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Claim for hail damage to roof denied

Posted by Brian 
A few years ago, we had a large hail storm that went through the area and caused major damage to a number of houses in my local neighborhood. All the houses around me had their roofs checked and all had them eventually replaced. I called my agent and asked for a roof inspection. A roofer came out and said my roof was fine and did not need replaced. It was a miracle, all the houses around me were damaged, but my house was fine.

A year later another storm ripped through the area and knocked down my fence. I called the agent again and he sent out a contractor that checked the house, as well as the roof. He said the roof had some hail damage, but was not enough to warrant replacement.He explained how they count the number of hail dents in a square to determine if the roof is damaged. He said I did not have enough hail dings in the square and all was good. The amount to fix the fence was 4000 and my deductible was 3200, so I did not file a claim and fixed damage out of my pocket.

A few weeks ago a roofer was working on the roof of a house next door and saw damage on my roof. He agreed to check the roof for me and he found a massive amount of hail damage. The roof,turbines,gutters, front bay window and garage door all had major hail damage. The roofer called the insurance company and opened a claim. They sent an adjuster to check the roof. The adjuster agreed that the roof was badly damaged and needs replaced. The adjuster said the hail damage to the roof and window was old damage and is not covered. However, the damage to the gutters, turbines, garage door and fence, was caused by new hail and would be covered. The adjuster then exaplined that I must pay for the damage out of my pocket first and then give them the total cost. At that time they would cut me a check for the amount minus the deductible and depreciation of the house.I never heard of insurance company making you pay for damages and then reimbursing you after the repairs.

Because I did not call the Help Point line years ago to file a claim, they have no record of me calling my agent and no record of him sending a roofer to check the roof. The most amazing part is that they claim that recent hail damaged my gutters, turbines, fence and garage door but never touched my roof, the 2nd miracle.

I had my house built 15 years ago and although I live in North Texas and have been through a number of bad hail storms and high winds, I have never filed a claim for damages. I The houses on both sides of my house have replaced their roofs twice in the last 8 years. All houses in my neighborhood have had their roofs replaced at least once. So, farmers is claiming that I sat back while all my neighbors had their roofs replaced and ignored the possible damage to my house. They also tried to tell me that the some storms can damage houses around you and because of air flow can miss my house. This explains the damage to the gutters and garage door, and why the roof was not damaged by recent hail. This is the 3rd miracle. I am not giving up and plan to fight this as far as I can. I am not sure I will be successful, but it is now a matter of what is right and wrong. I am right and they are wrong.

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Typical insurance. You pay your premium monthly but when you have a claim they try everything to prevent paying for it. I think Farmers is a master at not paying claims. I was in an accident with a gentleman that had Farmers. I was at a light stopped and was clipped. They refused to pay for my damaged mirror. I suggest a new insurance company if you have Farmers.

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I just had an adjuster came to my house to do an inspection on my after I filed a claim for hail damage. The adjuster said there was no damage to the shines just to the vents and the gutter. I had a roofer look at it he claimed there was a lot of damage to the roof I also had another insurance company inspector to come out and look at the roof he also claimed there was a lot of damage. Farmers stated they would not replace the roof sorry.

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As a General Contractor I hear these horror stories all the time and it really gets under my skin. In Texas, by law, your insurance company is required to make you "whole" again and must do so in "good faith." I put those terms in quotation marks because that is what the law states. Furthermore, insurance companies are not "allowed" to drop you and/or raise your rates based on the number of claims you have made. The only time a rate change can happen is when you change your coverage enough that it has to be underwritten again thus becoming a new contract and of corse the cost of doing business rate hike upon renewal. I can only go by the statements posted but from what i have read in your posts I would be talking to an independent adjuster and a lawyer in preparation to sue my insurance company if they told me what you say they told you! You typically only have to threaten going to court and they(insurance co)will start honoring your contract. If you do have to go to court, it's very rare that the judge rules in favor of the insurance company. After ruling in favor of the home owner the judge will typically award the home owner court cost, lawyer fees, damages, and any number of other items the insurance company will have to pay the home owner. I have never seen a case get to court that was less than two or three times the amount the insurance company would have paid if they had handled claim like they are required to. I hope this helps. I think about story I was told when I was a kid, David slue Goliath. Good Luck!

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I have farmers and got denied my roof cause the shingles were the same color and it look look a l didn't fix it.Now l dont know where to go from here.

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