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Farmers Auto Insurance policy holders BEWARE!!!

Posted by Anonymous Autobody 
I'm not sure if this topic has been discussed here or if the consumers are aware of how Farmers Insurance is butchering,..... I mean.. repairing your vehicles.

I work at an autobody shop in Southern California and I'm sick of the way Farmer's Insurance is repairing there customers vehicles. My main concern is safety and quality of repairs for all my customers, but with Farmers Insurance policy holders, all they care about is saving there company money.

If you get into an accident, Farmers Insurance will put LKQ parts (used parts found in junk yards) or Aftermarket parts (parts that are made in China that don't fit) if they can locate them. Even if your car is brand new!!! If they can locate such parts, they'll put it on there estimate and use them! There main concern is saving there company money, not the safety or quality of repairs for there customers. Another example is with suspension damage. You would think with delicate mechanical parts being damaged you would get brand new OEM parts (OEM = Original Equipment Manufactured), right? WRONG!! They'll replace your damaged mechanical parts with LKQ parts. Its cheaper for Farmers since they can purchase the whole assembly from the junk yard instead of purchasing each part brand new from the dealership. The problem with this is, how do you know if the LKQ parts were not involved in an accident themselves? I mean the parts are in the junk yard for a reason. Do you want a shock/strut from a junk yard off a car with higher mileage than your own vehicle? If the shock/strut goes bad later down the line, your going to end up paying for a replacement because you weren't given a new one at the time your vehicle was repaired. The same applies to the rear muffler of your exhaust system. If you get rear ended and your rear muffler is damaged, they won't replace it with a brand new OEM muffler. They will tell the shop to take your vehicle to Midas or another muffler shop so they can hack off your existing muffler and weld on a muffler that is similar to the previous one. Most of the time it's something that's not even close to the original one. Another way Farmers Insurance cut corners on there estimates is not paying for "Colormatch and Tint". What colormatch and tint is its the time for the shop to take to match the color of your vehicle. All cars come with a paint code that comes from the manufacturer, but normally the code never matches the color thats on the car. So the time is needed to adjust the color thats made from the paint code to match the color on your vehicle. Farmers does not pay this, so if you just had your car repaired by Farmers Insurance and you pick up your car from the autobody shop with the body panels not matching in color, now you know why.

I know what your thinking.. "but isn't it the shops duty to stop the insurance company from butchering our cars??". Yes and No.. I fight insurance companies everyday for the customer for brand new OEM parts, but they are the ones paying for the repairs. They always respond in the same way, "its on our insureds policy. we have the right to fix there cars the way we want". The worse thing is, after I get done arguing with a Farmers Insurance adjuster about an estimate, the adjusters supervisor will overlook the estimate afterwards and also cut things out from the estimate that they feel the shop doesn't need. This is done 3-5 days later after we have already started repairs. They don't notify the shop of the changes, nor do they send the shop the revised estimate. The shop finds out the hard way when the check arrives in the mail in a much lesser amount than what was discussed on the estimate. What usually ends up happening is that the shop will stop all repairs on the vehicle and stop all parts that have been ordered, delaying the repair process for the customer. We do this because we need to know exactly what was cut from the estimate.

I can go on and on about Farmers Insurance on how they are butchering consumers vehicles. The few things I have mentioned in this post are just the tip of the iceberg. As a autobody shop employee, I'm sick of Farmers Insurance and how they treat there customers and how they repair your vehicles. I felt that you all (the consumers) should know whats going on with your vehicle repairs. Look over your estimates carefully, line by line and see how they are repairing your vehicle. If you have a question, ask the autobody shop first before contacting your insurance adjuster. Hopefully, you chose a knowledgable and good autobody shop to do your repairs at.

Farmers Insurance, 21st Century Insurance, AIG insurance, Bristol West Insurance, Coast National Insurance are all owned by the same company!! FYI

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Re: Farmers Auto Insurance policy holders BEWARE!!!
May 13, 2010 10:18PM
More great news about your favorite insurance company!

Farmers is now trying to dictate where autobody shops need to purchase there parts!! We can't purchase parts from our own vendors because they feel there vendors are much better in "quality". If you know Farmers, you know they're going to vendors with the cheapest prices for parts. And you know how those manufacturers are able to price there parts so low? They sacrifice quality and materials when making there products. That means you'll have fitment issues and more importantly when you get into a collision, no one knows exactly how those parts are going to react. Aftermarket parts especially, have never been crashed tested. OEM (OEM = Original Equipment Manufactures) manufacturers spend a lot of time and money in research and development of there parts and how they should react during a collision by creating "impact zones" and "crumble designs". Now Farmers is trying to "steer" us to there vendors!?! For example, if there was a $2.00 dollar difference in the OEM part and an Aftermarket part, Farmers will opt for the cheaper part because they want that $2.00 dollar savings for there company. Yes!!! For a simple $2.00, they'll butcher your car! Can you believe that?!

