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Class Action for false advertising

Posted by Ken 
Class Action for false advertising
November 14, 2013 04:35PM
Farmer’s Insurance False Advertising

Let's formulate a class action suit against Farmer’s Insurance for false advertising. The current campaign talks about the unique knowledge Farmer’s has and how it protects Farmers’ clients.

How many people cringe when they see the current advertising campaign by Farmer’s Insurance? I do. I had a flood claim and the adjuster and a mitigator both insisted the vinyl floor tile that was coming up was not asbestos. I told them I thought it was. The adjuster took a sample and I thought it was for an asbestos test. When we spoke next he told me he sent it off to Florida to get a replacement cost estimate from a testing service. I re-iterated that I thought it was asbestos and he told me I was wrong. I had it tested and it ends up that it was in fact asbestos. I then had it abated by a licensed company. When I told the agent he told me he didn’t do the test himself because he didn’t want to add another cost to a claim that he was sure was going to max out my coverage anyway. That's how he was protecting us!

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My husband and I had Farmers when a tornado took part of our fence and all of our siding off of the north side of our home plus some of the rain gutters off of the house . My husband had just had the siding replaced a couple of years before . They did not make the same color anymore that we had on the house . So the Farmers agent that inspected our house said he didn't care if the siding was pink they were only replacing what we lost . He was extremely rude . We were out 4,500 dollars because we thought we were covered . Now they are advertising that you should get Farmers because they will put it back the way it was . We went straight to State Farm and have been with them for about 16 years. Farmers can kiss my ass . They are shisters and the government should shut them down !

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I am an old attorney but still after it. I going after Farmers Ins. and am going to bring a claim re false advertisements. It involves car insurance, or what is represented to be insurance.

Like to know if you did a class action re farmers, etc.
It is time to do one.

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