be heard in a different court. Now Farm Bureau is requesting a jury trial and depositions be done and won't agree with our lawyer on a court date over $2,000 which is the amount of the damage to the truck. Just so they can try and drag this on hoping we will give up. Which will never happen because I plan on fighting this forever if I have to. I will get what is owed to me!!!!

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Re: Denied Claim
November 29, 2008 04:49PM
Just throwing a few things out there: Are you certain laurie has the Police Report? nthere is always that possibility that she does not and strictlyy went on their insured's "afterthought statement" and based their decision solely on that information.
I would say, the other solution would be, if you have collision coverage, your carrier could repair the vehicle (your carrier should list the claim as "not at fault" and should surcharge you for the accident. After that, your carrier could subrogate Farmers for the damages (repairs etc..). If it goes before a mediator and rthey see the police report with thier drivers statement he made at the scene, I would think the mediator would find in your favor. I actually use to work with Laurie. There were many instances were claims would be set up for denial for various "questionable reasons". The Farmers Ignortance Group is a corrupt, unethical company that needs to have its doors closed by whomeever is capable of doing so.
By the way, you can also file a complaint with the North Carolina Department of Insurance.

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