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Delayed start of policy.

Posted by J. Thomas 
Delayed start of policy.
April 04, 2017 03:26PM
I'll make this short as possible.
I went to a Farmers broker and paid cash for a year of coverage on my motorcycle. I did this on a Friday. I rode all weekend because the broker told me that i was covered. Monday comes and a lady turns in front of me causing me to lay my bike down at 50mph to avoid plowing into the side of her Jaguar. Off to the hospital with fractured vertebrae and in need of some stitches. Anyhow, I focus on recovery for a few days then decide to call the insurance company to tell them what happened. They tell me that my policy didnt start untill Wednesday...
So... I paid in full on Friday. Accident is on Monday. Policy starts on Wednesday. Now because I was "Uninsured" at the time of the accident... The lady who was at fault was only liable to pay for certain things... Over a year has passed and I am still waiting for this to be resolved. I have an awesome lawyer but it's just taking a long time in my opinion. I'm not even sure what to expect from this.
So... The at fault drivers insurance paid out @$50k... If I was"insured", They would have paid more, i.e. pain and suffering and other stuff. Now my attorney is suing the broker. What can I hope to see from this?

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Re: Delayed start of policy.
July 29, 2017 01:00PM
I have been with Farmers insurance for over a year and a half. I always pay my 6 months insurance in full when I renew. I am signed up for email notifications because I don't check my mail box often and in the past, you guys ALWAYS sent me a notification for renewal. This year I haven't gotten any emails or letters in the mail until it came from the DMV that my insurance was CANCELLED! So I could be in jail right now (you don't know my personal situation). I called to get a new quote and now you guys want to charge me double because you failed to contact me prior to my renewal or cancellation. I just bought a new Audi so I was going to let you insure both of my vehicles but you guys failed to do your job and you lost a loyal customer. Someone will be reimbursing me or paying the difference in my insurance. I have reached out to your district manager i Alpharetta, Georgia. It will be nice to resolve this without having to file complaints with the insurance commissioner. I also read some recent complaints and it's sad to see you guys doing this to MULTIPLE people. You are making us look like irresponsible citizens but I NEVER had an issue paying you guys all of my money up front. To think you want to charge me $3,000 for a 6-month insurance plan is RIDICULOUS. I plan on educating the everyone that I need to. smiling smiley Farmers Insurance will HURT you in the long run. They have NO customer loyalty!

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