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Share your story with a Wall Street Journal reporter?

I'm a reporter with the Wall Street Journal and I'd love to talk to anyone who believes that they have been underpayed by automated claims system used to determine their payments for a bodily injury claim in an auto accident. I am unfortunately on a tight deadline, but you can reach me at (212) 416-2665 or via email at jessica.silver-greenberg@wsj.com

Thank you very much,
Wall Street Journal
1211 Avenue of the Americas
New York, NY 10036

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I was rear-ended at a high rate of speed in October 2004. My conditions are continuing, and the pain and suffering, have endured, both emotional and physical are extreme. Having worked all of my life, it was traggic for me to realize that I did not have the mental processing speed to continue my employment was a Court Reporter. At first I tried to hide it when I could finally walk more than a few feet.

At first, not knowing much about insurance or anything else about car accident, I had no idea that I was not supposed to submit my bills to the liable parties insurer.

Farmer's based upon information and belief, paid my opponents insurance agency, Geico, to fend of an initial lawsuit. She was an uninsured because she had a long history of ramming her car into people, things, poles, running red lights, and in my case admittedly turning around on a ramp to the bridge going 55 miles an hour.

Anyway, I have done everything under the sun to get justice. Now since Farmer's acquired Century 21, they have questionable insurance agents who just don't pay medical claims. They paid the first $30,000, but now, they are harassing me and they seem more like a mob.

This reminds me of a case I heard about a few years back or more wherein another insurance company, I think Allstate, tried lowballing people due to Katrina. Just as Allstate was sued and lost, so will Farmer's slash now Century 21, as people are just walking away from them

I will simply submit my bills to my other insurance carriers and they can fight it out with Farmer's. Their tactics seem illegal. Recently I received a denial of payments for one of my treating doctors, for bills submitted over six months ago. How can they sit on a denial for six months???
Farmer's was bad to start with, but since the merger with Century 21, it is even worse. Every relative I have that was insured with Century 21 and FArmers have now left. Try an online car insurance, rather than Farmers and or Century 21. Their tactics are outrageous, but I
am not going to sweat it. What are all the other people who don't have other insurance supposed to do?
My suggestion is Boycott Farmer's slash century 21 for their bad faith practices. Even as far as premium, I heard they were overpriced. Walk away. They are based in Switzerland. Why sponser a Zurich owned out of country business.

Farmers Insurance Rated Worst Farmers Insurance Sucks T-shirts Farmers Insurance Alternatives

Re: Share your story with a Wall Street Journal reporter?
May 27, 2013 05:34PM
Well, I was fortunate enough to get the Farmers adjuster on tape agreeing to the record at the lower level. As many of you may know, FARMERS PREMIERE POLICY AS MINE IS WRITTEN specifically states that Farmers will pay me up to $300,000 for my bodily injury, and economic damages. My PREMIERE policy also states that if I am unable to collect the tortfeasor's lower limits, they will pay that too.

We diverse and go backwards. Farmers never filed one single document at the lower level with the County Clerk where I live until one day after the Judge granted them summary judgment on the issue of res judicata and collateral estoppel. I;'ve never sued Farmers before and the issues are different. However, even if the issues were exactly the same, it doesn't matter.

MY sum policy clearly is the controlling document. Unfortunately, Farmers has pull with the Courts. I have done everything humanly possible to make them pay me. When I filed suit for my SUM, they all of the sudden stopped paying my no fault claims. They are a bunch of animals.

Anyone who pays farmers premiums is contributing to the human trafficking which is in essence what they are doing. they are taking money and causing people harm,l limiting their freedoms and ability to move about. Why hasn't the federal government gotten involved.

Does Farmers have to put out a year report showing their income and payouts? Farmers needs to be disbanned; I have been researching it.

As a group. we can get Farmer's disbanned, ask for a congressional hearing and Federal intervention. In the meantime, find another insurance agency, and pray you never have to deal with farmers. Mr. L, who I caught on tape stipulating to the record, which included my response in opposition to summary judgment which the court said I didn't submit, even though it is time stamped, got fired. Well, back to work.

I need a lawyer to help me with all this work. It will be worth $325,000. Thanks. HELP.

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Donna, it gets even worse than that & they go beyond Switzerland, try British American Tobacco Company.

Farmers Insurance Rated Worst Farmers Insurance Sucks T-shirts Farmers Insurance Alternatives

I was rear-ended by a Farmers insured person in 2012 and still waiting on payment for the accident. I had very low amounts offered to me. I'm wondering why Farmers can get away with this practice. I'm sure, the person that hit me don't know this case is still open.

I do have an Lawyer working for me. Which the Lawyer said we'll have to go to court. My question is WHY!!!

