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What are my rights?

Posted by administrator 
What are my rights?
August 04, 2006 09:35PM
Rec via email...

Last Friday, my vehicle was damaged by an individual who is insured with Farmers Insurance. My vehicle was parked at the time of the accident. Fortunately, the person who hit my vehicle had a kind heart and left his card apologizing and explained that he would report it to his insurance company. I was very grateful to him for doing that.

Anyway, after numerous calls to Farmers, I finally got a Supervisor to help me process the claim. They accepted liability for the damages - which they had no choice, but, considering that most mechanics are scam artists and rip offs too - I am very hesistate about leaving my vehicle at their shops and letting them handle the insurance payment. My car is drivable with a slight "burrrr" sound when I turn the wheel. I don't want an auto mechanic shop to scam up the price and add addtional unnecessary charges to my claim - especially if I have to come out of my pocket with anything. I have experienced in the past with auto mechanics scamming up the price and I have to pay a portion out of my pocket. Based on that, I have chosen to drive my car to a body shop myself and have a Farmers Adjuster evaluate the cost of the repairs. I had an experence where I left my vehicle unattended and with a body shop to consult with a claims adjuster; well, the body shop called me and saig "your transmission has died, we cannot get the car started", I had just purhcased the car used, but I had only had it for 8 months. The body shop billed the insurance company for $3500+; the insurance company paid half and I was stuck with the balance out of my pocket for an accident I didn't cause. Guess who the insurance company was, you're right Farmers Insurance.

Here is the problem, Farmers told me that they would issue me a VOUCHER for the amount of the damages. Who in the hell have heard of that. Do they have a right to do that - have you heard of insurance companies ever processing a claim this way. Most auto mechanics I know want cash, not a darn voucher. It's none of Farmers Insurance business where and how I get my car repair, just pay for the damages their claimant is paying them for each month or quarterly.

Why or do they get to make the decision on giving me a paper check or a stupid voucher to repair the damages to my car. My car was on the street minding its own business when it was it. It's not fair!

I hate Farmers Insurance - I have dealt with them in the past and they suck then, and they suck now! They take forever to process a claim, they don\'t return phone calls, and I had to call them because I got tired of waiting to receive a call regarding the accident. Again, Farmers Insurance is not an insurance company I would recommend to anyone in the future!

Marilyn H

What are my rights to not receiving this
"Voucher" or even telling them where my car is being repaired? Is it their business?

Please advise. Thank you!

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Re: What are my rights?
August 07, 2006 03:20PM
Hello Marilyn,

Illinois Insurance Laws here:

Contact your Illinois Insurance Commissioner, discuss your complaint with them

You can also file a complaint with your Insurance Commissioner here.

Good luck!

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Re: What are my rights?
August 16, 2006 11:05AM
"Voucher" says, in effect, "we don't want to pay for your damages twice." Many insurance companies will attempt to use vouchers because of (gasp) the fact that there are actually people out there who try to rip them off and collect twice on the same accident. The voucher insures that the mechanic actually repairs the vehicle. I do not know if the insurance commissioner in your state has rules which demand a cash pmt if you request it. Tell the adjuster : "No, I am not comfortable with a voucher made to the mechanic, and since there is no lien on the car, I am going to request that you pay me directly."

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