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scamming ?

Posted by richard roe 
scamming ?
August 29, 2007 04:05PM
Here's a copy of a letter I plan on sharing with my agent today along with copies of the Farmer's letter and the two dated receipts with mileage.

Dear Farmer's Insurance Agent,

I'm 2 weeks away from renewing the insurance policy on my car. I’m having second thoughts about continuing to remain with Farmer’s due to a letter I received regarding my truck. I’m hoping you can address this issue today.

Please find the enclosed copies of documents;

1. A letter from Farmer's Insurance claiming that they have information stating I put an average of 13,500 miles on my truck based on information from “...a variety of sources; including Carfax, the California Bureau of Automative Repair...:” And that they're going to adjust my policy to this higher number from the current figure of 7,500 miles per year.
2. A receipt from the corner Gas Station for a required smog check for DMV Registration Renewal. Note on the receipt the mileage of 82,215 miles and the date of 3-22-6
3. A receipt from the local Ford dealer. Note on the receipt the mileage of 92,378 miles and the date of 8-18-07

A quick exercise in simple math shows that 82,215 miles deducted from 92,378 miles equals 10,163 miles - over a 17month period of time.

Divide the 10,163 miles between the 17 months and that gives you an average of 597 miles per month, equaling, 7,164 miles per year. (597x12) (That's 336 miles below the estimate at which I am currently charged.)

It would appear that Farmer's is trying to automatically increase my rates based on erroneous information. How would you suggest I proceed?

Please advise.

Richard Roe

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Re: scamming ?
August 31, 2007 04:46AM
Don't blame the agent, you did your math, hopefully the agent did as well, and should be able to object and get the situation reversed. The regional office may have you sign (another) mileage verification. I would, however, send this type of correspondence to whatever governing agency applies, i.e., dept of insurance for your state, in a complaint form. I am trying to find out if other carriers are doing similar mileage verification activities-valid or not.

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Re: scamming ?
September 13, 2007 09:35PM
This is a battle that agents are fighting. Every day it is so hard, Your agent will back you on this, take them this letter. And they will do everything they can to try and lower rates back. The ones who lose on times like this is the Agent. He/She knows that the you dont use your vehicle that much but it is the people in the Big office in the big cities that push the buttons and raise the rates.

Also talke about stalking?? Can you say Big Brother is watching? THey would go through all that trouble to raise rates?? Holy crap I had know idea it was that bad. Most insrued just cancel without telling me.

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few months back - i called couple of insurence companies including farmers and requested for quotes. and later I took insurance from a different company.

after couple of months I received a letter from farmers insurance that my policy number is 176897928 and I have to pay $286.15. else i have to show them a proof that i have insurance from a different company. else my information will be sent to collections.

When I called the agent - he said that it's the software mistake and now management will not cancell the policy unless i pay the money or sends them a proof. Else the info will be sent to collections and I will end up facing problems from collections.

Is this some kind of scam ??
First of all they opened a policy without my request, and now demanding me pay the premium or prove that i have another insurance.

any suggessions would be of great help.

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Re: scamming ?
April 24, 2008 07:04PM

File a complaint with your Dept of Insurance in regards to Farmers Insurance's predatory practices. Here is a link:

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Re: scamming ?
September 01, 2016 05:51PM
I'm reading your letter 7 years latter and I will set all facts straight. First, All California admitted Insurance companies use annual mileage as one of the rating factors, the less you drive, the less you pay, the more you drive, the more you pay. 40 days before a year renewal, all drivers receive an "annual mileage survey" that reads: Please provide estimated mileage information below. Current 12 month miles driven (your last year reported miles) Estimated 12 months miles to be driven 130000, 8000, 20,000 etc. etc. It is the policy holder obligation to reply reporting actual odometer's mileage and how many miles are expected to drive the car for the next 12 months. Sign and date the survey, return it to the sender insurance company on time before the policy renewal. Your rate will be based on your reported annual mileage. If you don't reply, the rate will be based on your area mileage average. There's no scam, it's the law in California.

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