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Help with Claim problems

Posted by Max 
Help with Claim problems
August 10, 2009 11:41PM
I have over 20 years of claims adjusting experience and I am outraged by the practices and tactics of this company. Their attempts to save money and short-change their policyholders are incomprehensible.

All policyholders should beware and should do following when you get an inadequate settlement for your claim.


Always document everything! Keep a record of everyone you speak with, get their full name, age and experience level. This is especially true with the adjuster and immediate supervisor. Farmers makes it a habit of hiring only very young and inexperienced adjusters which enables them to low-ball claims because of their lack of knowledge. Trust me, this is a practice very common in the industry. A new adjuster may write an estimate on a small kitchen fire for $1,500-2,000 where I would write the same damage for $20,000+. That's why they like "young or green-horn adjusters"!

This is a means for you to treat Farmers like they treat you. They low-ball everyone and attempt to wear you down. By writing the insurance commissioner, you are in effect wearing them down with additional paperwork and procedures.

If there aren't already, there should be a number of class-action suits against this company. They deal in bad-faith on a daily basis and I believe that some attorney(s) will soon win a major windfall...

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Re: Claim problems
August 10, 2009 11:50PM
Great advice Max!
File a Complaint about Farmers Insurance to Your Department of Insurance
Go here: [www.farmersinsurancegroupsucks.com]

Make sure to see this link also: [www.farmersinsurancegroupsucks.com]

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Hi Max,
I'm hoping you can help answer a question in regards to my deductible with Farmers.
I filed a claim for roof hail damage. The adjusters claim was this:
Estimate for damages - $5823.88
Less recoverable depriciation - $2056.48
Actual cash value - $3767.40
Less $1000.00 deductible
Actual cash value payment - $2767.40 (check made out at time of inspection)

I contracted to have the roof repaired at $4675.00 I submitted the contractors bid, which left $1907.60 to be used out of the recoverable depriciation value of $2056.48 The claim rep. deducted the $1000. deductible again and is cutting a check for $907.60. Why is the deductible taken out twice? No one at Farmers can explain this to me. It's their paperwork, but they can't explain why $1000. was deducted from the cash value, and why I have to pay another $1000. out of pocket to the contractor.
Can you help? Thanks for your time.

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Re: Claim problems
September 23, 2009 05:49AM
You should not incur another deductible. You are entitled the $1,907.60. I would send Farmers a letter and carbon copy the Insurance Commissioner of your state.

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Re: Help with Claim problems
September 27, 2009 03:10PM
They are using only staff adjusters in north tarrant county. Just had a reinspection by the worst and most biast adjuster i have ever seen. Said the house did not have a hail hit on the entire thing...House has golf ball size hail very evident on north and west slopes and missing shingles from wind and he did not mark any of that..When i showed him tennis ball size hail on the ridge he said normal wear and tear..

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Re: Help with Claim problems
October 08, 2009 01:43PM
I have been absolutely ran ragged by FARMERS with exactly what you described. i emailed the VP of claims and never heard a thing from him. I have pictures of my roof from right b4 the hail storm and within an hour of it and they still told me "it was to old and deteriorated b4 the storm" but i have only been in this house for 2.5 yrs insured by them from the start. and now they refuse to return me or my agents phone calls. how do i get the VP's phone number?

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Re: Help with Claim problems
October 16, 2009 03:16AM
Insurance commissioner did NOTHING. I am suing Farmers in November for not paying my homeowners claim after a tornado hit my house.

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Re: Help with Claim problems
October 19, 2009 11:41PM

If there was legitimate hail damage to the roof then it does not matter how old the roof was or what condition it was in. They would owe for full replacement if all slopes were damaged provided you have an HO policy. After all, they insured it didn't they???

I would recommend writing the insurance comissioner and hounding them (Farmers) with phone calls not e-mails so you can document unreturned calls. I noticed the other post said the insurance commissioner did nothing but I still recommend writing the commissioners office. Some states have more pro-active State Insurance Commissioners. Get documentation from your contractor to substantiate your claim and submit this as well.

Make sure to include all damages. If it was larger hail then gutters, downspouts, roof vents, siding, fascia etc. could be damaged as well. Also, lawn ornaments, solar lights, mail boxes should be included.

I hope this helps. If not, you can go through the appraisal process or simply file suit. If I can provide any additional help, please let me know.

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Re: Help with Claim problems
October 27, 2009 06:56PM
My claim for water damage was just declined because the adjuster deemed it was not "sudden and accidental" Her Manager said that one of the baseboards was dark in color which indicates that this has been occuring for a long time. THis baseboard was never even wet. It is in a broom closet that never gets seen. It rarely gets opened. She also said that the bottom of the wall was dark in color, which in her experience is a sign of long term damage. Eventhough the drywall is still in its solid state. She also said that the wood floors show sign of aging and dry rot. This is only on two or three of the affected planks. All the others surrounding it are just wet. I have left a message for her supervisor and will wait for his return call. Is this something I should take to the commissioner? The best thing is that I used to be an agent and now am a producer... I think it's time to wash my hands of this company...

