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Warning: Farmer's Circle of "Dependability"

Posted by Jake Pinneberg 
After a Farmer's insured rear-ended me, Farmers welcomed me into its
Circle of Dependability program. The COD facility in Morgan Hill, CA,
Advanced Auto Body, was "waiting for authorization to begin repairs."
Within a week, Advanced Auto Body and Farmers totaled my car.

Skip the COD trap. Find a repair shop that wants to repair your car
and not steal it using low ACV and high salvage estimates. I finally
got my car repaired, but not by Farmers' COD shop.

Good luck settling with Farmers!

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So when someone tells you your car is totaled, you would rather have it repaired rather than get a new one that may be more dependable than the one that has had several repairs and frame damage. All of these possibly leading to future problems, accidents, breakages and no resale value due to having frame damage.

I had a vehicle that an insurance company would not total and should have been. The body shop did not want to do the work knowing it was going to be a headache. The car was never right, always had problems and when I tried to trade it in I was told the car had frame damage from a prior accident and the car became worthless. You use ACV actual cash value. Something damaged has a very small cash value they were doing you a favor unless your bucket was a collectors item.

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"Bubba" are you saying that a damaged frame cannot properly be restored? Seems to me that you did not choose to go to a reputable and credible shop. I have seen many many frames repaired CORRECTLY and no issues ever came up. Then again, those repairs were not done by a COD shop that has to cut corners to repair cars due to the insurance company directing repairs they have no clue how to accomplish. Amazes me how all of a sudden insurance companies know more than the certified repair teams. Amazes me. Well, we can only hope that people begin to see the blanket that these companies pull over their eyes.

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Re: Warning: Farmer's Circle of "Dependability"
May 31, 2011 01:19AM
Actually guys, speaking from the inside, let me tell you, while the shops may give them discounts and used the Alt Parts, they make up for it elsewhere. They add 2-3 hours here, there, and everywhere and pretty soon, they are charging the company what they would have without the companies interference. Also, if they screw up, it is not thier butt on the line, it is the company. After all, Farmers guarantees the repairs of these shops and if something goes wrong, Farmers has a lot more money to go after then a shop.

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