Thank you, just wanted to vent my problems w/Farmers Insurance

Farmers Insurance Rated Worst Farmers Insurance Sucks T-shirts Farmers Insurance Alternatives

Anthony and katina Mitchell recently our 18 yr old son drove my Nissan Altima coupe and was in a fender bender less than 30 miles with a 62. Yr old female driver also with farmers. They kept my car for almost 3 weeks in the shop . The lady drove 2000 Buick Oldsmobile went to hospital from such a low impact . Our son was coming from the local doughnut shops drive through onto the highway . And she came from the oreillys still in The parking lot . The police officer at the seen said if he gave a ticket she would be at fault. Since we were both with farmers they termed it 80/ 20 being my son was at fault too. Then I had to pay a partial deductible because they said fault was to be partially my sons when he was already on hwy 79 in the far right lane proceeding to drive on and she pulled out of the private drive of oreillys with no right of way. Make matters worse the accident was filed on our policy as a collision payout protecting the 62 female.

Farmers Insurance Rated Worst Farmers Insurance Sucks T-shirts Farmers Insurance Alternatives

In February 2013 I was in a motor vehicles accident where me and the driver in the other vehicle were both insured trough Bristol West a month after the accident they informed oh we just found out the other driver wasn't insured at the time of the accident and they raised my insurance rate and told me the it was undetermined who cause the accident when I had a police report and witnesses at the scene of the accident I changed insurance companies shortly after and it was hard to get insurance I was told Bristol West listed me to be at fault when the other driver ran a red light I was insured trough Bristol West from 2009-2013 never missed the beat every six month they raised my rates no I was told oh that because the that's because the accidents in Florida nothing I did no compensation and blaming me for the accident they had mbps problem collecting my money but to lie in order not to pay me I had to rent a car and my car was destroyed they could have at least paid me for my vehicle and my expense.f

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Re: Share your story with a Wall Street Journal reporter?
March 10, 2015 05:04PM
I am an ex employee of Farmers Insurance and quit not only because of how they treated me and the staff, but also how they made us write estimates and how they treated people. I was one of several people who were in a class action suit against them through out several states.

Farmers Insurance Rated Worst Farmers Insurance Sucks T-shirts Farmers Insurance Alternatives

I was part of the career agent program which was the biggest mistake of my life. There has to be 100's if not 1000's of agents in their agency point program who were misled and ripped off. I'm trying to see if anyone has started a law suit to this effect to which I could join?


Farmers Insurance Rated Worst Farmers Insurance Sucks T-shirts Farmers Insurance Alternatives

I just wanted to warn everybody of where they insure their new or newer vehicle, I have had so many people ask me what this sign on my vehicle means, that I am tired of explaining it, so will posting this for a while every day, to let people know what the deal is. Was with Farmers Insurance company for many years, when my daughter was hit by another pickup, and the man was ticketed for causing the accident, but Farmers and the other insurance company took so long deciding who was at fault, that my insurance (Farmers) opened the case first, Farmers adjuster looked the brand new truck over and decided, they would fix the damage, even though the body shop said they wanted it totaled, so did Ford motor co, and myself. Have this on tape. They figured it would cost about $11,000.00 and a little more, but the total cost on the truck when finished, was Better than $23,000.00 plus, and lots of problems still with it, Tin falling off the windshield, tires going bad quickly, cruise control going off and on at odd times, windows did not work right, etc, etc, etc, Told my daughter to go sell the truck as I did not think it was safe, when she went to the dealership all they would offer her was a little over $6,000.00, Carfax value. Told the insurance company at fault of this and of all the loss, from being a new truck, and they agreed to pay the loss value on the truck, but my insurance company would have to pay it first, as they opened the case first, when I approached my company, they demanded a letter that the other company would reimburse them, if they paid. I got them the letter, and they still would not pay, said they don't pay diminished value, but I had full coverage, and paid dearly for it all those years. Since that happened the Insurance company has sold to another man, and other agent got out of Buffalo. I asked him nicely to clean up the mess, but he just told me he was a new agent, he could not be responsible for the old agents actions. So people watch what your young people buy for insurance, as they may get taken for a ride, in the end. BETTER BE MAKING SURE YOUR NEW VEHICLE, IS COVERED FOR DIMINSHED VALUE, OR YOU CAN END UP WITH A $6000.00+ PIECE OF CRAP, SAFECO OFFERED TO PAY SO THEY MUST, AS MAN AT FAULT GOT A NEW TRUCK. SIGN ON THE BACK OF MY VEHICLE SAYS " FARMERS INSURANCE DOES NOT PAY DIMINISHED VALUE"

Farmers Insurance Rated Worst Farmers Insurance Sucks T-shirts Farmers Insurance Alternatives

I was rear ended by a Farmers insured and not only do they delay in contacting you, their email "myclaim@farmersinsurance.com" doesn't even work. I sent over 5 emails and I only get 'mail delivery failed' messages. After waiting two weeks, the adjuster calls me and wants to change up the story claiming I am at fault for the damages incurred. Condescending and diabolical.

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