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Re: Help with Claim problems
November 28, 2009 05:28PM
Yes, I would write the Insurance Commissioner. My opinion is that if the leak was not noticeable then "all" damage is sudden and accidental.

I once worked for a company and handled a similiar claim. The VP of claims said "deny it, we can always pay it later if it blows up on us"...

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Re: Help with Claim problems
February 25, 2010 06:39PM
I tried to put in a claim for ceiling damage after a heavy snow storm (20"winking smiley which caused my roof over system on my mobile home to leak. The adjuster said frozen water damage was not covered by my policy. He also commented that he thought the ceiling had leaked before becasuse it had been painted over. The ceiling was never painted over by me in the past 18 yrs. Perhaps the previous owner had repainted it. I had an aluminum roof over system installed about 10 yrs ago and have never had leaking problems. I would like to know if Foremost Ins covers anything at all. This is the worst insurance company I have ever known. I don't know what I get for paying premiums for 18 years. Boycott Foremost Ins. is now being mailed to all the residents in my mobile home park. I have never tried to file a claim before and when I did they won't cover it. My son-in-law ownes 14 restaurants in the area and we will be posting notes there also on how bad this company is.

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Re: Help with Claim problems
August 12, 2010 07:12PM
I had a break-in of a workshop on 7/12/10. The intruder either knocked something over or intentionally set the workshop on fire. I understand that this opens up arson questions. The adjuster was friendly at first, but when he saw that I had a TV and game system in the workshop he started talking about Special Investigations and Cause and Origin before he even left the property (which was 7/19/10). I spoke with his supervisor today, 8/12/10, and she said tht she asked for fire and origin and special investigation when she read details. Found it quite interesting that she claimed this and her adjuster had not even talked to her before he left the property. How can this be true? The investigator called and made an appointment to meet with me, he of course shows up at least an hour before the scheduled time and left before the original scheduled time, all of which was before I could make it out to the property. Taking pictures of uninvolved parts of the property. Now they are using everything in the pictures to bring up inconsistencies. Their "Special Investigator" sounded more like a lawyer trying to confuse a witness in a criminal case. Since the beginning of Farmer's involvement, my wife and I, have felt like we were the suspects in a murder investigation, not the victims of a malicious act by another person. The Special Investigator asked for anything we could come up with to show we were not trying to embellish or defraud on the claim. I sent an email to the adjuster asking if he wanted a list of items that I was not going to claim to show I was not trying to over-embellish or defraud on the claim. So trying to provide what the investigator asked for they now asking for an "honest, complete list of contents involved." Now I am being asked to make a testimony under oath as to the claim. Today the say I can start clearing out the damaged property. I am sure that is exactly what they want, destroy any evidence I can use to defend my claim.
Meanwhile I have spent more money than my deductible because I have lost the use of my tools and workshop contents. Leave it to farmers to harass and starve policy holders to make them not want to pursue the trthful property loss claim.

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Re: Help with Claim problems
October 08, 2010 01:14AM
I am having similar issue see below:

In May 2010, after a thunderstorm, I noticed approximately three or four shingles lying on the ground on the east side of my house. After a cursory examination that revealed no blank spots on the roof I assumed that the shingles must have blown from my neighbor's house. Unfortunately that was not the case. In August when I was in the backyard barbecuing I noticed missing shingles on the ridge cap in the back on the northeast side.

The next day I contacted a roofer, M.C. Roofing. On August 3, 2010 the roofer examined my roof and said that I did have missing shingles, but I also had extensive hail and wind damage on the roof and that I should contact my insurance company.

On Friday, August 6, 2010 an adjuster from Farmers Insurance came out and inspected my roof. After an inspection over the entire roof he told me that I did have hail damage in the amount of about $250.00. He further advised that I should have the roof fixed as soon as possible because not doing so could adversely affect any future claims. Since my deductible was 1% of $170,000 (for a 1387 square foot house), he said I would have to incur the expense for the roof repairs and Farmers had no liability.

Okay fine, I call M.C. Roofing back and they come on September 3, 2010 to repair my roof. At that time the roofer advised me that the valley in the FRONT (southwest side) of my house needed to be reinforced. I authorized it and he completed the repair of the roof in the FRONT of my house.

On September 24, 2010, Fort Worth, Texas experienced a prolonged torrential rain event and by 6am it was raining in the REAR of my house. My mattress, walls, ceilings, carpets and a Dell Inspiron 1521 laptop were all soaked. I called my longtime insurance companay, Farmers, as per the terms of my Replacement Value Homeowner's Policy.

A new claim 1016925226-1 was opened and I was informed that an adjuster would be at my house on Thursday, September 30, 2010 between the hours of 10am-12noon. Instead the adjuster and his accomplice called me about 830am and said that they were enroute to my house. I had already told him that I was teaching a class at Tarrant County College and couldn't be there before 10am. He assured me that they would work outside until I arrived.

