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Farmers Insurance are thieves

Posted by Vicky Hargrave 
Farmers Insurance are thieves
November 29, 2007 08:09PM
I had a theft back in May, and after two months, Farmers decided to do an investigation regarding my theft. I submitted to a 4 hours deposition, and rediculous request from the attorney representing Farmers. They wanted releases for my bank records, cell phone records, they wanted to take the deposition of my daughter who was staying with me at the time. I did not agree to signing all of the releases for Farmers so they denied my claim. Why do they need my banking records, utility bill records, cell phone records, credit report, mortgage payment records, and because a friend of mine charges an airline ticket for me because I did not have a credit card nor the money at the time I needed the ticket, they wanted to subpoena her credit card records also. I had already told them that I had been behind on some of my bills in the deposition, so why do they need all of these records except for harrassment purposes only. I work for a attorney, I am a single grandmother raising my grandson on a limited budget. I have done so for 9 years. I was treated like a criminal, told I was lying etc. This is not right. The insurance company did not mind taking my montly payments for insurance, they did not request this information before they sold me the policy so why do they need to invade my privacy now? Just because I get behind on a few bills does not make me a criminal. Farmers Insurance is nothing but a crook. I will tell everyone I know to look at this sight. I don't know if I feel better or not finding out that Farmers has done this to so many other people. Something must be done.

Vicky Hargrave

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The Farmers homeowners policy in Texas is very deceptive and is one of the worst home policies in the state. From the water damage to foundation it is very limited on very common claims. Just a few things to look out for:

Under Farmers TFHP there is a 35% surcharge for any non-weather related claim.

The Farmers TFHP foundation endorsement only provides coverage if a pipe brakes within the slab. No coverage if the brake is underneath the slab which is the only way i have ever seen foundation damgage occur.

To compare Farmers to all other go to The Office of Public Insurance Councel


Farmers Insurance Rated Worst Farmers Insurance Sucks T-shirts Farmers Insurance Alternatives

I sure hope that someone will help me....I own a home in Bloomington Minnesota, and received a solicitation online from a Farmer's Insurance representative. He gave me a quote that was quite a bit lower than my existing policy, and so I would have been a fool not to go with him, right? The trouble is, he is a bait and switch artist. When it came down to the signing, he actually gave me higher deductibles, and unbeknown to me, he left out my sewer back up coverage, which I have carried on homes for 40 years.

And, you guessed it, I had a sewer back up....called to report the claim, and was told: "you don't' have that coverage"....!!!!! Now this agent, whose name is Taras Karkoc...I think that is how you spell it....told me that I was getting everything that was on my other policy and more.....his nose should be about 4' long by now. He took my old policy, and kept it for over three months until I had to ask for it back. So, I couldn't have compared anything even if I did understand all of the jargon in those things.

Long story short, I called the home office for Farmer's Insurance here, and spoke with Jason Brandon, who treats me rudely to put it mildly....he won't even speak to me now, and doesn't care that they even closed my claim before they received a copy of my declaration page from my old policy which showed that I did have the coverage before Mr. Smooth Talking Silver Tongued Fox got a hold of me....they just don't care, and I have been told by another sales agent at Farmer's that there is a way to fix it, and just add the coverage on under some clause that I can't remember the official name for, and it would be fine...it was only $35. more a year for this coverage, also! I reported them to the Department of Commerce and am working with a gentleman there who is really angry that this happened, but I have heard nothing back from him either.

People need to beware of those online adds that offer you a "free quote"....because they may be taken to the cleaners like I have been. I am disabled and living on SSDI, and I go back to work in July, but the damage to my basement is around $8,000. and my policy would have been for only $5000., with a $1,000. deductible, so I am still in trouble. The restoration company that I called to clean up, ended up blowing out my electrical receptors in the basement because they plugged in an "air scrubber" that just overloaded everything, so I have to pay for that now too, the Serv Pro guy was another one....he had my bill figured at ....you guessed it, $5,000.....that's because I told him that that was the coverage I had....they took their scrubber and left when I told him that I had to fight for my coverage because of the crooked sales person...now I still have a clean up to do, and the repairs.

I have gone to the top people in the Service Point department. Dorothy Enander did not even wait to receive my declaration page, to make her decision to "deny the claim". I still have not had anything doen to my basement, mold is growing up my walls, I have to keep the bathroom door closed downstairs, as my vanity is warped and the sewer water even went under my tile in the bathroom and laundry room. I mopped everything that I could with bleach, but the whole thing needs to be torn up and redone, and how will I do that? I have increased my sewer back up protection to $10,000. on my new policy with a new company, because $5,000., which is the coverage that I have carried for many years, will only cover the carpeting replacement.

I don't know what else to do.

Farmers Insurance Rated Worst Farmers Insurance Sucks T-shirts Farmers Insurance Alternatives

First off, did you specifically ask if your new coverage was the same or better than your old policy?

If you did, send your EX farmers agent a registered letter, with return receipt, requesting the name and contact information of his Errors and Omissions insurance. Also send a copy to yourself, your state department of insurance, and to the farmers district manager (should be in the phone book) , but do not open your copy.

Inform him that you will be filing a claim against his E&O insurance for his failure to add requested coverage.

If he fails to respond to your request, which is likely, you can file a claim in small claims court or consult an attorney for litigation purposes.

If everything is as you represented, this is should be resolved rapidly.

An Ex farmers agent, and happy to be so.

Farmers Insurance Rated Worst Farmers Insurance Sucks T-shirts Farmers Insurance Alternatives


Farmers Insurance Rated Worst Farmers Insurance Sucks T-shirts Farmers Insurance Alternatives


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