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Posted by Eric Slayton 
I am writing this to ask for help, guidance, and assistance with a current claim and scandal by the stated companies. I will give the story along with Details of what is occurring below.

On 10/02/2010 I was involved in an auto accident in my Boss's Mercedes S-Class. It was a head on collision with a vehicle in on-coming traffic. When the paramedics arrived they immediately took me to the hospital, at which time I was put through every test to check and see if I was OK, under the influence, intoxicated, and what injuries I would sustain. Upon finishing my X-Ray they determined that I simply had a minor Contusion aka bruising internally. When I was taken out of the X-Ray and back to my room, I was greeted by an LAPD officer who then proceeded to give me paperwork for the accident; where the car had been taken to, other drivers insurance and personal information, as well as where I can get the police report from.

I then proceeded to go home, and finish the work that needed to be done and proceed to catch my flight to meet my boss. When I arrived and spoke with my boss he said it would be fine he was fully covered by his insurance and that we needed to just report it.

Now his Original Insurance company, 21st Century Was bought out by Farmers Insurance, but all of the insurance documents; cards, letters, etc came from 21st Century. I called them that evening and proceeded to file the claim, at which time I was never told anything about Farmers having to be involved. I was given a claim number, and asked if rental car needed to be set up. About 3 days Later a phone call from Farmers Insurance point claim service had left a voice mail on my phone. I called them back and was asked the details of the accident etc. They then requested to speak with my Boss and called him 2 days later. We were told that everything would be fine, and to call them when we arrived back in LA and would be needing a rental car. I would arrive back in LA in 3 weeks from the date of the accident, and my boss 4. That is when all Chaos broke out with this accident.

Upon Arrival Farmers and 21st began calling consistently, and would even tell me to simply call if I had any questions or comments. The Day I went to get the rental Car from Enterprise, Stevenson, Farmers Insurance rep, Called to ensure I had been picked up and taken to the rental location, and to make sure I had the right vehicle. Enterprise began to do the rental process, and then an urgent call from Farmers Stating that, The Insurance company is putting the Claim on Hold, as there was a descripency with the insurance. I was then told that for some reason Farmers Insurance shows the insured as having a Canceled Insurance policy the date of the accident. At which time I told him that is incorrect, I have ALL the paperwork stating that the vehicle is covered, the $800 Payment deducted, and EVEN a phone call on September 29th, 2010 from a 21st Century Representative who Stated that "I cannot find any documentation that a Letter of Cancellation was mailed to Mr. Young. I've looked in 2 systems and cannot find any of this information as valid." He then proceeded to me, "Mr. Slayton, don't worry we have been seeing this a lot lately. Just last week a lady was in a collision, filed the claim and got the rental car and then was given a phone call saying that the claim was canceled and that she was not insured. Yet she had never received a letter of notification as well. I'm sure it will be fine and rest assured we'll get you up and running." After feeling assured that all was going to be ok, I proceeded to go without a car until my boss came back.

Letters stating that the accident were sent Only from Farmers Insurance at this point. Around October 11, 2010 I received a call from a woman named Shauna, who was the person Investigating the cancellation of insurance. At this time she told me that the policy was canceled due to my Boss having a suspended license, and that the policy was canceled on Sept. 19, 2010., and the letter of notification sent in July, 2010. YET I asked her why the policy was Renewed in August and Payment deducted in September, Cards mailed, and Renewal Policy contract sent. She could ONLY say that the policy was canceled in September and letter mailed in July. I asked her why it didn't show up in the computer when I called in, in September to see why a $200 Check was sent to us, at which time she stated. "The policy was canceled by an Underwriter, and that wouldn't show up in the computers of the reps." Okay what the hell, How does that make any sense.. If you have something THAT big of Canceling an insurance policy, and you are a MAJOR company, shouldn't it be noted in the company systems, so that EVERY EMPLOYEE is on the same page, or that references who to contact etc.
She could not tell me anything else.

After this being Said We had a phone call from Farmers Insurance stating that they would be coming to see the car to find out what payout or money would be given. Which put my boss and I in confusion. The policy canceled and claim ended, YET Farmers is coming to do the Check of vehicle and payout. huh...
My boss got a call from the adjuster while he was inspecting the car, and was told that the car was pretty bad, and would be declared totaled.

it gets better..

Now into November, a change occurs and We start receiving phone calls from Claims Adjusters who are calling for prior claims asking where to send the check and what auto body shop, for incidents that occurred in July and September. And they are calling pretty Much Daily. My boss finally asked what do they see in their system regarding the vehicle, if it is even shown as totaled and if my policy is good. They all said YES! 2nd week of November a call from 21st Century arrives on my line and we are told that They would be handling the claim and taking care of what needed to be done. I was to call a New lady and speak with her. I did, left a Voicemail but no call back from her. She also called my boss and spoke with him, same story. letters from 21st Century arrived and None of them stated anything about the insurance being canceled. A call placed to us stating that 21st would be out on November 30, 2010 to inspect the car, the lady even called on Nov. 30, 2010 to apologize that the adjuster didn't make it due to him being backed up, and would arrive tomorrow and was just double checking to make sure that works with our schedule. Then the adjuster who took a recorded statement called, and took my statement. Upon completing this she said she would call back in a couple of days. She called back Immediately!! She called my boss and told him that she would approve the claim, and then 3 minutes later said oh wait Im sorry Mr. Young I have to deny the Claim, it is showing up under investigation and you need to contact this lady named Shana. She had no other information as to what was going on, and didn't understand why the claim was canceled. Yet this notice shows up in NO ONE ELSE'S Computer, and no one was able to locate anything prior to this phone call..

Letters were sent to Insurance commissioner , and of course when this occurred, Farmers immediately sent a letter saying the policy was actually canceled in 2009, and miscommunication was at fault. and that they would be happy to pay for the rental car. Here are some Facts, My Boss has Not Driven that car since his License was suspended, which was actually in 2008, The Financing Company who Financed the Vehicle, was NEVER Notified of a cancellation from the insurance company (which is against the law), The Insurance company has renewed the policy 2 times since they state the policy was canceled, Pulled automatic debits from the Bank Account, and Sent Insurance Cards Religiously every quarter.. How the Hell are they getting away with this.

We are not filing lawsuit against them, and Ask if anyone is able to assist or give any other information to help guide us in beating these jerks at their own game. These people are crooks and need to be taken out.. Reading these life stories from others is heart wrenching, and the public needs to know.. Thank you all who can read and contribute to this.

Eric E. Slayton
Keith C. Young.

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Trouble with Frauders(Farmers)
August 10, 2011 05:11PM
The same is happening to us. They all should be brought upon criminal charges and lose their jobs.

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