When I got home they had done both the outside and the inside inspection, were removing their boots and packing to leave. The adjuster told me that he had determined that the leak was in the REAR (northeast side) valley of the house. He told me that there was a builder defect when the house was originally built in 2001 and that the inside of attic, where there is insulation, had been collecting water (I guess since I moved in, in November 2002) and because we had so much water on September 24, 2010 it caused it to leak into the house.

I agreed that the leak appeared to be coming from the REAR (northeast) valley and I asked what our next step was. It was then that the adjuster told me that because the leak was a builder defect from eight years ago, Farmers had no liability and that I wasn't covered under my All Peril HOA Homeowner's Policy.

I disagreed with the possibility that somehow a builder defect had lain dormant for eight years and I questioned his finding. It was then that his accomplice interjected that the builder defect didn't have to have been there since the house was built, it could have come later. Huh?

Anyway, I asked them to leave because I was extremely upset. A few days later, after talking to my agent, I was subsequently advised that the claim was denied due to a faulty roof repair. Nothing was EVER mentioned about a roof repair and the repair was in the front (southwest) valley, not the REAR.

I have incurred an estimated $7700. worth of damage (not including cost of roof)that Farmers refuses to cover. In an attempt to remedy this unfortunate situation I am contacting the Texas Board of Insurers, my State Rep. Marc Veasey, Wells Fargo Mortgage Company and local newspapers.

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Re: Help with Claim problems
October 08, 2010 01:16AM
You will NEVER get a return call from the supervisor. I never even got a letter telling me why they were denying my claim.

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Re: Help with Claim problems
October 30, 2010 06:48PM

I had a homeowner's policy on my top-floor condominium.
Around Sep 20th, the owner in the unit beneath reported a roof/wall leak to the Management Company/homeowners association.
A contractor was called out to investigate the leak and find its source.
It was not until a week later when I called the management company after there were workmen out on my deck cutting holes in my outer wall that I discovered they believed I might have a 'leak in my air conditioning unit'
As soon as I heard this I opened the panel concealing the air conditioning unit and discovered that the inner-wall plumbing that drains the condensate had become blocked, causing water to back up over the sides of the condensate collector, and immediately shut off the a/c unit (in high summer on the top floor), and also cleaned up all the standing water behind the wall completely, where there was a substantial amt of water!
Immediately after discovering the leak, I reported the claim to Farmers.
While they were tearing up the custom wood floor and installing a containment and dehumidifier (which was OK'd by the Home Owner's Association),
I ran the air conditioner and had the condensate line drain into a large bucket.
To my complete surprize, I found that the a/c unit was producing nearly 3 gallons of water an hour! The a/c had been running continuously 24/7 right up to the point I had found the leak after calling the management company.

After farmers sent an adjuster to come out and look at the damage, and then hired an 'engineering' company to evaluate the leak, the adjuster called to tell me the coverage was denied, because the leak had been 'long term, slow' leak!!
While the 'engineer' came to evaluate the leakage, he made incorrect claims such as pointing to some white spackling on the back wall underneath the a/c and claiming it was 'white mold', and claiming that rusted screws nearby indicated the leak has been occuring for years!!
The adjuster made claims that the water had 'stained/saturated the framing' which he said only indicated a very long term and/or slow leak, and not a sudden emission.

The adjuster completely denied the claim, stating that had 'IF' it been a 'sudden emission or overflow' it would have been covered- but this 'long-term' leak was not!!

Clearly, with an output of almost 3 gallons of water per hour, the ensuing damage to the my unit as well as the one underneath me was not something that was 'gradual', unless you count the week that went by from the time the leak was discovered until I found and stopped the a/c unit as 'slow and gradual'. At 3 gallons per hour, that would be 81 gallons in a 24-hour period; in the time since the owner beneath me until I stopped my a/c unit, that would have been 81 times 7 days = 567 gallons of water discharged behind the wall, between the drywall and the outerplywood. That must be enough to completely fill a large bathtub, and probably more!!!

The adjuster 'hinted' that if the HOA or their insurance doesn't cover it, that I should go after 'them' since they authorized the repairs to both my unit and the units below me, including both 'mitigation (tearing floors up & walls down) as well as repair, which included replacing my ENTIRE floor because the contractor was unable to find a match for the wood flooring.

My farmer's agent disagreed with the adjuster's conclusion, and in fact was quite angry about it, and wanted me to call the Commissioner about it right away, but I was wondering if I should follow the 'hint' of the farmer's adjuster to wait and see if the HOA or their insurance covers it.

The HOA president had implied that the leak was 'my responsibility' since there is a subclause tucked away in an obscure CC & R that says the owner is responsible for 'maintaining and repairing the air conditioner.' (which, by the way, was a 'through the wall' central air type system that was installed when the condominium was built...and there were comments that the drainage plumbing was installed incorrectly in the first place and might not be up to code, if that has any import). The condominium was built in 2004, and there have been widespread problems with the construction across all of the buildings - in fact there is a lawsuit against the company which built the complex due to shoddy construction with the outer wall, siding, and drainage - but that is a completely separate issue.

