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a multitude of lies by farmers

Posted by gwyn 
a multitude of lies by farmers
January 01, 2011 05:13AM
On the 14th of  Oct 2010 my 19 year old daughter was hit by a man driving a rental, he is insured by Farmers.  The fault was his and he was, we think, cited.  I have his name and address on the police report.  The case number given us by the police is;  10-342022.  This happened in Washington State.  According to City West Body shop in Airway Heights where the car was towed to, the car was totaled.  The man who hit my daughter was polite, apologized, and stuck around for the police to show up.

The day following the accident my daughter went to class (college freshmen) because she did not want to miss a test.  She was complaining of a headache.  My husband took her to the emergency room on the advice of our primary care giver as soon as I spoke with them.  She had a mild concussion.  She was not herself and confused easily.  She flunked her math test due to the concussion.

On the monday after the accident I tried contacting Farmers insurance.  My daughter had been called and someone questioned her and told her they were recording the call.  She couldn’t tell me all the specifics of the conversation just that they wanted to know what happened and tried to bully her into accepting responsibility.  She had written down the claim number, which is   1017072058. One of the things Farmers wanted know from my daughter was did Mr. P get a ticket? They demanded an answer so I stopped by the police department and the police told me that is absolutely absurd for Farmers to demand that info from us and that Farmers was welcome to call them.
No one from Farmers returned my calls.  I stopped by the local branch of Farmers insurance in Airway Heights Washington and asked for help.  The woman I talked to was very rude.  All I wanted was for someone to return my calls.

I found a website on Farmers and filed another claim.  I was called that same evening.  I let the lady know the details and she said there was already a claim and gave me the same claim number that my daughter had. Still no one would talk to me about what was going on with the claim. It was “under investigation”.

Later, during one conversation (the week following the accident) I was told by a representative that nothing could be done yet because no one at Farmers had been able to contact Mr P, the insured. According to Farmers he had not filed a claim and they could not contact him to verify he was involved. I was very confused at that point as to who started the claim.  We did not start it.   During a later conversation with a representative I was informed that it was Mr. P who started the claim.  One of those representatives obviously lied.

I asked for a rental and was told I could not have one because Farmers had not accepted liability.  It took 8 days for us to be authorized a rental by Farmers.
I was told at one point by a representative that Farmers and Mastercard were hashing out who would be liable.  I was told the representative had not been able to contact Mastercard and had no phone number to do so or a case number for Mastercard.    After several minutes of arguing the same agent gave me a case number for Mastercard.  That number is 105030856.  I was told that I would need that to get a rental.  Apparently he forgot that he had told me a few minutes before (same phone call) that there was not a case number with Mastercard because they could not contact Mastercard. The lies continue...

I was finally called on 22 Oct and told that Farmers was accepting liability.  I was asked if I needed a rental.  We picked it up, and noticed that it was only approved until the 24th of Oct.  I had been told that an adjustor would look at our car on the 28th.  We kept the car and told Hertz the situation.  Finally today 2 Nov I received a call, again only after they called my  daughter, telling me the great news that I was going to get a total of $869.00 for our car.  That included extra for registration, tax, etc.  I was told to call the body shop and release the vehicle to Farmers.  I will do that first thing in the morning. I was at work and unable to do so today.  I was also told the last day for the rental was 5 nov.  I was shocked that someone would even offer such a ridiculous amount.  I told her the blue book value that I found online was about $2400.00 and I expected more than $800.00.  She told me she would research that and call me back.  She spent a few minutes researching that and called me back offering around $1600.00.  (This was approximately 10 minutes after the first phone call) I was very angry about the first offer and I told her I wanted $4000.00 and intended to call a lawyer.  She told me go ahead if I felt the need to waste my money I would get back even less back.   I asked her when the medical would get settled and she told me that I should have already gotten a call from the medical adjustor about that separate claim.  No one had told me that would be a separate claim, and apparently never intended to do so.  How was I supposed to know that. Laws need to be set in place for insurance companies to tell victims what they should be doing to be compensated.