Another thing, the adjusters coming out to inspect your vehicles are likely to be college students that have just graduated with no experience in the automotive industry or have no car knowledge whatsoever. I've talked to a few adjusters that had recently graduated with degrees that have nothing to do with the automotive industry that have completed there "Farmers training", but still have no idea what they're doing! Why does Farmers hire new and inexperience people? Because its CHEAPER for them!! Starting base salary is low, so its cheaper for Farmers to hire new graduates and train them than it is to keep those that have been with the company the longest. People who've been with the company the longest are paid more. Farmers eventually pushes those employees to the limit till they quit or they find a way to fire them because they are costing the company too much money. Thats how cheap Farmers Insurance is!! But its not the only company with such business practices. Progressive insurance, Infinity insurance, 21st Century Insurance, AIG insurance, Bristol West Insurance, Coast National Insurance... they all do it.

Since 21st Century Insurance, AIG insurance, Bristol West Insurance, Coast National Insurance are all owned by the same company that owns Farmers Insurance, those companies are now following Farmers guidelines when repairing your vehicles. So switch now before your car is involved in an accident!! You don't want to find out the hard way of how bad Farmers Insurance is!! Or how bad the above mentioned insurance companies are!!

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policy holder
Re: Farmers Auto Insurance policy holders BEWARE!!!
January 11, 2013 03:33AM
What insurance company should i switch to? This is happening to me!

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Anakka Hartwell
Re: Farmers Auto Insurance policy holders BEWARE!!!
September 22, 2013 01:48PM
We are starting a website called BewareFarmersInsurance. We should like our sites giving us more effective SEO. We feel the same way you do gut this was with fires in our homes and how Farmers beats down the already traumatized home owner.

Contact me and lets see what we can do to get the word out. We have a budget for SEO.


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I would also like to use your logo of the red circle around the farmers.....Thank you. Lets work together to either change or shut down farmers...they suck big time.

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Recently was in the accident.
Indian guy didn't stop on red-flashing-intersaction and hit me with 35mph.
Now I am waiting for damage estimate. I am under StateFarm and he is under Farmers.
I called them to provide me the place where I can do the damage estimate but was transferred 3 times and finaly got the voice mail where the ledy will appear 1 week later.

So my question. Can you demand from insurance that it has to replace original damaged parts with original not damaged and parts have to be in the same state as before the damage? I believe I can demand the repair report and the report what parts have been used since its my safety.

Does anyone did that before?


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when their policyholder is responsible for an accident and injures someone Farmers treats the injured party like the automobile, they penny pinch leaving no room to get the medical care that is neccassary to recover.They also use MEDIATION to manipulate plantifs to settle for far less than the claim is worth . They say they have no more money period .They tell you ,you wont win in court leaving you vulnerable and if your attorney is as useless as mine he tells them absolutely nothing to defend your true claims. They manipulate the mediation and its not a mutual agreement . Its Bullying.Its wrong.Its definetly embezzleing Its illegal its hard to fight them its hard to prove but its obvious. The mediator told me that I didn't have to pay for the session that was$750.per hour(me1/2&defents1/2) Why would he tell me not to pay for his services my attorney said I didn't have to pay my medical lien ,he was going to pay it for me???? Why?WHY? I ASK!!!! Fuck them they got my money fucken CROOKS BITCHES It just happened to me 2 weeks ago. The adjuster The defense attorney the mediator all work against you and I think they talked to my attorney before mediation because he was different . And I probly have a lawsuite for his malpractice. I think that they stoled money from me they offererd me 15,000-then 20.000 then they said no more money .I have a permanent deformity to me right hand my dominate hand because of their client negligence and she is liable and I was completlely confident with my attorney by my side but at mediation my attorney checked out. He Fucked me over big time and I think they all got the money that was for my claim 20.000 each .If Someone who can,has the means and ability to follow the money trial or is willing to do some footwork for free,I am curious as to why they all were acting so strange and it is obvious. I really just want to see the proof that I am right.I will give all the info I have if someone knows how to investigate and ,follow the paper trial

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They bought Metlife who provided 20 years of good service. Now without explanation on a minor deer hit claim they want to repair my car with salvage parts and sent a payment with an estimate of hundreds of dollars less than the body shop. I had to request through my agency to get the adjustor estimate which they paid to provide.

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