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Farmers Ajusters

Posted by johngon 
Farmers Ajusters
August 24, 2012 07:02PM
I was driving down Ojai Ave in downtown Ojai where the speed limit is 25 i was going approx 20. just to letting you know this is a tourist and shopping strip area with several sidewalks.you are very careful in the area has a heavy police patrol.i was coming upon ojai and signal st heading west on ojai at 20 mph when a car turned left in front of me from the eastbound lane onto signal st.just in front of people starting to cross a sidewalk crossing signal st from the east of ojai av.as i entered the intersection a Toyota Highlander turned in front of me from ojai east lane and i had no time to avoid.and we collided.i was driving my little Nissan truck. the impact caused severe damage to my truck.front the front left grill and pushing everything towards me.i was in third gear which in a 96 nissan is used between 20 and 30 mph. the shifter indented my dash so you can tell what approx speed i was at,.the impact shocked my lower back and i thought it was broke as i have had prior surgery on my back i thought that it was. also i have been driving for over 40 years and this is the first accident i've been in. the young man comes running to me saying how sorry he was and that he was not paying attention.he was with another teen who asked if they could help me out of the truck.i said no i need to be sure my back is not broken.so a ambulance comes and takes me to the hospital and run x rays and turned out that i had a severe strain but not broken..Thank goodness! anyway i was thinking about the accident and i thought it must have been fate i was there at that moment as i think if i were just a fraction later the young man would have accelerated
thru and hit the pedestrians crossing the sidewalk, may have been fatal and caused a lot of turmoil in this kids life legally and the emotions he would suffer.i talked to him later and he told me he was very sorry and told him it was good no one got hurt or worse and to be more careful .the same day i called his insurance company and opened a case. the next day i gave them a account of the accident.thinking i would get my truck fixed.they called me later and said they had a witness i was speeding and if i had any witnesses.i told them how could i, i was being hauled off on a stretcher.remember my shifter was in 3rd gear the next day i went back to the scene and was able to get local business owners to be witnesses
they even reported that traffic was moving around 20 to 25. and a couple heard the young man saying over and over how sorry he was for causing the accident. i have a police report that shows the other driver is at fault, but still Farmers closed the case saying that i spead up and hit him while he was turning. this is insane.why would i do that? i value my life and others. they will not even return my calls when i call. since this a older truck i have only liability. so i am left without transportation. this is Criminal act or just short of it on part of Farmers in my opinion. immoral at the least. I don't see how the adjusters sleep at night doing these types of things. also if you want to see the intersection there is a live camera cam that shows the area at ojaivalleynews.com.
I called them hoping that they had a recording but they said no it is only a live cam that shows downtown. I will never have Farmers or recommend them. Im not sure how others operate but i hope not like this. they should be investigated.

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Re: Farmers Ajusters
December 31, 2012 05:09PM
On December 15, 2011 while I was attemptingtto pull out of a convienice store parking lot, another car that had already pulled out on the road put her car in reverse and struck the front of my vehicle. Upon estimationoof damage it was totaled and I had just seen my pain management. Dr. That day so I had medication that was needed for the pain that I immediately felt in my lower back and neck. Farmers has been my insurance company for several years now. My claims Rep. Is Bartlett Baughmanhhe has been against my claim since day one. Anything he can do to keep from reimbursing my expenses. To actually telling me this was such a minor accident. Meanwhiletthey have raised my rates to almost double what I started paying with them. I will be looking for a new insurance company.

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Farmers Ajusters
May 23, 2014 06:54PM
Today, during discussions regarding a claim I currently have with Farmers, Ryan (Farmers adjuster) told me to "F@#* off, you can get an attorney or pay it out of your own pocket, but we aren't paying any more than this". I promptly ended the phone call because I will NOT be spoken to in that way. Less than an hour later, Ryan called back and had a very different tone (not as much of a jerk) , I asked him if the phone call had been recorded.. He said "yes it was". I told him I want to speak with your supervisor and I want a copy of that phone call. Later, Kitty Saberi (Ryan's supervisor)called me back and said "somehow your phone conversation either didn't get recorded or mistakenly got erased". Right! Farmers is a horrible company.. Rude, liars and unethical. I highly recommend that NOONE use this company for your insurance needs.

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