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Matching and Pre-Loss Conditions

Posted by ninab 
Matching and Pre-Loss Conditions
January 09, 2016 01:25AM
My question is - how do I fight to have my roof repaired so my house looks like it did PRIOR to damage?

I have many issues with this claim.... I'm not 10 days shy of having been OUT of my home for an entire year, and my contractor says it will be april before I return.

On a Sunday morning (12:45 a.m.) in January of 2015, a major Pacific NW storm caused a massive tree to topple onto my home.

Farmer's large claim agent arrived Tuesday to look at the house, and returned a week later to inspect with a structural engineer. I'd recently divorced, and had no clue what to do, the adjuster advised me to "get a contractor". I work in a customer service position, and have for 28years. I can get along with a rabid dog, but this adjuster is like dealign with a brick wall - zero personality/compassion. He's so young, I have to wonder if his mom knows where he is... he could be my kid (No, my kids aren't rude... he couldn't be my kid).

Farmer's had a company come in and remove everything from the home, and place it in storage, I spent 5 weeks in a hotel before moving into an apartment. They've provided furniture, the apartment, and all necessary utensils. We left with only a few clothes, the dog, and a few necessities.

Farmer's finally agreed to the estimate provided by my contractor (Thank God a realtor suggested a local contractor who specialized in insurance restoration!). After the contractor demanded the structural engineer return, and found MANY MANY things Farmer's didn't find (or their engineer) - the contractor got the necessary bids, and had to argue with Farmers for M*O*N*T*H*S over 200.00/300.00 differences on various bids. Farmers wanted new bids because "The Software" says it should only cost "X", and you want "Y".... They argued over paying for simple things like having all the heating the ducts cleaned (loose insulation blew all through the entire house/ducts) and other not-so-fun assorted items.

The claim was finally paid mid-September, and by Oct 1, my adjuster was pestering me for progress on the home. I explained we were waiting on the 1st draw of repair funds from the mortgage company. Finally, in mid-October, I was able to get the check for the 1st draw to the contractor. Almost immediately thereafter, storm after storm after storm pounded the Northwest from October - December. Finally, 1/4/16 work began on the house.

50% of the roof trusses had to be replaced, which means Farmers is only paying to re-roof half of my house. The remaining roof is not going to be covered. The adjuster smirked (and ignored me) when I asked him about that, when I spoke to his supervisor - all I got were empty apologies as to how long it took for them to move forward on my claim (in other words, she didn't even acknowledge my request for the entire roof (shingles) to be replaced)

Now that the trusses are up, and the roof will likely be complete by EO next week, it's glaringly apparent that my house will lose a lot of curb appeal, with 50% of the roof being new & 50% being old... It's a gray composite (traditional) roof that was 16 years old.

Newly divorced, I had planned to sell the house I bought from "Us" so I could start over with my kids. 10 years from retirement, I can't pull a 300k mortgage, it's time to sell and downsize, which is what I planned to do - until the tree hit. sad smiley I live in an area with a HOT HOT HOT real estate market, and my location is every bit as desirable as the market is hot! I was excited for the coming spring so I could sell. Now I'm in a spiraling NIGHTMARE. I called the realtor I'd chosen to work with (pre-tree). They say even though the roof isn't finished, it's easy to tell there will be a difference in old/new shingles, which affects the curb appeal of the home, and with only a portion being replaced, ultimately this will impact the asking price of the house. It's not rocket science this will impact the look of the home.

I guess like many home owners, I assumed my home insurance was not just to repair my home, but to put it back to the condition/appearance it had prior to any accident. What'd I miss? Is there any measure I can take to push Farmer's to re-shingle the other half of the upper roof? We're talking about 3,500.00 - and they're paying >2k a month for me to live in a tiny rat-trap apartment with used rental furniture.

I'm terrified what will surface next - my home has been sitting with no utilities for a year, the condensation on the inside windows is so thick it's ready to start dripping, water leaked in through the temporary roof upstairs on to the exposed subfloors, the furnace hasn't been run, the septic tank hasn't been turned on.... All the wiring had to be removed from the attic because of the damage and potential hazard when the tree crashed through so blowers/de-humidifiers/dryers can't be run in the house to remove the moisture.

In addition to avenues i can pursue in attempts to have my roof done properly, are there options I should know in the event I have issues like, upon move in, what if my furnace no longer works? What if there are issues with my septic tank (pressurized and requires electricity)?

I have two kids, and live paycheck to paycheck, and am absolutely terrified of what I may be facing.

Thanks for any/all advice!


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