I decided to call State Farm, our insurance agency, and asked them several questions.  They had not been involved so far because we did not have collision on the car.  (just remembered, the hateful woman at the local Farmers called me stupid and irresponsible for that and told me it was my own fault if I did not get reimbursed by Farmers at all)   I started the claim today for medical with State Farm, Jack Praxel told me he would be happy to file the claim and would collect from Farmers at the end.   In the meantime he recommended I search the internet for what it would cost me to buy another vehicle just like the one that was totaled.  I found nothing within 200 miles for sale that matched our vehicle.  I did find the Kelley blue book value, the NADA value, and a car in Georgia for sale very similar to ours.  The Kelley Blue Book value was  $2325.  The NADA value was $2450.  The manager at Dishman Dodge told me that if he had one for sale in good shape they would sell it to me for the NADA value of $2450.  

After speaking with Farmers again, I asked Chelsea where she found the values she gave me for our car. She gave me 3 phone numbers for dodge dealers that she claimed to have spoken too and that she claimed were within 85 miles of us. One of them is in Coerdelane, Idaho. He told me he quoted her $1995.00 and then tried to sell me a car for that amount. One in Pullman, I did not get hold of. The one in Lewiston, Idaho (more than 85 miles from here, another lie) told me that Chelsea asked him what he would pay for the car not what he would sell it for (more lies from Farmers). His name was Marty or Monty, not sure which. He told her he would pay $500.00 for the car. I asked him what he would sell it for and he said $2988. I also called Dishman Dodge which is our local car dealer and spoke with the manager. He told me he would list that vehicle at the NADA value. When I asked Chelsea why she never called them she claimed she did but they would not talk to her. I got hold of the manager easy enough and he was friendly and helpful. He said he had not received a call from Farmers. More lies!

After another few rounds of phone calls (we turned in the rental already) Chelsea told me I was unreasonable to ask for $4000. I told her I did not really expect that I just want the NADA or blue book value and she was unreasonable in her offer of $869. She told me she had raised that and I told her, yes, and I lowered my request to NADA value. she told me that is unreasonable. She told me they have their own chart of car values and ours had too many miles so was marked down. I told her the NADA value took into consideration the miles. She responded that NADA did not matter. Farmers values are lower for miles than NADA. She also told me that she was sending me a check for $2000.00 and I could have my car back from wherever Farmers had hauled it off too. I told her I would not be cashing the check and settling for $2000.00 and I did not want the car back because it is completely worthless, I have no way to tow it and no place to store it. I told her I could not find a comparable vehicle for $2000.00 and she told me it is my responsibility as a customer to talk down the car dealer to whatever Farmers decides to send me. She told me that if we did not pick the car up in 10 days, fine, that’s my problem when I don’t get it back after that. I do not understand why someone would threaten to not give me back a completely useless vehicle.

I have not cashed the check or heard from Farmers by phone. They do not respond to my calls.

I have a letter from Farmers dated 2 Nov that starts with “Thank you for taking the time to speak with me today...”
I have a letter from Farmers dated 5 Nov that states “We have attempted to contact you in regards to completing your property damage and have been unsuccessful..
Once again they contradict themselves...

Now I have received a letter saying that we are going to have to pay Farmers rent for storing our vehicle that they demanded weeks ago we release to them. We still are down a vehicle as we cannot find one that runs as well as ours for the amount of money Farmers is offering us, and now they want to take money from us. Enough is enough. Farmers insurance has got to be the worst on this planet!!!

Our family has done nothing wrong. For years we have paid insurance on vehicles, houses, boats, etc. according to the law.
Now when my daughter was headed to school and doing nothing wrong and has been hit, because another person chose a bad insurance company we have been financially stressed, lied to, threatened, and spoken down too. FARMERS SUCKS!!!

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