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Homeowners Related Complaint Archives

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Homeowners Related Complaint Archives
May 02, 2006 02:16AM
Homeowners Related Complaints: Archives from old Forum

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Re: Homeowners Related Complaint Archives
July 08, 2006 11:20PM
In Novemeber2005 my home collasped. My mother was in the home at the time. She is okay. The next day I called in my claim to Farmers and was told that my policy had been cancelled. They said it was cancelled on September 9, 2005. I was never notified. Farmers sent an adjuster out any way. They said just in case they had made a mistake. I went back and forth with them for about two weeks and they denied my claim, because they said they didn't recieve payment. I contacted my mortgage company to see if they had been contacted and they said no, and sent a letter stating they Farmers never contacted them. In the mean time the house was sitting on my neighbors house and her insurance company paid to have my home removed. They hired a lawyer to represent her in this matter. They are not suing me or anything like that they would like to be paid the money they spent to have the home remove. Thier lawyers has sent letters to Farmers and they saying they are looking into this matter. It has been almost two months. To make a long story short after talking to a new customer service agent in another department at Farmers I found out that they applied my home insurance payment to my car insurance and they refuse to correct it. My family tells me I need to find a lawyer to help me with this matter. I don't know where to start. Can someone please help me.

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Hi, my name is Bob Davidson. I am seventy years old, a victim of Farmers Insurance frauds and deceits and I need help. I have only Social Security to rely on and no other structured retirement income. I grew up dirt poor in the old Salishan in Tacoma and worked my entire life to rise above the alcoholism and wasted way of life I saw as a child. I joined the Air Force and served my country and then worked in the body and fender business for 40 years. Eventually I was able to have a nice home all paid for and a little savings to get me by in my old age.

Now I have neither because of Farmers Insurance.

All of us senior citizens that paid our money to Farmers Insurance and trusted in their sales pitch need your help in telling this story to the public so others will not be victimized by Farmers as I have been.

My home was destroyed in the February 17, 2006 windstorm. Nearly a year later Farmers Insurance and their adjuster Jeff Rasmussen refuse to provide the money I am entitled to under my policy. Instead they are engaged in lowball, bidrigging with unethical contractors. I saw Jeff Rasmussen take my contractor's copyrighted blueprints and use them, with a contractor that Farmers gives business to because they work cheap doing substandard repairs, for the purpose of rigging a lowball bid for the rebuilding of my home. I called several contractors with expertise in custom homes, got bids and took the lowest one. I have a legal, valid and binding contract for the repairs and policy coverage in excess of the repair bill. Instead of honoring my Farmers policy that I have had for about 20 years, Farmers has wasted nearly a year cheating me out of repairing my home. The money that I have received towards the repairs is less than half of what is needed to rebuild my home. Now my home is infested with mold and rotting lumber because of Farmers delays and Farmers states they won't pay for it.

My health is deteriorating, my savings are gone, I had to mortgage my property to get money to pay for an attorney who has tried to get Farmers to honor my policy to no avail (Farmers ignores our calls and letters and then lies about what information they have received from us). Farmers has repeatedly threatened to refuse payment for any repairs unless the repairs are done within a year of the claim, yet it is Farmer’s adjuster Jeff Rasmussen that refuses to provide the policy coverages and he is the cause of the delay. I have repeatedly asked for an adjuster with some experience in custom homes but Farmers refused.

I have discovered that this is common practice at Farmers. The adjusters get bonuses, job level upgrades and more pay based on the amount of money they cheat the policy holders out of. Look at the web under Farmers Insurance Sucks Boycott Farmers. Ethel Adams story is there with hundreds of others as well as former Farmers adjusters reports (Robert Dietz, Christy Klein) concerning this very subject. I asked the Insurance Commissioner and the Attorney General for help and got nothing.

I have tried to attach a photo of what is left of my home to this email. Please consider this story, quote me, talk to the other victims, use this information, come see my home and the devastation that Farmers left a seventy year old man to die in while Jeff Rasmussen lives in luxury in Gig Harbor.

Robert Davidson
253 370 1263
Tacoma, WA

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Re: Homeowners Related Complaint Archives
February 13, 2007 08:00PM
Re: Homeowners Related Complaint Archives
March 27, 2007 04:35AM
We live on the West Coast and are presently dealing with a loss ourselves, in which the insurance company went to great lengthes to cheapen our loss concerning the structure settlement to 50% of policy structure amount. In the first place we know that they under insured our home. We were offered only a lower cost or a higher cost premium, and we took the higher one feeling this would provide adequate protection, whereas the lower cost premium seemed "iffy."
Three construction bids came to twice the amount the insurance company bid. They did not insure the home 100% to value but this is a requirement to obtain the Loss of Use amount, for living expense while your home is rebuilt. Our loss occurred in 2006 with a settlement made to repair the damage. This settlement was to go into escrow acct and to be paid out by the insurance company in three installments, with inspections following each phase of repairs. The Loss of Use portion of the policy was to cover expenses while the home was being rebuilt.
After about 1 years time, the contractor said he'd never been paid for the interior demolition, due to the fact that the adjuster had not not deposited the check issued to begin the construction. The repairs were stalled off indefinately. The house is moldy and the mold has probably been there from the onset of the loss, with the stalling used to blame us for the mold growth. Instead of cashing the check and even putting the roof on, so mold remediation could begin, the contractor quit after making his money on the demolition and the public adjuster quit and sent the check directly to the contractor who placed a lien against our house. No repairs have happened yet. Our warning is especially to all those homeowners who have modest imcomes and homes or not much savings in the bank. Fire constractors are doing cheap, fast jobs, in which walls and ceilings go in over moldy structural supports and mold soon grows in your walls.
Our adjuster stated mold will grow back through the sealer used. Black mold he said will grow through iron. One mold remediation company guaranteed their work for 1 year. Another states they will spray if mold reoccurs within 10 years. (IF you can spot the mold growing inside the wall before it makes you deathly ill) Children and babies especially become ill and die first. We have fought so long and hard because we wanted somebody to care that victims are victimized by profiteers who make money from your loss. Little regard is shown for human life in many cases.
There are incidences of cluster illness and death in moldy regions --one was an apartment buildings California whre a 6 yr old died and many other kids became ill. But anyone can become ill, with mold related disease such as pneumonia. The death certificate doesn't list mold as the cause of death. But rather the symptoms caused by the mold. You must be courageous and if people will continue to refuse to be intimidated in the end there will be legislation to protect insureds and their families. Right now there are so many profiting that they are protecting each other more than they are you.

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