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Farmers is Evil!

Posted by Jane 
Farmers is Evil!
February 18, 2011 05:50AM
I got into a car accident in August 2009 in Washington state and no...it is still not settled.

A Farmers insured driver turned left on a dark hill on a RED ARROW as I was coming in the opposite direction approx. 35 MPH. We collided and it totaled both of our cars. He was ticketed for the accident, admitted fault and has full coverage insurance through Farmers. Shouldn't be a problem, right? Wrong.

Farmers was very cooperative in finding me a rental car and paying for everything as long as I needed it. They were speedy in writing me a check for the value of my totaled car. But that is where the courtesy ends.

After the accident (which we both thankfully walked away from), I felt a stiffness in my neck and back and sharp pain in my lower spine. I went to the ER to get checked out and they said I had reverse whiplash and it should go away on its own, however, if it didn't to see a specialist. NOTE: I have never had back or neck problems in my life! I'm early-20's, completely healthy and active. It's ridiculous that this would ever be a pre-existing condition. I digress...

I started seeing a chiropractor thrice weekly and eventually twice and once a week as I progressed. I had a full recovery and went from not being able to sit on a wooden chair to being able to do everything I used to. She completely fixed my body that the driver broke and it was worth every visit.

As I kept going to treatment, I would check in with the medical adjuster for Farmer's and let her know that I was still in treatment. She would encourage the treatment and maintained that all I had to do was send the bill in after I was done with treatment. So I did. And then the shit storm started.

She said that I received TOO MUCH treatment. She said that the bill was unreasonable and that she was only going to offer a little under $2,000 for a $5,000 medical bill. Since when did a multi-million dollar company get so hard up for cash that they are trying to screw over a young woman who was only following medical advice? I listened to my doctors and I am paying for it.

Since then, for reasons unbeknown to me, they have changed my medical adjuster FOUR times. I am now on my fifth adjuster and I cannot get anywhere! Anytime I talk to someone, they give me the same tired excuse that my claim is unreasonable. I have consulted lawyers and they all tell me that it is such a small amount of money and I should not need their help. What is it going to take to get this company to pay my medical bills that were caused by THEIR client?

Insurance companies are supposed to do just that, insure people. Insure against accidents. What happened was an accident and I can't say that I'm not angry at the kid who hit me, but accidents DO happen and I hope that he has learned from it and it a more careful driver because of this experience. But someone has to pay and that is what that kids' parents pay however much a month to make sure that it is taken care of.

Does anyone have any advice for me?

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Re: Farmers is Evil!
March 05, 2011 03:14PM
Sept.25 2007 date I was rear ended by Farmers Insured driver.Arrested for DWI {pot} and he is now in prison.. Farmers offered 25k max but surgery for my back alone is six digits..Yesterday March 4th 2011 in Travis county Texas jury was unanimous in there decision to award us VICTORY,, Now we have the chore of collecting it..I am not a lawyer and cant tell you what this involves but with my attorneys I see it will be awarded and my surgery will aleive 4 years of back pain not to mention mental and emotional stress..Dont know if this offers much advice but stay in touch and I will try to help anyway possible as I have been down the road..

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Re: Farmers is Evil!
January 30, 2014 09:58PM
I agree that Farmers is an evil company. After being rearended in a hit and run by a Farmers insured motorist in which my car was pushed into a car in front of me that had two young children in it, the moroist fled. Farmers was very difficult to deal with, bouncing me around to different departments and each person less helpful and more unfriendly then the last. They will take advantage of every single legal loophole available to pay you the absolute minimum amount they are legally obligated to pay you, and sometimes less.

The field agent accused me of lieing about damages to the vehicle stating they were unrelated to the accident and I could not proove they were. They made one offer to fix the vehicle and even sent me a check. I said I would rather have them actually fix the car, they took it back to the shop and then pronounced it "Totaled" and offered me half the amount of the original check and I would not even be able to retain the vehicle. This whole experience has been extremely violating. I wish I had originally pressed charges against the hit and run motorists with the police on the sceane, which is a felony when there is an injured person and there was, me.

I can't believe Farmers would not only act so blatantly greedy and unscupulously but also protect felony hit and run criminals. It is a dirty dirty dirty game they play. Try and negotiate the best you can because they will NOT give you a fair shake. Good luck,

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Re: Farmers is Evil!
October 07, 2014 05:30AM
I couldn't agree more... I am settling after years of fighting with them. They are doing the same to me as some of the other peopld from what I've read in their comments. I wish I could offer advice, but Farmer's is more than willing to hold out and break your will to keep fighting. 3 generations of my family were Farmer's customers and now none of my family members want to do business with them after what has happened to me. I had the same Farmer's agent for more than 15 years, and I'm a very safe professional driver, but told him I cannot pay Farmer's anymore of my money to turn around and be treated like it was my fault for being rearended. They are the most horrible company I have every dealt with and I have faith that the people who've negatively affected my claim will be facing their own negative karma 3 times worse than what they've done to me. I pray that Farmers' will be swalllowed by a better company so I never have to hear about this awful company ever again. Now I am a happy Progressive customer who can easily afford a superior policy compared to the bare minimum I was keeping with Farmer's. Don't underestimate the power of your bitter customers, Farmer's. We want you squashed!

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