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Water Damage Claim denied

Posted by robertselkirkknox 
Water Damage Claim denied
February 06, 2009 02:39AM
A water pipe burst in upstairs bath in a house in Arrowbear, Ca, ruining all the downstairs. The Claim rep stated that the leek was due to improper installation of facet. 2 expert contractors wrote letters explaining that the pipes was installed correctly. The claim was denied. I would like to join any class action that is available.

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Re: Water Damage Claim denied
February 10, 2009 03:11PM
The very least you should do is make a record of complaint to the CA DOI. I am not saying that the pipes were installed properly or why they really broke, but if you believe that the claim was wrongfully denied, get this record on file with the department that is supposed to oversee on behalf of the consumers.

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Re: Water Damage Claim denied
February 19, 2009 11:24PM
I enclose a recent letter written to Farmers. We also were denied mold damage coverage. But we hired Fast-trak to remediate at first and they did remediation. My husband rented a fogging machine from Lowes on one occasion. There's a company in Utah with the best mold killing solution. We also went through the house with a sprayer and used straight clorox bleach (do not add water) and used this extensively. Get a good mask for protection. And with the house gutted, we hired GP Air Restoration to ozone and they also used Shock Wave, a powerful solution to clean the place in a 30 hour treatment. There are things you can do, rather than lose your home, so they offer to take it off your home cheap. You worked for it.
You can fight for it! But before you and your family live in it, make sure it is safe and sanitary. Do not endanger your health. Your lives are worth more than all of it, and you can always get another place if the home becomes dangerously uninhabitable. We at first were somewhat intimidated by the mold. But as we fought back, we saw mold stains bleach totally out. The roof was totally removed including the framing. Assess flooring and other areas as to remediate or remove.
It can be done without it costing $100,000 as some say. Plaster is a better protection than dry wall. Certain types of flooring are better than others. We got a jumbo cedar shake roof to make sure the home stays dry. Will keep you in our prayers.


