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Farmers Insurance Sucks

Posted by Connie Beers 
Farmers Insurance Sucks
July 07, 2010 02:51AM
I was in a car accident on Friday, July 2, 2010. It has been 41/2 days since the accident, and I still have not been given a rental car from the insureds company, Farmers. I was not at fault in the accident. The police report clearly states the blame of the accident, the person who slammed into me from behind. I have been trying since Friday to get a rental car, as my car is undriveable. The bumper is hanging off the rear end, and any time I go over a speed bump or into a drive way, the bumper scrapes the ground. Is it asking too much to drop my car off at a body shop and get a rental car until the repairs are completed? What does a person have to do to get the ball rolling with this miserable company? I have never experienced such poor customer service in my life. Can anyone help me? I don't want to claim this on my insurance. I was the one inconvenienced and expect the company to step up to the plate, and get me a car to drive. I've been stranded for almost 5 days, over the holiday weekend.
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Re: Farmers Insurance Sucks
November 19, 2010 01:44PM
Farmers Insurance lies!!!! My husband was injured in an auto accident and a Farmers insured was at fault and ticketed. While in the hospital suffering from. cuts, bruises and a broken finger, he complained of chest pains. At first they thought it was from. The air bag bug decided to keep him in overnight. Finally they did an x-ray and found a tumor. Yes, he had lung cancer and we were not aware. No symptons at all. Because he was taking so much time off work for therapy because of the accident he was put on WC at only 40% of his wages. We filed with Farmers to make up the difference in lost wages fo 6 months.
This is the time before he was feeling the effects of his cancer. If he hadn’t been hit by THEIR driver he would have continued to work no knowing he had cancer. Farmers Agent Rosario assured my husband before he passed away that they would pay for pain and suffering, no matter how long it took to settle with his insurance co. It took 18 months for them to come to an agreement with my husbands insurance company and Farmers lost. In the meantime my husband passed away. I kept in touch with Rosario and she kept assuring me that they hadn’t forgotten me I would get a check as soon as the arbitration was completed. Finally she called and left a message the case had been settled. When I called to see when the check would be in the mail she said:
“Your husband is dead, isn’t he? We don’t pay pain & Suffering to dead people”
I told her she knew he was dead, but she still told me I would be getting a settlement. She repeated what she told me, WE DON’T PAY DEAD PEOPLE FOR PAIN AND SUFFERING. When I tell people what she said they cannot believe it. No one at the office will return my calls. Finally enough people have mentioned putting this on the internet that I have decided to do that. I don’t know whether to put it on face book, twitter or what, but I cannot believe a co. as large as Farmers would treat people that way and for such a small amount.

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Re: Farmers Insurance Sucks
June 19, 2011 03:10PM
I cancelled this sorry insurance on 5-13 but this week they stole $811.16 from me and caused me to be over drawn and have hundreds in bank fees. Now they do not want to refund me my money so i guess if the bank can't get it back for me i will press charges for theft, FARMERS INSURANCE SUCKS BIG TIME

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Re: Farmers Insurance Sucks
July 19, 2011 06:54PM
What is with the phone system, It is designed to send you around and a round I have been on the phone for an hour and a half
I finally gave up.
Farmers Insurance Sucks!!!!!!!!

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