I don't know what to think. All of the farmer's adjusters have been pleasant to deal with, I don't want to go attacking my insurance company before the entire process with the HOA and the HOA's insurance is finished, unless I know I really should.
As an aside...there are actually 2 claims on my farmer's policy - one for the damage to my own unit (total repairs came to almost $10,000) which was DENIED because they said it was not 'sudden, accidental', and then a SECOND, independent claim to cover my liability for the damages to the units underneath me due to the plugged conendsate drainage plumbing on my Air Conditioner.

What is the best course of action??

I live in clark county Washington.

Thank you so much in advance!!

BTW- I took extensive pictures and videos from the time I found the leak through the completed repairs on my unit.

Stressed & worried,

Matt K.

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Re: Help with Claim problems
November 09, 2010 03:45PM
I'm a retired claims adjuster from Farmers and in 2008 a large tree fell on our
home. A "Green Horn" with 3 months experience was assigned to our claim. The first estimate was $55,000 with open items from our choosen contractor. The adjuster had $10,000 authority and had to bring an outside contractor to try and write an estimate. I went up the ranks all the way to Home Office in Los Angeles
requesting an experienced adjuste and was turned down. Farmers assured us they
were supervising all his transactions. We had to go every estimate and constantly
found errors such as depreciation taken on labor. After 3 months of being low
balled we filed a compliant with our state insurance commissioner. Farmers advised the insurance commissioner, our claim was very complex and this was the
reason for all the delays which resulted in no action taken by the commissioner.
I will never understand if our claim was so complex, why was it in the hands of a
"Green Horn". If the truth was known, in my opinion, they had no other experienced adjuster to handle our claim.

We are now months into the claim and have had only temporary repairs to the roof
as until all disputes are resolved, no contractor will take our job. By now our
choosen contractor, who was on Farmers approved list, has left us. We hired a
contractor who is not on their list and start repairs with the disputed items
coming out of our own pocket, $25,000.00.

Farmers demanded we go the Appraisal route under the terms of the policy. With the help of an attorney, we find a Structural Engineer and with Farmers approval, the process begins. We requested reconsideration on items in his report and after
months of delay, the Structural Engineer makes an 18 page revised report in which
he changes his opinion of his first report. All items he had given us he now states he was in error and Farmers should not have paid us for these disputed items. Under the terms of the policy, we had to pay 50% of his fee of $5,000.00.
His fee for the revised report was $9,000.00 and Farmers never requested we pay
any of this fee.

We now hired another attorney and the legal process begins. Since our state does
not allow for punitive damages in Property losses, we requested $30,000.00 of actual damages. Two years later, after legal fees our breaking us, we reach a
settlement of $16,250.00. We have paid out $10,000.00 in legal and appraisal fees.

As my background of being an adjuster for many years, I realize there will be disputes in claims. Before we hired our attorney, Farmers never made an offer
to try and settle the disputed items and stood firm on their denial. We had been
insured with Farmers for over 40 years and we were forced to continue to pay our
premiums until the repairs were completed, when we changed insurance companies.

Farmers put us through "HELL" for 2 years. Using the legal system is not the answer, Oregon needs to pass a bill which allows punitive damages under first party Homeowners claims as Washington and California allow.

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Re: Help with Claim problems
February 06, 2011 06:32PM
I am insured with ohio mutal.On oct 26 2010 a f-0 tonado hit our town-damage was all over the town.The storm came out of the west i had damage on the west and east side of my house.the agent said he drove by and didn't see any damage and a week later he saw damage-this i don't understand.i think maybe he got confused on which house it was -or driving by he didn't see it.on oct 28 i contacted a contractor and he came out and tarped the roof with a blue tarp so by driving by it can be seen very easy-i can see how a mistake can happened.So because of this they say i did the damage myself-and i gave a oral interview and also under oath and the atty said what do you want us to think.my health is bad and they have run me threw the mill i gave then all my records w2 bank statements-no criminal record and never had any of this trouble before and in 20 years i turned in 1 claim for 500 dollars -i feel i don't need a lawyer just to take my money when i didn't do anything wrong-i am being treated like a criminal-i am so depressed chronis pain-i contacted the insurance commision-what else can i do

