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Farmers Cancellation Fees--Refuses Refund

Posted by Smitty8970 
Farmers Cancellation Fees--Refuses Refund
February 22, 2010 10:40PM
This is the explanation I have typed up so far for my formal Consumer Complaint with the Ohio Department of Insurance. If anyone has any suggestions or thinks they can help in any way I would really appreciate it.

My problems with Farmers Insurance began almost immediately after I had decided to let them represent my vehicle for auto insurance purposes. When signing with the Hurst Insurance Agency I was promised monthly payments of $152.51 on my 2002 Pontiac Grand Prix after an assortment of discounts. My initial payment was made in house covering my down payment and coverage through the month of august. At the end of August I received a call from the Hurst Agency informing me that several of the discounts were uncalculated and was told that I was implicated in an accident that had occurred over 3 years prior, raising my monthly payment to $384.88. After contacting my previous agent at State Farm and resolving the accident implication, I was told that Farmers billing department had already processed the new payment, but was assured that I would be refunded the excess of funds that billing had taken out of my checking account, after all of my ‘discounts’ were properly allocated. So on 9/10/09 I was billed for $384.88 strictly for my September monthly payment. As a college student, in the first month of the new school year this killed my monthly budget, but again I was assured that the $232.37 that I was owed would eventually make it back into my account, and that Farmers was experiencing unseen issues with their billing department that would be resolved soon. Next I was billed on 10/1/09 for $64.73, an amount that was never explained to me, only to then be billed on 10/30/10 for $152.51, the monthly payment that we had originally agreed upon in July. My monthly payments of $152.51 would then continue being taken out from my checking account on the 30th of every month covering me for 30 days from the 15th of the following month through the 15th of the month after that.

Upon contacting Tred Hurst, over the money that I was promised I would be refunded for, he had told me he would run the numbers and put in a call to billing. A week passed and I called back again and Tred informed me that the Farmers billing refund would be reflected in my next statement. I received my next statement and still no refund, so I called Tred back again. This time he went over the numbers and called back to tell me that Farmers billing was in fact off by some $30, again telling me that Farmers billing system is a mess and that he would contact billing himself and if it had to come down to it, he promised me he would give me the $30 out of his own pocket.

At a Christmas party I had talked to a relative who is an agent with AllState and told her about all of my issues at Farmers. After talking with her, I decided to make the switch over to AllState for my auto insurance coverage. A written cancellation was handled by my AllState agent and faxed directly to the Hurst Agency on December 28th, 2009. Unfortunately the Hurst Agency was closed over the holidays and my cancellation wasn’t processed until January 5th, 2010. Upon originally switching to AllState I had attempted to halt the EFT automatic transfer of my monthly payment out of my checking as it was due to come out December 30th, 2009. Again, the Hurst Agency was closed, so I talked to a customer service agent via Farmers 1-800 number. He informed me that it was too late to stop the transfer and I would have to pay a $60 fee to halt the payment or I could let the payment go through and I would be refunded by Farmers within 7-10 business days.

Once the Hurst Agency had reopened, I talked to Tred, who assured me that they did in fact receive the written cancellation via fax and that I would be refunded from the date on the cancellation form. In this time, my AllState payment had come out of my checking and being a college student I really needed that refund. The refund should have included, the $152.51 that was taken out of my checking which was to cover me from January 15th, 2010 through February 15th, 2010, along with the pro-rated amount for the 10 days that I was no longer covered under my November 30th 2009 payment. That pro-rated amount would come out to $50.83, and then there was the $30 that I was promised from Tred Hurst himself. All together Farmers owed me $233.14, which after calling the Agency, Tred Hurst confirmed. Upon asking when I was to receive my refund he told me that Farmers usually takes 1 to 2 weeks to send out a check.

Two weeks passed and I called the agency again, Tred promised me that he would put in a call to billing and ask them about the issue. Another week passed and I called again, again Tred told me he would put in a call to billing. Another week passed and I received a check from Farmers for $42.97. Confused by this random amount, I called Tred again. I ran some numbers and figured that this check must have been for the pro-rated amount that I would have received for the 10 days from January 5th to January 10th that I wasn’t under Farmers coverage that I had paid for in advance as part of the $152.51 payment on November 30th, 2009. Tred said that seemed about right and that he was still trying to get a hold of billing. Another week or two passed and I finally was fed up so I decided to call Farmers 1-800 number for customer service. Upon talking to an initial customer service rep I was transferred to the billing department within 5 minutes. Obviously Tred Hurst was lying to me and had put no such call into the billing department if it takes me 5 minutes on the 1-800 number. Once with the billing department, their representative informed me that because I live in the state of Ohio that I was assessed a “short track fee” after cancellation and that the $42.97 check that was sent to me was the remainder of my refund after these “short track fees” were taken out. Which means that they took out $190.17 in fees when taking into account all monies that were owed to me.

After pleading my case the rep informed me that there was nothing else she could do for me but gave me the number for Marcus Johnson, the District Manager for the Toledo, OH area. After discussing the matter with my new agent at AllState and my family I decided I should first put in a call to Marcus before I went ahead with the Consumer Complaint procedure with the Ohio Department of Insurance. Two days later Marcus got back with me. While talking with him, I pleaded my case as I have just done and informed him that at that point I had no other options but to file a complaint with ODI. His immediate reaction was to tell me that he sympathized with me, he could see why I was so angry and frustrated, he admitted that Farmers billing is illogical and said he would make a couple calls and plead my case to his superiors to try to get my money back for me. Four days later he called me back to inform me that he had talked with his supervisors and tried to plead my case but that they wouldn’t have any of it and that they refused to give any of the money back to that has been owed. Marcus said he was sorry that he couldn’t help me and that he understands why I would want to file a complaint and wished me luck.

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canceled and with new company since dec 4th; farmers threatened to cancel my ins on the nineth dec. i called no answers. no returned call to me..

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Hi, I'm having the same issue wih my Farmers' agent, Could you tell me that 1-800 number please, Because this has been going on for 3 weeks and I'm short 140 dollars for my Car payment because of it. Thanks


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