I bought a boat this year, and had it at my yacht club. The news reported the fire, and one of our members died in the fire. I was and is a true shame. Another shame, is my boat was next to his boat, and now I am having to deal with Foremost Insurance which is park of the Farmers Group. I have been calling these people for a month now, and I am getting no where. I called 11/16 - left message, no call back, called 11/17 left message no call back, called 11/18 spoke with someone else that is not handling my claim, he advised me to send pictures of the damage. I took many pictures, and even sent the video links that the news crews took clearly showing my boat next to his. 11/23 called left message, no call back, called 11/26 no call back, called 12/1 they said they didn't get the pictures, resent 12/3, called 12/4 to confirm they got the pics, they did. 12/10 called, they want a surveyor to look at the damage, ok the guy came on 12/11, called 12/12 to check status, no call back, called 12/15 no call back, 12/16 called - still on hold after 30 minutes.

What am I supposed to do? The boat continues to be damaged more and more due to its condition, and I feel nothing is being done. Can anyone provide assistance?

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Re: My boat was involved in a fire - No Foremost is not responding
December 18, 2008 12:39AM
I cant tell if your boat is the one that caught on fire or if the one next to yours is the one that caught on fire first. You did not say if you've turned in the loss to Foremost as an Insured or are you presenting a liability loss. If your a 3rd party liability loss, turn into your own company and let them deal with Farmers. Also, you will have to see what caused the fire. If your presenting a liability loss, they have to make sure that there insured did something to make them negligent, ie: did someone else work on the boat and this caused the fire? If so, they will deny your file. If your the insured, you need to go to the Supervisor or Manager of the local office. Again if your a 3rd party loss, remember you have no contract with them and they are not responsible to you contractually. You are responsible to mitigate your damages regardless.

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Sorry for not being very clear. My boat was next to the insured boat that caught fire. The owner of that boat passed away in the fire that that damaged our boats, and took his life. I have begun working with Foremost/Zurich/whom ever else, and I am getting no where quick. The autopsy showed no foul play, the fire was accidental, and unfortunately he smoked an awful lot and it appears as though and everyone agrees that he fell asleep while smoking.

Now I have a burnt boat sitting in my friends yard, and he's starting to get upset that the boat remains, and wants to start charging me storage...

I did not have insurance on my boat so I do not have an agent to help on my behalf.

I have had a survey done of the boat and the damage far exceed the boats worth, so what do i do?

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Re: My boat was involved in a fire - No Foremost is not responding
January 10, 2009 05:14PM
Well unfortunately there is not much you can do short of these options. You can get an attorney and sue the person who died directly (estate) and then the insurance company will have to defend them and then they have to procede with your file. It appears that they have just put you on the back burner for some reason. Or, you can get an attorney, talk to the widow-family- of the deceased man and have them sign thier rights to bad faith to your attorney and you and the insured sue the insurance company together. You have no rights against the ins. co but the insured does. If they are not acting in good faith for thier insured and making timely decisions to protect thier insured, this is where bad faith comes in and in the past when insureds have assigned thier right of bad faith to the claimiants/attorney, the insurance company will respond like you cant believe. bad faith lawsuits are the most damaging to the companies.

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