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Re: Help with Claim problems
June 09, 2011 12:47AM
I had a plumbing problem where a drain pipe that is hooked up to my tub under my concrete slab developed a leak under ground.Apparently it had been slowly leaking into the soil and eventually up thru the slab access trap depending on how many times we showered to the point of one day just flooding my bath and bedroom areas..I called Farmers and was told to call a company to come and clean up the damaged areas.While getting the info on who to call the call person mentioned that if we were covered Farmers would pay for the service but if an adjuster determined we were not covered than we would have to pay the contractor.So I decided I would not take the chance so I removed the affected carpet,pad,vinyl,drywall,baseboards and cleaned and dryed the area out myself.Then I waited for a plumber hired by Farmers to come an assess the problem which they came the next day.Upon his inspection he said the water was coming from the front face of the wall where the fixtures are and leaking onto the floor down the wall...This is what he told the adjuster...so I decided to cover the entire wall with 6 mill plastic and made sure water would not be able to run out of the area,only into the tub..This allowed me to see that his expert appraisal was full of crap.After running the water for awhile and since I didnt have any flooring or drywall to hide any flow all of a sudden water started oozing outf rom under the tub middle area in a steady flow.I shutoff the water and it continued til it had wet my entire floor area.I dried it out and tested again but this time I opened the access panel from the rear area to see behind the tub plumbing just in case the water was running down the back of the wall..Again it took awhile but then out from the ground thru the access area water started oozing up from the ground and I could see where and how it was coming from.From Tuesday to now the following monday the adjuster finally showed up to my home to do the claim. By the way in the mean time I was asking ,am I covered for this type of damage and no one would could give me an answer to what my coverage was in these types of circumstances.So the adjuster comes and looks for about 2 minutes and explains based on the plumbers estimate I am not covered..I asked to see his estimate and immediately told her he was wrong and I had found the source.She questioned my expertise until I showed her pictures and a video i had taken from my cell.Well now she needed to have another plumber come from the same company.I asked if she could send another company but she refused so the next day another plumber came and he was more thorough and without me telling him anything he did find what I found..Good,now maybe I can get it fixed,not to be as the adjuster came back with a term I dont want to hear again...Wear and Tear...claimed denied...How can it be if a pipe leaks or bursts from my sinks, water heater,laundry,etc are covered but a pipe which I cant touch or see under my tub under my slab isnt..I appealed and was told the same...Am I wrong to think this should be covered and Farmers is right to deny my claim? Help

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Re: Help with Claim problems
June 15, 2011 02:50AM
Recently filed a bad faith claim agains Farmers for alledging arson. During construction the electrician found what he thinks started the fire in the bedroom closet where the supposed "arson" occured. They alledged that my husband whom I was seperated from @ the time, waltzed into our home and set my closet on fire killing our two yorkies and destroying the home we built for our three children. Even I knew this was a completely rediculous effort to falsly deny our claim. Because of their misconduct and unfair denial of claim.. we lost our home and everything we had worked so hard for. Now we are suing them and I hope that nobody ever has to go through anything like this ever again. I hope they are held accountable and that the nightmare they put us through never happens to anyone else! Completely baseless accusations!!!!

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Re: Help with Claim problems
July 28, 2011 03:18AM
Found that my wall was wet with mold in my garage. Called Farmers set up an appointment with a adjuster that is a over a week out from my first call. Contacted the adjuster to let him know what is going on. the adjust set out a plumber/water leak detector specialist. The plumber comes finds a leak coming from my tube due to a fine split along the tube and the tile. He then informs me of a leak that looks like its from the toilet ring.

We go up stairs to the bath room and he checks to see if the toilet is loose, Solid. He checks for moisture in the wall and his tool goes crazy on the all the walls in the bath room. He checked the floor and in spots that would be expected to have moisture do to a leak the tool goes crazy. When checking spots that do not have signs of moisture the tool is fine. I have the plumber check the other side off the bath room in a bed room and the tool is fine. The plumber tells me that his tool must be acting up because there is not way that the walls have moisture.

Back in the garage. the plumber tells me he can not check behind a wall as mold has developed and he can touch it. so the plumber leave I cut the wall open and find a pressure leak near the floor. this would be leak number 3. Keep in ming the plumber when he left the first time he told me that the mold on the wall that is 10+ feet away from the sub floor for the 2 leaks he found was due to the moisture in the wall causing the problem.

I also removed the dry way from under the toilet in the garage and flushed several times and wen back to the garage to see if there was any leaks. None. So a leak from the tube and a pressure leak in the garage and an unexplainable amount of moisture in the bath room walls.

My adjuster has already informed me that my policy will not cover drainage leaks over time. this is crap because I would have to watch for a leak every time some takes a shower in that bath room. As well as hope that enough water is flowing to allow it to hit the ceiling in the garage and come through. i told the adjust that this is ridiculous and if i need to I will report to the insurance commissioner as well as do everything I can to fight the claim if my damage is not covered.

What is the best way to go about getting my problems fixed and Farms doing their job?

Thank you.