Dear Farmers Insurance Group Adjuster
We received a letter from Farmers dated October 8, 2009 with the statement that adequate time for fire loss repairs had already been extended. Since the fire loss we've worked extremely hard trying to get the repairs completed. This effort began with a request to Belfor to locate local contractors since they were busy and all. I found miriads, but the public adjuster called them interlopers and basicly the attempts to repair at that time were blocked. The documents in the insurance file appeared to mislead as to the cause of the fire, insinuating the cause to be a chimney fire. The fire marshall Jim Venturo and arson investigator both told me the probably cause was a missing mesh screen in the chimney bonnet, which allowed an ember to fall onto the cedar shake roof.
We do not believe that Wyn Ayers updated the insurance policy correctly when this was done in about 2003. The rock wall and pillars my husband built should have been appraised. My husband and I worked on that house prior to Cezanne's adoption and right up till the fire, to outfit the studio, as she became old enough for me to work. My husband Tom is a professional journeyman stone craftsman who earns $75.00-$85.00 when working on his own, as he did in building the wall. His employment background includes training apprentices for the union. This wage quote is what his time is worth for the hours and weeks and monthes and years he'd put in laboring to deal with this fire loss. A good portion of the work was because fire loss "professionals" failed to render what was fair and equitable. As a professional, I consider my own time valuable, just as you consider yours. We are not happy that you would with hold from us what should have been paid to us on the content, placing additional stress upon our family in addition to the trauma of this fire loss. The lengthening of the repair process was your own ball game, not ours. But instead of accepting responsibity, Farmers left us to pay too rents. This was totally unnecessary, and not what we paid for in our policy, because one year is more than adequate time for home repairs following a fire of this magnitude.
In that fire loss year, there were concerted efforts to play a number of tricks on us concerning payment of the loss. These unfortunate issues which seem to go back to Farmers have made us more than uncomfortable. Even the public adjuster noted a number of what he termed "trickers," and he wrote Farmers saying he considered this behaviour juvenile. As a professional, he did n't have the time to deal with it and neither do we! Basically, what we observed was our insurance company whom we trusted, utilizing our ignorance of the insurance business to stall off their responsibility till after the fire loss year, and then saying: You can't sue us because it's after the fire loss year.
There are a number of documents from Farmers and each as a different amount of depreciation, and we've faxed all of them to WF Property Loss Dept, personally favoring the one with the largest amount. But the last one I noticed was dated November 2006 and it contained a higher ACV of $152, 258.53 based on a structure settlement of $245, 702.24 which to my knowledge was never paid to the mortgage bank property loss dept. It took over a year to obtain the lesser ACV of $137, 300 and that was one of the biggest battles of the entire year just to get it from Farmers and into the repair escrow acct. This ACV difference was but one obvious discrepancy.--this dispersement to the mortgage bank an earlier ACV amount and then more negotiations seem to have raised this ACV but this was not disclosed to the bank. I found it in the file. Another point was our public adjuster stating that we had at least $18,400 in code upgrade in addition to the base settlement amount, as well as additional debris removal for structure, and an amount for content. The Belfor contractor did not use this additional debris removal. Because this has been with held, my husband and I have been placed under an extreme hardship. We hauled truckloads of debris to the dump and to the shed for the public adjuster to inventory but were never reimbursed for this. The art was not restored or the supplies. We were charged two structural engineering fees because Farmers fought the need for a totally new roofing structure. Since we won, we feel that this additional charge belongs to your side.
My family was totally opposed to the health dangers of a quick insurance fix, where Kilz is coated over still damp walls, leaving the potential for mold damage. VInyl is rolled out over grey water flooring. Our public adjuster stated to us and it made us extremely uncomfortable: Even after repairs are complete you can rent a machine and extract additional water from the structure.
In addition, our public adjuster stated the 3 comparable bids came in at between $250,000-300,000. Belfor who took out a permit before we even signed their contract, under the name of subcontractor SIR, produced a lowball bid to gain the settlement amount, which they were promised included this additional code upgrade insurance, and they pulled a trick that backfired with asking and getting Farmers to remove our bank names as lien holders. This placed our entire case outside the fire loss year. The bank investigations took up year #2, since Belfor placed a lien against the property that lasted a solid year, did not oversee the property as far as even tarping, subjected the home to additional water damage beyond that of fire hose water. Then Farmers stated that they do not cover mold damage. We had mold remediation done and it's cleaned up now.
If Farmers thinks that the filthy fire damaged materials left in the upstairs of the house is the recompense that we paid for in our policy, we differ in opinion. This huge pile of debris was never ozones, or cleaned. I faxed some $40,000 in art receipts consisting of art supply receipts for the three years before the fire loss, to your office and still at my home I have a pile of art receipts for the fire loss year. So I know that we were spending a lot of money just in that first 4 monthes or so of the year. My husband was helping to stock the art studio and we were majorly focused on doing this. This loss of the fire damaged art supplies was treated by Farmers as if it was nothing. I cannot use fire damaged art canvases and such as there is the danger of libility. The stains ran down the backs of artwork and appeared to be cooked on in dirty streaks. Stretcher bars of canvases were broken. The wood lathe asit caught fire became flaming missiles which penetrated plastic wrappings and char and soot went beneath the stretcher bars. Too labor intensive to even deal with for us as home owners even if canvases could be removed from the stretcher bars. Then there was the issue of mold forming under the bubble plastic of canvases stored a considerable of time as workers set them aside. There was a great deal of breakage of glass in picture frames. When I first saw the glass all over the floor upstairs in the house I mistook it for window glass. Then I saw the windows were still intact, and knew this was the picture frames. What do you think this is? We're not here for your convenience. We obtained the insurance polich for our own indemnity.
