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Seriously? Over $371?!?!

Posted by Stephanie 
Seriously? Over $371?!?!
March 23, 2011 06:21PM
This is a letter I am sending out to Farmers today....via snail mail and email (as indicated). If anyone has any other ideas of who I can cc on the letter, please let me know! Thanks!

March 23, 2011

Farmers Insurance Group
4680 Wilshire Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90010

Re: Claim Unit Number: 1017760674-1-1
Policy Number: 0183143125
Insured: ****************
Claimant: ****************
Date of Loss: 01/18/2011

Dear Sirs:

Please be advised I had the unfortunate luck in getting into an accident that was 100% your insured’s fault.

I have had limited contact with Brian ******, who is an apparent “claims adjuster” because he is unable and/or unwilling to answer emails. Apparently here at Farmers, customer service is certainly not number one!

Before my car was repaired in the Farmer’s referred body shop, I needed to go on a trip across the state. I knew that after my accident with your insured, that my alignment was out of line. So, as we all know the safety first rule, I took my car to have the alignment fixed and to get an oil change. I had also explained to my mechanic that the reason I needed the alignment was due to an accident I was in. Shortly thereafter, my mechanic (who has been working on my car for years) called and told me that the back right wheel bearing was failing and needed to be repaired. He informed me that it was, on a more probable than not basis, a direct cause of the accident. I was provided with a alignment diagram showing that the right front of my alignment and right back wheel bearing were significantly out of alignment. This was no surprise to the mechanic as the front right side of my vehicle took the full impact of the collision which was capable of causing the back wheel bearing to fail. I have attached a copy of the bill and alignment report.

Furthermore, as I spoke more in depth with my mechanic, he indicated that the bad front end alignment and failure of the wheel bearing had just happened very recently and he was able to tell because if the wheel bearing had been failing, there would have been significant unbalanced wear on my brand new tires that I just purchased in October 2010. There is NO damage to any of my tires, which clearly indicates that the failure was due to the accident, and the alignment report shows the same. My mechanic also informed me that when they put my new tires on in October 2010, they would have been able to see if any of the wheel bearings were failing. They were not.

I am also forwarding you copies of correspondence between myself and Mr. *******. His lack of communication to myself following my March 01, 2011, email is quite disconcerting.

All I am trying to recoup is the $371.09 that I am owed. I did receive a check from your company for $76.02 for reimbursement of the front end alignment, but nothing for the back right wheel bearing. (Which I have not cashed).

In order to finalize this matter, please forward to my home in the next ten (10) business days, a check in the amount of $371.09.


********* *****

cc: USAA
Brian *******(via email)

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