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Re: Help with Claim problems
August 03, 2011 07:13PM
I live in Colorado Springs, CO. I own a condo an am NOT insured by Farmers (or anyone else, for that matter...Paid Cash in October, insurance NOT req'd). My neigbor upstairs is a renter, and while work being done on his place, pipe leaked, and we got over 1000gallons in our place. I was immediately told by the owner of the condo upstairs, that he contacted his insurance company, Farmers. Charles Panton was his Farmers guy's name, and he called me and took 100% liablility right there on the phone with me. That was on may 9th, and it is now aug 3rd. We are told that because its a 3rd party claim, they could only pay out this claim in 1 check at the end of everything. Since all this began, we've spent $10k on the Residence Inn they said they had an agreement with (but would not pay for themselves), have a contractor threatening a property lien on our home because of non-payment-$20k), and have turned in our property and loss income claim as of about a month ago. We were told to fill out spreadsheets and take photos of all the damaged property and submit them by email. We're then told that they cannot open pictures from email or internet because of risk of virus, so we need to mail all 103 damaged items (including beds, etc.) to Arizona at our cost (until we're sent our settlement check). We refused, and now they are sending a company here from over 3hrs away to look at our items (specifically the electronics included in the claim) to see about what this company can repair. They will take the items that they can't fix on the spot, and send them back once repaired. We don't have to worry, they will give us a lifetime warranty on the items they repair. We are fed up. Above being out $14k out of pocket because of a neigbor that had been complaining about needing new carpet from his "slum lord", we are now being dragged through the mud on this thing. 3 months, and it feels like a war is about to ensue!!! What can I do. I contacted the insurance commisioner, and have now written letters to my state attorney general & the board of directors of Farmers Ins. Gr., but have not yet sent them out yet. Am I wasting my time? Should I get an attorney, and if yes, will Farmers have to pay for there fees (I will cover up front if necessary). I need someone's help, as I feel like I am about to lose my mind with all this. Oh yeah, because of this, my kids were sleeping on the ground in sleeping bags for 3 weeks because we were waiting for this check. When I told Farmers agent Charles Panton, he said, that's a shame, that's what happens with these things. What a horrible experience.

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Re: Help with Claim problems
February 16, 2012 09:51PM
The problem I found is that in the state of Missouri, the Insurance Commission requires that the company give a response only. There was no effort into enforcing the insurance contract. The age or condition of the roof is a underwriting decision. A couple of years before the claim Farmers inspected the house and issued a H.O. policy. When a hail claim was submitted they said the roof was too old.

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Re: Help with Claim problems
May 30, 2012 03:51PM
Farmers insurance agents and managers will lie to you to not pay a claim. This is what happened to me so I'm suing my agent for errors and omissions in small claims court. I have letters to prove he is lying. My claim was on a broken water pipe beneath my toilet and my agent left out TX040 in the policy for that coverage without telling me I needed it for the past 10 years. I hope the judge will rule in my favor and I can get my money back.

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Re: Help with Claim problems
June 23, 2012 08:45PM
tell me, what town are you in. I was with Farmers for about 20 years and might have some inside I can help you with.

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I live in Cincinnati Oh. I was in court in Knoxville Tn on 8/14/2012 for a custiody battle I had with my x. I stayed in Knoxville until the 17th. On the 15th at about 5am I got a call from my father who told me that he had just returned from fishing (the camping trip was planed as he set up bug bombs to get rid of fleas) and my house was on fir and it did not look good. I called the fire department right away and was informed that my house was indeed on fire and was a total loss. I looked for my auto insurance policy that was and still is through Farmers. I called the number on it and told them it was on fire and I needed to file a claim. Not 10 min latter I got a call from the Cincinnati building inspector and was told that they would have my house torn down by 9am because the building was too structaly unsound to leave standing. I asked if they would leave the building standing so the it could be invsetigated. I was told no because he would not allow anyone in the building due to structal instiballity. I was also told that there was no reason to come home because I had no home to come to. I stayed one more day in Knoxville and then went back to CIncinnati. Upon arrival to Cincinnati my 1st stop was my neighbors house to find out what happened. My neighbor told me that at about 2:20am they called 911 because they noticed that my house was on fire. The fire investigator called me the next day and "interviewed" me. The last thing the fire investigator asked me in the interview was if there would be any reason he would have seen my truck arround town on cameras. I told him no and the interview ended.
I was "interviewed by Farmers special investigator a few days latter and gave him recipts from different places I went in Knoxville to prove I was out of town before, during and after the fire. He now wants my bank records, My cell phone records, tax records for the last few years, my dads phone records and my cell phone records. I have a copy of the fire report saying the fire is undetermined cause (imagine that since they tore down the house in a hurry) and it started in the dining room. The fire department did send burnet wood peicess to check for accelerants. We are still as of today 9/12/2012 waiting on those results. I feel that farmers is "nicely" accusing me of starting this fire even though I was out of town and can prove it. What can I do and what should I do. I understand any advice given is not legal advice but I have lost my home and all my possessions and now I am getting accused and set up to get nothing from farmesr because they are saying (in my opnion) that I set this fire

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I am astounded that they can basically bankrupt a person who has paid insurance for more then 27 years. A fire in my garage caused 100,000 plus damage back in January. THEY HAVE NOT PAID A DIME... It was found to start in a outlet in the garage above the work bench. They have said horrible things about me. They want to know personal information about my boyfriend. my disability, where I stay during the week (I am 58 years old, a registered nurse and it is no one's business what I earn, how much I have in my savings or who I have sleepovers with. I paid my premiums through my mortgage company. The damage was due to an old original outlet in the house. These questions are not relevant to the claim. They denied my claim stating that I was not cooperating with them. In these days of the Patriot Act, etc. and with people stealing identities why should I have to tell them my personal business. If I buy something from the store and it is defective and I have insurance they do not ask me these personal questions nor are they able to deny coverage because I withhold irrelevant information.

