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roof damage from storm in texas

Posted by Donna Miller 
roof damage from storm in texas
February 05, 2020 03:40PM
We have happily and ignorantly had farmers for over 30 years. We had car insurance through them until we realized we were overpaying by 2/3. The homeowners we have had since buying our first house 30 years ago. We have never made a claim, so we were ignorant as to Farmer’s policies.
On January 11th of this year, a bad storm came through and ripped off a section of our roof the entire length of the house. We called farmers.
A week later an assessor came out. The roofer we contracted with says we need a new roof since ours is 15 years old. There is also hail damage up there as well and a caved-in portion on one corner which we have no idea how that happened. The assessor says no new roof is needed. He said there was $4019 worth of damage (our deductible is $4000). We ask Farmers if we patch the 15-year-old roof with new roofing will it match? The response was “well your insurance doesn’t cover the roof matching”. Our roofer says to get a new assessment. Another assessor comes last week. He tells my husband and the roofer there is additional damage that they missed the first time. So we are expecting a higher amount.
2 days later the bid comes back for the exact same amount with the statement no new damage. The assessor does not return my husbands calls or texts. The agent does not respond.
In this process, we called our agent, who we have never met since he is 1.5 hours away from us. The first phone call he tells my husband. that if the second assessment doesn’t come out better, he’ll help that’s what he’s there for. So, we called him back. He promised to meet with them and get back to us. No return call from him. When we contact him, he says he can’t really help. Farmer’s policy apparently is that 50% or more of the shingles have to be gone to get a new roof. The roofer says that’s bogus since the wind only comes from one direction and will not damage a whole entire roof.
I realize out next step would be to get a public assessor and go that route, but that would hang up the process of us getting a new roof even more (it is now 2/5) with storm season coming. So we are going to have to take a loan out to replace the roof ($17000). Dropping Farmers as soon as we fix it!! (Can't get new insurance until we do)..

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Re: roof damage from storm in texas
March 04, 2020 10:10PM
don't waste your time with a public adjuster. Go to appraisal. That is what it is for. But the company does not owe to match anything anywhere on your property. Look at the LKQ clause. This is probably written and or approved by the state. They certainly don't owe a roof due to age, this is no a maintenance policy. But if it does have hail all over, you should win in appraisal.

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The damage to the roof was due to hail and straight line winds ripping it off. All of my neighbors got coverage from other insurers. We have since switched.. farmers was charginging more the double what other companies do for the same insurance. Never again farmers...in 5 years I'll make up the 17000 the new roof cost in lower premiums..lesson learned

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Re: roof damage from storm in texas
September 17, 2021 09:30PM
Sorry it’s irrelevant what the neighbors are getting. Go to appraisal per the policy and they have to respond. Also your agent has no power against the claims office. A public adjuster is a waste of time. Farmers can also invoke appraisal if they wish.

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