Fire damaged clothing was ordered dry cleaned though we asked not to have it done, because payment was needed by the public adjuster. This was not fair to us. Our clothing was confiscated and with held so that we could not view the scope of loss, of obtain so much as a shoe string, for six mos or more following the loss. This forced us to replace clothing, bedding etc, at a sizable cost to us. Again, our policy states we get items repaired or replaced. This was neither in a timely manner so as to do us any good. It's now year number three and I'd like to know what Farmers expected my family to wear.
But we were not reimbursed for the clothing, bedding, drapes, and other textile products. This appeared to us, just another trick to limit the payout of our content. We wanted the PA to adjust the content, but not simultaneously with the structure, because the structure turned into a knock down drag out fight and we didn't feel that the content had his full attention at the time. Besides this, he was quite ill and having problems with his medication as I overheard a conversation with his physicians office.
Our attorney Richard Sindell, in Seattle, believed the public adjuster was going to adjust the fire loss content, which amounted to a loss of significant magnitude. Of 300 boxes the Public adjuster asked Service Masters to see if they could find 40 boxes of salvagable goods. Of this amount, there were broken picture frames and fire stained artwork, bare root roses returned in november after the freeze and too late to establish them in the ground. There were books left on shelves for days in the humid wet air to become mildewed, and furniture laden with ashes, burn marks, broken pieces the workers damaged, etc set in storage. We'd had repairs bid at $55,000 and believed the furniture would be salvagable. The public adjuster did not feel it was worth the repairs. Our policy guarantees replacement or repair, not simply being ignored by our insurance company.
The first payment on the depreciation which was paid out December of 2007, and arrived in January 2008, was placed into the repair escrow. We've mailed you receipts for further repairs, but have not received further depreciation funds for this amount of over $20,000. Are you waiting for a specific amount to accrue? We need to be able to move forward with confidence on these repairs, knowing that Farmers will back up our settlement with the funds being made available in a timely manner.
Initially there was a discrepancy concerning the ALE that purported to rob us of a sizable portion of our living expence. The public adjuster of Sound Loss & Claims, was able to straighten this out and move forward with supplying our temporary housing and rental furniture for the fire loss year. We'd been assured that our repairs would be completed during this year. The funds not being available that year, and Farmers unwillingness to extend the living expence though they created the extended time by manipulations with Belfor, created an unnatural hardship on our family.
The public adjuster also told us that there was $1000 left of this ALE, but it has never been turned over to us. Nor has the $6000 amount for content debris removal, although we transported truck loads of debris to the dump and to the storage shed for the public adjusters assessment. He told us he'd determined only 40 boxes of 300, or 1/5th of the content to be salvagable. But we did not receive a settlement. The furniture which was bid for repairs at $55,000 was treated as not worth repairing, and we observed furniture with standing ashes in the storage facility, but the furniture was not replaced or restored. The same with the over $40,000 in art supplies for which I faxed your Trevor McMahon the receipts. The canvases and many other art supply items, were left as debris in the house. Fire damaged art and broken frames and glass were returned to us but not restored or replaced.
The wording of your October 8, 2008 letter misleads readers. It influences people to believe we've been in possession of both cash and an inordinate amount of time to make repairs. If Farmers intent was to make repair funds available as of August 2, 2006, the decision made between Farmers and Belfor in November 2006 to return and have Farmers revise the ACV we'd endorsed for Belfor payment in the presence of Sound Loss & Claims representatives David L Griffith Sr and son, David Griffith Jr, invalidated that payment placing funds outside our control for the rest of the fire loss year and haalf of the second year.
Belfor Legal Dept failed to take responsibility for their actions of delaying their own payment. They coerced us into signing a waiver that absolved them of responsibility for their unscrupulous mishandling of the repair money. Farmers utilized their neglect of the property to opt out of paying us $5000 in money for mold that was observed as occuring as a result of fire hose water prior to the Belfor payment. If with holding the repair funds was supposed to make us appear as a charity case to repair contractors, enabling Farmers to cheapen repairs, it also eliminated people willing to work, since it appeared no funds were available. Or that the home held a mold danger making it unsuitable for repair.
With the revising of the check in November 2006 by Farmers as a "favor" to Belfor by fax at Belfor's request --and we shared this with our attorney Richard Sindell, and omitting the bank names of Wells Fargo and Cascade Bank, which Farmers states is absolute necessity for repairs over $5000, Belfor endeavored to force us to endorce the revised new payment we believed to be illegal. Sound Loss & Claims public adjuster David L Griffith witnessed the payment to Belfor we endorced as it was done in his presence and he handed the payment over to them. In January 2007, Belfor Legal Dept stated they were resigning due to non payment, and placed immediately a lien against the property that endured through the year of 2007. Our mortgage bank supported them in this, since we'd been made to look like deadbeats that fail to pay their bills, though we'd been goof clients of the bank and had excellent credit.
We received a bid from Kalbrenner Construction, who advised that they had a contractor willing to do the roof framing no one else would. Unfortunately this work was rejected by the Everett Building Dept a a dangerous structure because the contractor had taken Jack Feingolds advise concerning the fact that 2X4 construction was permissable. All of these manipulative procedures have taken inordinate amounts of time. In 2008, the Wells Fargo Mortgage Bank Property Loss Dept with held funds for three-quarters of the year, in spite of lengthy conversations with them on numerous occasions regarding bids held for repair work aand needing the materials deposits paid. At any rate, it was mid September of the fall of 2008 when repairs commenced on the roof framing. The building dept was delighted with the work and wrote up a code upgrade notice on the downstairs framing, stating no further work including roof or lighting could be done without this.