They hire expensive lawyers to keep from paying and they stab you in the back over and over. They say they will send you money and then they don't my house is going into foreclosure because the City that I live in says I can not live here with out a working garage or permits. I have been forced to bounce from house to house to survive. My roommates had some help with Red Cross however, Red Cross would not help me because my insurance company is responsible. After much distress I have given the information to them and they still have not paid. How much prying in my personal life should I allow?

HORRIBLE COMPANY!!! I have had to get rid of my family pets because I have no where to live. They have not paid me or my roommates a dime to stay anywhere. My policy clearly states they are to help me while my house is being prepared.

Please help if you could send the responses to my email I would be grateful.

Distressed Grandma in San Diego

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Re: Help with Claim problems
March 27, 2013 03:56AM
I live in ohio. I have foremost, But farmers is handling my claim. First last year i was with other ins. and a dryer fire occured in my ulility room. There was no strucural damage, and the chief fire) made the ruling. That left mainly a huge clean up. Long story short. We went into housing and other co. cause and origin came back w/ a human cause. Under investigation I just believed they were not going to pay. I did all the cleaning. I mean just like a proffesional painted the whole house steam cleaned and washed everything. It looked re-done. We where still waiting for answer, and the only thing left to do was patch my ceiling where the fire dept. knocked holes, and there was a couple melt spots in thewire one of about 12 to the furnace. I had an estimate for 1,400.00 to put a new wire. My son is a contractor so he was going to do it this spring and fix the ceiling. never got official denial letter but informed by my agent one was sent. I got farmers and now had a major fire in my attic above the fireplace. Eveything was moving along good. I did tell about other incident when I bought ins. Cause and engineering came out and determined that there was a fault with the fireplace insert kit and that it was covered. We gave a recorded statement. The examiner told us that everything looked like it was going to be covered and we kept moving forward. They took all my salvagables to servemaster and a cleaning place and I felt pretty compentant. It is obvoius even to the naked eye that the prior incedent is not related. A couple of days ago my adjuster calledus and informed us that we should prepare a proof of loss statement and send it to there lawyers. Now I am panicked they have everything I own as well as the amt. of water in my house it was like it rained inside for 2 days. The cold is the saving grace but the wet walls and insulation on my hardwood floors. will damage worse. Have you heard of this scenerio? why the lawyers and do I need one? What should I do? Any Advise is appreciated this is almost a total loss and we just got to where we will soon own our homw outright. THis is everything we have. Kim Much obliged

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My garage was destroyed FARMERS INSURANCE sucks and has left me more then a year without paying a dime. Paid them for 27 years on time but when you need them they hide behind fancy lawyers. I need some help. I was retired, happy being a Grandma and now am trying to find work. City says I can not live in my house unless my garage is repaired. I have had to pay out of pocket for plans, permits and am behind on my mortgage.

Farmer's denied my claim due to negative innuendo and unfounded lies. I don't care if everyone does not like me, I am not in a popularity contest. They have been withholding funds because of questions I could not answer, such as who was the electrician ten years ago that replaced a circuit breaker--I don't know it was someone from the yellow pages. MAYBE if my garage had not burned I would have the information. My file cabinets were in the garage. DUH!!! Farmer's says I have not cooperated with their investigation because they ask irrelevant and personal and protected by HIPPA questions. They make you sit in a room for hours asking the same repetitive questions until you want to scream and run or worse hit someone.

I feel they need to know 2 things: No one is responsible for the fire the outlet which arced was 40 plus years old and was used frequently. It was the outlet above the work bench in the garage. AND MY PREMIUMS WERE PAID.

I have been sitting in squallor since this fire, on January 27th, 2012. You have not given me a dime to live anywhere or for my beloved contents that have been sitting in debris. This has been heartbreaking to see my daughter's dolls piled in my yard because you have not provided a place to store them until this is settled. This has been the worst experience of my life. Not because of the fire but because of Farmer's total disregard for their responsibilities. Kick seniors while they are down. Farmer's has alienated my neighbors because they have had to smell smoke stench and look at a burned garage and my once beautiful and beloved contents sitting in the driveway for 15 months. You have forced me to put every penny I owe into rebuilding the damage from the fire and now I am forced to bankruptcy and will lose both of my homes. To top it off you cancel my insurance knowing full well that no one will cover me until the damage is fixed. FIRE FARMER'S NOW!!!! THEY SUCK!!


