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WORST Customer Service

Posted by JK 
WORST Customer Service
October 01, 2013 04:11AM
This is addressed to President/CEO Anthony J DeSantis regarding the POOR customer service received by your staff. I was involved in a minor auto accident which I took 50% of the fault. My driveway is sloped and when backing out, it is extremely difficult to see; especially at night where my street has very poor lighting. A car (his length is almost the width of my van), was literally parked directly blocking my driveway. I am always cautious to look for pedestrians on both sides of the vehicle but never in my right mind would think a person would park his car directly in the path of the driveway. Of course, not seeing this vehicle (it is black so even more not to see him), I bumped him.
He was uncooperative in providing me with his information, so I called the local PD. To my dismay, the officer was quite lazy himself and although he pointed out the car is illegally parked, he did not issue a citation! Talk about lazy people in this world...the guy had tons of street parking but was too lazy to back into one. The officer didn't want to do extra paperwork, so he said "let's call it a push."
MY insurance company - FARMERS (hiding behind the good name of 21st Century), has LAZY representatives who come to their own conclusions and paper push claims to make it easier for themselves! Not only that - I sincerely believe these people fraudulently processed my claim because "they were told by me that their customer service skills need re-vamping!" I received a notice stating I was at fault so I decided to call to the finding, I also received a letter stating that my rate will not be affected because it's "less than $1,000" When I commented that I wanted a new bumper since they think "I'm at fault" they said that will throw my out of the $1,000 range and will raise my insurance. I later found out that the $1,000 threshold is actually based on a California State law stating insurance companies cannot raise the rate. Well, after another frustrating conversation, I stated never mind, I'll live with your finding and forget the bumper. Now I received a letter saying I'm OVER the threshold of $1,000 and they are raising my rate!! WTHECK. Talk about an unhappy employee or just simple revenge!!
These customer service people are out of state, lazy, rude, and snobby. They hide behind the 21st Century name because honestly, who wants a Farmer representing you!!?? Don't be fooled in thinking this company is in the "best interest of the policy holders" The people who work at Farmers are in the best interest in pushing papers AT THE EXPENSE of the company - literally, our money!

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Re: low ball offer
July 09, 2019 07:35PM
I was rear ended on a freeway by a woman with farmers insurance. They offered lowball settlement. My attorney said see you in court. They are saying that accident prior were my car was totalled after an el jumped into my path. Which I purchased from insurance company did repairs and reregistered. Is the cause of my injuries. That car had been reconstructed and no longer safe

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