Our bank as you understand has the remainder of the repair funds in their restricted escrow fund and have demanded the right to oversee the repair process from the date of notification of the fire loss. Their facilitation doesn't always move forward as speedily as we think it will. For instance, we had a bid on the All About Chimney repair that the bank did not pay the deposit on in a years time. Finally, the relationship with this company was so strained that it disintegrated and we were forced to hire a new contractor. The bank would not take any responsibility for this. But deducted the $325.80 the business owner demanded for the purpose as she stated of: "Being used" from the amount in our account. We've added up the settlement amount, and it does not reflect the over $18,000 the public adjuster told us was available for code upgrade work. We have needed this additional money for repairs as much of the work involves a code upgrade of some sort.

Our case is now in the hands of Joann Davenport who appears better able to process the repair funds in a timely manner than previous WF home mortgage representatives. Wells Fargo recently mailed us a check for Ken Moss Insulation when the home's wiring is not even in yet. Grateful as we were for the newly released "repair funds" we were somewhat puzzled by who this check was made out to, since we 'd recently told them that the rewiring, or heating should probably be next on the agenda. They may be concerned that in spite of our claims that we've mailed Farmers Insurance Group receipts for repairs, and depreciation should be forthcoming, Farmer's has not mailed this "depreciation amount" to the us for the restricted escrow account for repair fo the property. Ms Davenport frequently takes the time to reiterate "the amount what's left" in the repair fund, and it'd dwindling down rapidly with nearly three years of inflation on labor and materials. She advises who can afford to pay when she comes to the telephone. While considerable work to the interior of the home remains undone, the bids have been submitted, but for one or two. And these are lacking, only because we have been reluctant in the face of funds being with held throughout the process. It is our understanding that when we complete repairs and mail you receipts, then you release the equal amount of depreciation. Why isn't this happening as it is designed to?
The chimney repair, and roof framing were completed in fall of 08. The reroof went on around mid January 2009. We've mailed you the receipts for Superior General Contracting of $17, 288.28. This amount included an additional amount over bid because the cost of materials rose while awaiting the materials deposit from Wells Fargo. We also mailed you a receipt for Charlie's (Charles Simpson) chimney repair of $2689.93. Also in January 2009, JD Yount Construction completed some downstairs code upgrades regarding headers over doors and windows, demanded by the Everett Building Dept. Furthermore, I have requested that Bellevue Roofing mail us a receipt for the reroof completed in January 2009, which cost approximately $7,000 more due to cost increases for a total of just over $29000.00. GPAir Restoration is servicing the home due to the unpleasant odor of the home sitting unheated for so long.

The home is our home of 20 years. My family has not considered any alternative to repairs of the fire loss. We pray often concerning the repair process. With such a complex number of issues, my husband and I have tried to move forward, to inch our way forward, when unable to sprint for the finish line. Our public adjuster's work sheet states that $385,000 is available in insurance for the structure settlement only, which is what he based the work sheet on, just the structure. The is the document held by Wells Fargo Property Loss. David L Griffith informed us as his clients that we have 5 years in which to obtain repair and or replacement concerning the settlement of our claim. Although we'd have preferred a more speedy process, we can see now the advantage this time has provided for the various agencies to determine the direction needed for the miriad of complex issues facing us all and that these be carried out in the most responsible manner.

The recent reroof has left the yard in extremely bad shape. Our daughter recently commented on the grass she once enjoyed playing on, being "missing." We are requesting the depreciation owed to us by Farmers Insurance Group at this time in addition to the funds to deal with yard work. Thankyou for the communications. This letter is in response to Farmers concerns as to the amount of time it has taken to mitigate the damages. We have hopes to move back into the home by this fall.
Enclosing recent photos ...[www.angelfire.com]

With kind regards,


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Re: Water Damage Claim denied
July 01, 2013 03:21AM
southern california only......i am an expert in the field of water damage as it pertains to furniture and/or cabinetries. if you need a report for any reason at all email me. i will testify on your behalf in court if needed. i do not need to travel to your residence if we do things right. email me and we can go from there. bgons24@gmail

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Dear Farmers Insurance Group ,

Our current insurance agent "Brian Roberts" who's Farmers Insurance business resides in "Grove City ,Ohio. We recently had 5inches plus of standing water in our basement due to the Sup Pump stopped working. We called our Agent "Brian Roberts" to discuss. To our surprise he said (Oh, you dont have coverage for that,I forgot to add it, MY FAULT. I hope everything drys out). We have been with Farmers for years and this is how we are treated when we need you?!!!!!!

Our insurance policy was incorrect due to the incompentacy of YOUR AGENT! Now we are going to have to take a loss of ruiend items, furniture and family pictures. and have a professional cleaning crew clean the basement where mold has now started. We will also have to hire someone to haul away everything we had in the basement!

We are discusted with the service we received. I believe that Farmers and Brian Roberts should take responsibilty for footing the bill for this NOT US. I would like a call back ASAP. Also we have an appointment on Friday 5/30/2014 with ANOTHER Insurance Agency!!!!!

Our Incompetent Agent: Our Information
Bian Roberts Tim & Melissa Massara
1608 Gtaeway Cir Tim's# = 614-477-1107
Grove City, Ohio 43123 Melissa's # = 614-216-3116

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