If you don't want to sit in smoke and stench for a year while Farmer's execs sit in their ivory towers and call you names, invade your privacy and alienate your neighbors ... FIRE FARMER'S NOW!!!! THEY SUCK!!

If you don't want to be grilled by HIGH CLASS, WELL PAID, ADVERSARIAL LAWYER's who are there not to get to the truth but to insult your intelligence, and sense of privacy until you decide you can not go on. You want to pick up what little dignity you have left and hide in your smoke stenched burned home. They are their to get you to give up.
If you want to be treated with disdain and insult and innuendo to your good name...FIRE FARMER'S NOW!!!! THEY SUCK!!.

If you don't want to be an outcast in your neighborhood as Farmer's goes to your neighbors and close friends and asks what kind of person you are hinting that you are a criminal and started the fire yourself....FIRE FARMER'S NOW!!!! THEY SUCK!!.

If you don't want to be told by Red Cross that they can not help you because you have insurance and in your time of need (after paying for 27 years of insurance) are told that you are under investigation and nothing will be paid, sleep in your car .... FIRE FARMER'S NOW!!!! THEY SUCK!!.

If you don't want to be forced to sleep in your car or rely on a good friend to let you stay with them. You will be told by Farmer's they will not pay because you incurred no costs. They forced me to live in squallor, I did not have money to pay for a hotel or other living space for 15 months out of pocket. I am a senior on a fixed income. Semi-retired... not no more though. I am a hospice nurse and the stress has left me unable to work. I thought that was what I was paying for all those years to Farmer's Insurance. ...FIRE FARMER'S NOW!!!! THEY SUCK!!

If you don't want to repair the damage yourself out of your own funds... pay Farmer's. FIRE FARMER'S NOW!!!! THEY SUCK!!

If you don't want to sneak around to stay in your own home which is full of smoke and debris without POWER without WATER without HEAT...FIRE FARMER'S NOW!!!! THEY SUCK!!

If you don't want to fight with the City because they say you can not live in your home if you have a garage fire (even though the house has no burn damage). They say you have to pay for Plans, submit plans, and have considerable construction or you can not live in your home...FIRE FARMER'S NOW!!!! THEY SUCK!!

If you don't want to pay $5,000 for a temporary power pole which the city says YOU CAN NOT USE FOR PERSONAL USE (YES no refrigerator, no lights, no heat, no TV, no Computer....) They say it is only to rebuild the garage damage (which Farmer's will not pay)... And you get to live in the dark...FIRE FARMER'S NOW!!!! THEY SUCK!!

IF you don't want to hurt your back and be on bedrest for days in horrible wrenching pain because you have to clean up the fire damage by yourself, you have to get up on your roof and mitigate damages yourself, you have to sweep up your beloved belongings and take them to the dump yourself...FIRE FARMER'S NOW!!!! THEY SUCK!!


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Re: Help with Claim problems
May 03, 2013 07:57PM
Hello, I'm Ray.

At the beginning of this year I had a break in. Farmer's started out very helpful until I had to talk to the adjuster. He told me that although my policy has personal property protection of up to $15,000. They they will not pay us for the stolen items. That our policy states that it only covers $15,000 if items are broken during a break in. Stolen property was not covered. The example that was given is that they would cover a TV that was bumped over in the break in and if it breaks. If they walk away with the TV, the TV is not covered under our policy. Oh and the property has to be broken inside the house, so if the TV that was taken away would of broken outside the window it would still not be covered. Later we went to a local branch and asked about our policy without talking about the break in first. The person told us that we our personal property is covered and they will pay us up to $15,000. Nothing about broken items was told to us. Then we told the person about our break in and we were told that our stolen property was covered. We sent her the police report and she said that she would contact us later. A couple of days later we finally herd back from them and it was our adjuster from before. He told us that the person that we talked to did not know what she was talking about, and that our policy will only cover stuff broken in the house. We set up an appointment to talk to the local branch again and when we entered we were directed to the manager. She told the same that the adjuster had told us and that if we wanted to have coverage for stolen items that we needed a policy that costs over $3,000 a year, and in the end we would only be covered for up to $5,000 of stolen property. We would pay them $3,000 and in the end they would pay us $2,000 back.

We have been looking for help with this problem and today i found this site. If anybody can help we would greatly appreciate it. In the end we were given $900 to replace a large 9x9 window, made up of 9 3x3 double pane windows, and our 2 garage doors which were broken along with their motors. They said they valued it at $3,400, but since it was used it was taken down to $2,400, then our $1,000 deductible left it at $1,400. And we had to pay their something department $500 for the claim. And finally were left with the $900. This all seems pretty messed up to me, even calling piratically calling their own employees stupid. We can't even change our homeowner's insurance because it is mixed in with our mortgage.

Any help will be very helpful.

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Re: Help with Claim problems
May 09, 2013 03:45AM
GET A LAWYER ASAP!Even an oral agreement is an agreement. IT IS BAD FAITH DO NOT GIVE UP

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