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SOOOO many problems with Farmers! looking for lawyer!

Posted by Sarah 
I have been having problems with Farmers for a while now. It started last year I had to file a claim due to when we had a severe flood The flood caused damage to the bottom of my car. I was told that it would be covered, i was given a rental car and they towed my car to their shop. the claim was September 6, 2014. I never heard from anyone for over 30 days. I tried several times to contact the adjuster, but I always got the voicemail or was told she was on vacation. Then finally, on October 24th I was contacted by the body shop that my car had been at, telling me to come pick up my car. Nothing was ever fixed! It actually was worse then when it had gotten taken there. So then since it took them over 30 days to do no work to my car, Enterprise said that Farmers will only cover 30 days and I'm responsible for the remainder of the days. Which this was unfair, due to it not being my fault that Farmers took so long.
Now, I'm currently in an active claim that had happened on November 10, 2014. I was at a convenient store when my car was basically vandalized by a gentleman that wanted me to pay him to paint my car. The insurance adjuster, Lauren, had came out to look at the car on January 16,2015. She had said it was claimed as a total loss then proceeded to get an estimate for the car. She advised me that I would receive a call for a total amount within the next few days. Then I get a call from Zachary Eno, a total loss specialist on January 23. He said he had to do a recorded call on exactly what happened. So that was done. Then, I'm told that he is unsure of what is going to happen with the claim. That it's in investigations. I've tried contacting him many of times to figure out what is going on. I dont understand why Lauren tells me it will be a few day process then now its been 3 months. Just like my previous claim, which never was even done.
Back in October, I had called my agent, Jason and set up my payment with him. that was on October 5th. Then October 14th, I get a call from him saying that the payment hadn't processed correctly. So I had given him the correct card number and he told me everything is fine. Then on January 21st I get pulled over and the officer stated that I had an insurance lapse. I was completely in denial because I was up to date with Farmers. Well, my car was towed and the officer took my tags. I spoke with Jason and he said he remembers exactly what had happened but my insurance had never canceled. So I went to the MVA and the told me that my lapse was from October 5,2014 until October 14,2014. I explained i was still with Farmers and told them about the payment that was processed wrong. They said that I should not have had a lapse that fast and to get a FR-19 from Farmers. I call and speak to a gentleman named Rick in Direct Services Department. I explained everything to him. He was nice at first until he seen I'm no longer with Farmers. I told him its because my car was towed so i had no need to pay for insurance until i get this situation fixed. He then got very mean and stated " I don't have to provide sh** since you're no longer a customer"! He was yelling and cursing at me. I then asked him for his name and he said Rick, I asked for his last name. He stated "I do not have to tell you sh**" so then i asked to speak to his supervisor and he refused to let me speak to anyone else. I couldn't believe the way he was yelling at me. So now, I'm stuck without my vehicle on the road. im unable to go to work, Im stuck with all of these fines which I don't think I should have to pay. The MVA had said I need to file a complaint due to all of the problems Im having with Farmers. I have been paying a lot of money to be insured so that if any type of damage or accident happens, it should be covered. No one should have to go through all the things I have with their insurance. Its just not fair! Please if anyone knows if i should contact a lawyer, please let me know what type. I have to have transportation for work. Also for my daughter to go to school and i'm also pregnant and its been too much stress for me to handle. I cant even make it to my doctors appointments. Thank you for your time.
Sincerely, Sarah

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