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I am disabled and was taken advantage of by Farmers

Posted by Buffyalvinm 
I am disabled and was taken advantage of by Farmers
October 02, 2019 04:23AM
To all the people out there that has been screwed by Farmers. Well here is another one.

My name is Alvin Mathews my claim # 3004466504-1-2. I was injured on 9/24/15 that's right 2015. I have been dealing with Farmers Insurance all this time. I was in a hit and run near Bakersfield, Ca going to Pismo Beach. I obtained several injuries. A concussion, back injury and shoulder injuries. I refused to give a recorded statement and sign for medical record form which is my right. They threatened me several times telling me they will deny my claim. I told them I would obtain all the medical records they need. They went behind my back and without my knowledge they obtained illegally my medical records. I did not find out the extent until after the settlement which was low balled multiple times.

I have been lied to, threatened, called stupid, made fun of since i am mentally disabled by the state of California and discriminated against for the color of my skin all by Farmers Insurance representives. They were my insurance company and I should have felt comfortable and had the peace of mind that they would take care of me. But instead it was a nightmare and still is. They dragged out my claim so long that now I can not obtain an attorney and knowing this they tell me, "we can't help you, you will need to get legal to reopen your case and we suggest you hire an Attorny.

I have been picketing my local Farmers Insurance here in Bakersfield and the headquarters in Woodland Hills,Ca. They keep pretending to want to help me so I will stop picketing and the say, "nothing we can do". I did settle out for $45,000 before I found out all the things I know what they did to me. They finally paid my med-pay just this year. They lied said my policy was $250,000 when it was $500,000. Took months to give me my policy information, never responded to emails which by law they have a limit of days to respond to every email. They lied and made me believe I was in the wrong. When I was the one hit from behind. I was pushed into debris in the road and risked my life to help others. All these and the driver that caused all this took off. I even had a CHP as a witness and stated it was not my fault.

I have contacted the Department of insurance and have been told the same thing as if they are working with Farmers. I have sent an email to the commissioner of Department of insurance Ricardo Lara and waiting for a response back. He has been investigated for taking bids from big Insurance company's such as Farmers. He is elected to protect the people from these big corporations. I have the CEO Jeff Dailey's home address and told him I will picket his house. At this point I might have to to get him to take action of overturning my claim and giving me a fair offer along with a bad faith case. I will give his address however it is not harm or wrongfully hurt him or his family only to address in writing your concerns. 23030 Humming Bird Way. Calabasas, Ca 91302. The headquarters is located 6301 Owensmouth Ave. Woodland Hills,Ca.

My name again is Alvin Mathews and my email is buffyalvinm@aol.com

Thank you

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