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Farmers Insurance rates skyrocketing!!!!!

Posted by Whammo77 
My parents had Farmers for their home insurance for as long as I can remember. My dad died many years ago, and this past year my mother died. My wife and I bought their home, and continued with Farmers. Well, about a month ago the Farmers agent called and said the premium for the home was going to increase. It was at $1900 per year. So I asked “How Much?” The agent told me it was now going to be $4800 per year. I was like “WHAT THE F@#$%!!!????”. I asked why so much? The agent told me that Farmers had a bunch of “high risk” properties and that they lost big the past year. I was like “So what you’re telling me is that if Farmers is so stupid as to go out and insure a billion dollar home on top of an active volcano, and later the volcano erupts and obliterates the home, y’all consider that to be MY problem???” Their answer? “Yes sir, that’s pretty much how it works”. WTF!!?? However, they told me if we bundled that it would be ‘SIGNIFICANTLY’ cheaper. So we asked them to quote the house, our (4) cars and our (2) rent houses. They came back with a quote in excess of over $10,000 per year!!!!! That’s “SIGNIFICANTLY CHEAPER”???? NO!

So we did some shopping, and in the end we got a reputable company to cover all those things, plus our boat and a horse trailer for less than what Farmers wanted JUST for our home.

You know…. It’s funny. For every other person/business in the world, if they take on a high risk property, stock, or whatever, and it goes KABOOM then they are just forced to suck it up and eat it. Oh, but not insurance companies….. they just triple their price to their customers. Can you imagine if a fast food joint operated like that???:

Customer: Yes, I’d like the Big Mac value meal, with medium fries and Coke please.
Attendant: Ok sir. Just so you know, we gambled on the new McAnus sandwich, and it was a bust. Therefore, your meal will be $599.00. Please pay at the first window……….


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