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Water Damage

Posted by Tad 
Water Damage
June 14, 2009 03:51PM

I have had a total of four claims filed via Farmer’s Insurance for water damage at my home and I’m currently in the middle of my fifth.

I live in a townhouse and have a neighbor that lives above me (similar to a condo but technically classified as a townhouse). My neighbor’s homeowner’s insurance is through Farmer’s.

Over the last two years I have dealt with damage caused by my neighbor as a result of a broken aquarium, an overflowed toilet, a broken water heater, and a broken kitchen pipe.

Each incident has been extremely painful in dealing with Farmer’s Insurance and specifically with Special Claims Representative Nick DePalma. From the beginning I have felt that Nick has been unprofessional and rude to deal with. Each incident has brought on a settlement valued at much less than any estimate I have been able to find.

The last incident that has been settled (third) was the result of a broken water heater. The damage was so bad that a portion of my hardwood floor had to be removed. Farmer’s Insurance refused to pay for the replacement of my floor as they felt I should be able to match it. I was unable to find anyone that was able to replace half of my floor and make it match what was currently there. After months of emailing, writing letters, and filing complaints Farmer’s finally agreed.

My most current issue and the reason for this post is related to damage in my kitchen. I found water pouring out of my ceiling one evening in late April and immediately informed my neighbor. My neighbor did a quick check and stated everything was fine for him. It wasn’t until the next day that he stated that he did have standing water upstairs and had called for repairs. Again, I filed a claim with Farmer’s Insurance and was put in touch with Nick DePalma.

An adjuster came out and sent an estimate. Again, several hundred dollars less than the two estimates I had obtained. I went back and forth on this and mold concerns and had finally gotten to a point where I was just going to settle and take it so I could move on with my life.

I noticed towards the end of May (about 4 weeks after I noticed the kitchen damage) that I also had damage in my hallway. The spot is about the size of my smoke detector and right next to it. I contacted Farmer’s and was given a new adjustor. As I had hoped since he was someone new that did not have a personal biased against me he was helpful and even stated that since there has been such a history here he can pretty much guarantee that this will be taken care of immediately. He mentioned a policy about a $500 allotment due to the past issues that could most likely be immediately approved. He stated he would follow up the next day.

I did not hear back the next day and then followed up. I was informed that Nick DePalma would be taking over my case as he has better knowledge of past incidents. How would that matter? There’s water stains in my ceiling that need repair, what could his past history possible help with in this case? Nick DePalma stated that a new claim would need to be opened as this incident was not related to the incident in my kitchen. Service Master had stated it most likely was at this point and Farmer’s had made no professional inspection before Nick made this claim. Nick went on to say that he would personally come out and inspect my neighbor’s home. In a previous email to me Nick DePalma had stated that he was “not a professional inspector” yet he was coming out in this incident?

Nick DePalma finally contacted me to state that they could find no evidence that this was the result of my neighbor. He suggested I have my homeowner’s association inspect the pipes between our buildings. I did this and received a professional, unbiased inspection. Within minutes the plumber stated “this is obviously related to the incident in your kitchen or he spilled something up there.” I received a document from the plumber stating that a pipe leak between our buildings is not the cause of this damage.

Farmer’s and specifically Nick DePalma and his supervisor continue to state that there is no evidence. Despite the past events, despite professional opinions of a separate plumber and Service Master, and despite common sense that if there are water spots on my ceiling there is only one place they could come from and we have ruled out the one option that should not be covered by my neighbor’s insurance company (a leaking shared pipe).

I have now forwarded my complaint to Nick DePalma’s manager George Liegakos. I sent my concerns on Monday 6/8/09. I have been following up since and did not receive a response until yesterday, Saturday 6/13/09. What changed? On my last follow up Friday 6/12/09, I CC’d the executives given on this web site Bryan Murphy and Paul Hopkins. It’s interesting that I finally received a response back after including these guys. George stated that he was on vacation all of last week. Again, it’s interesting that I did not receive an out of office reply.

Hopefully George Liegakos will be able to assist me in a professional and polite way. Either way I am working my official complaint to be filed and have utilized this site to obtain the necessary forms.

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Re: Water Damage
December 14, 2011 08:50PM
I agree with you totally.I have been insured with farmers for 25 years and never had a claim.recently i had a leak in my roof which damaged my great room ceiling and walls.the adjuster came out and told me they are not liable because a tree did not fall on my roof.my roof was only 8 years old and since K&D Roofing (another shit company) has gone out of business.imagine that.we appealled the denial claim with no results.other people i talked to have had their interiors of there homes fixed due to this type of damage without a problem.farmers doesn't have a problem raising their renewal policies,just making good on your your claims.I HAVE THOUGHT ABOUT CONTACTING A LAWYER AND SUING THEM BASTARDS.STAY AWAY FROM FARMERS FOR YOUR INSURANCE NEEDS.THEY SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Re: Water Damage
August 24, 2014 02:22PM
I to have water damage caused by a over flowed bathtub. My grandson turn the water on for a bath and left it on, he is 7 years old and he forgot it. The water came down the stair throw the ceiling into the kitchen area causing a shit load of damage, Farmer's came out and first approve the lost, cut my ceiling out in the kitchen areas and removed wood flooring from two bedrooms ,dining room and family room, dried out everything, and paid for Hotel for my family. At the end of the third day my hotel room was canceled and my water claim denied. They stated that I was not covered for the water damage due to a over flowing tub!!!!! this just happen August 18, 2014. And now I'm on the defence, what to do, I will follow up later

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