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Denied and Treated Poorly

Posted by clynnrn 
Denied and Treated Poorly
March 06, 2013 06:02PM
I was stopped at a red light when I was rear ended by a retired/disabled police officer who was a Farmer's policy holder. The impact was low velocity, but still jarring. My car, brand new Mercedes Benz, sustained minimal damage to the rear bumper. I immediately called (within 15 minutes of the accident) and filed a claim with Farmer's and explained that I was experiencing some soreness in my neck, back and right shoulder. I am a nurse with 10 years of Level One Trauma experience. I sought medical attention with my GP for soreness and was given a muscle relaxer and a note advising my employer for me not to return to work in fear that I would complicate my soft tissue injury. I sought the treatment of a chiropractor when I began experiencing muscle spasms around T-12 that left me immobile for hours. I provided a recorded statement to the assigned adjuster who told me that a settlement would depend on the extent of the monetary damage to my car. Immediately that did not sound right to me. How could they base a injury claim on damage to my car? I drove a brand new luxury vehicle that rated in the top tier in safety and rear impact. Using my medical contacts and access to medical journals I began to research low velocity impact and soft tissue damage. There is a strong correlation that states that soft tissue damage can occur at low velocity impact collisions at less than 5 miles per hour.

The adjuster also made it sound like it was necessary that I take my car to a body shop on Farmer's preferred list for repairs. When I questioned him further on this he finally relented and stated that I could take my car elsewhere, but I would initially have to have the damages appraised at a body shop approved by Farmer's. If I chose to repair my car at a Mercedes dealership as planned, Farmer's more than likely would not cover additional costs according to the adjuster. I was quoted repairs of $563.62 for cosmetic damages only. Based off this repair quote my injury claim was denied. I chose to have my car repaired at a MB dealership as planned. Once the bumper was removed there was substantial damage that totaled almost $2000.

I further investigated the practice of claims denial on low velocity collisions. I found an article that stated that in the mid-90's insurance companies' threw out all injury claims if the property damage sustained was $1000 or less. I took this information, plus my medical information and went to my adjuster to speak to him about my claim denial. I was told that nothing I said had any validity and if I pursued this further I would not win because the retired/disabled police officer was a more credible witness than myself. The adjuster continued to speak to me in a condescending fashion and told me that there was no way that I could sustain any injury during that collision. I asked him where he earned his medical degree. At this point he became obstinate. As I continued my case he began to ridicule me and laugh at me. When I called him out on this, he only laughed harder while denying laughing. I told him that if I was a male counterpart that he would not dare to treat me this way. He only laughed harder. I told him that I was going to speak to his supervisor regarding his behavior and he dared me to do so.

I tried multiple times to reach the supervisor. He ignored my calls. When I did reach him finally via email, his response was 'your claim has been denied.' I replied that I contacted him to file a formal complaint about his employee, not discuss my claim. He never responded. I requested his supervisors name and number. I did not receive that information. I called Farmer's and asked to file a formal complaint against the adjuster and the supervisor. I was told that Farmer's does not have a complaint process to follow other than I could speak to the adjuster's supervisor. I explained that I had already done so, but I needed to file a complaint against him as well. No one could find the supervisor's supervisors name and number.

I have filed a complaint with the Texas Department of Insurance. I finally did speak to someone at Farmer's that did find the supervisor's name and contact information including his cell phone. I have not yet heard back. I am about to start legal action regarding this. Farmer's is arguing about paying for the structural damage to my car that the MB dealership found. They only want to pay for the cosmetic repairs. My injury claim is still denied even though I have two doctors that disagree with that assessment. I have never worked with an insurance company that is so deplorable in it's actions against claimants. They have tried to turn this around on me in multiple conversations. I was obeying traffic laws when your policy holder, the retired/disabled cop hit me.

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Re: Denied and Treated Poorly
September 28, 2013 03:05AM
I was stopped at a stop sign,in a parking lot,and was rear ended by farmers insurers daughter on a cell phone. It was accounted for a low impact collision,I immediately got hurt,my head flew back got whiplash and my seatbelt cut into my abdomen area. I had to get medical tests and had to go to my chiropractor the very next day,Farmers denied me 3 times,once before adjuster got any reports or bills.Adjuster told me to fax it all to him so I did still denied me. So I reported it to the state ins. Commissioner and still denied me. I turned my med. bills into my own healthcare ins. And they got lowered ,contacted claim manager of Farmers and still denied me.The adjuster I worked with at Farmers knew I was hurt . But still he is covering himself and farmers by not saying I was hurt in any letters they sent to the commissioner. All this company is is crooks and their agents are trained to lie and upset and stress out people,especially when you do get hurt.All because farmers do not believe people.I called alot of other ins. Carriers they say they pay out for medical in low impact collisions with no question. I suppose to go to the chiropractor one to two times a week til I healed completely,that has been stopped.So I will not or ever be healed from this now.They do not care about no one. Oh yes one more thing the adjuster also said to me when I start feeling better , he will settle with me,still nothing. Lies on top of lies.And they are trying to get away with it.I may seek out media attention and put the story out there.I have been treated horribly with Farmers.

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