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poor customer service from adjusters in MN

Posted by BT 
I submitted a claim for roof damage to my home. Roofing company took pictures of roof and fascia and submitted claim. Approved and that process was smooth.

A hail storm came by after the claim was approved, but before the roofing work started. Damage to the siding was evident. The adjuster suggested to submit a new claim, since the date of the damage is different. So I did just that.

The claim was assigned to a new adjuster initials M.K. out of Texas. Completely the opposite of my first adjuster. He was extremely rude, interruptive, and even combative with me about the second claim. I had 4 calls with him, and he was the same every time. The last time he even tried to play "let's make a deal" with me and make an addendum to the first claim (at a much lower price), all for "transparency's sake" (his words, not mine). Why wasn't he "transparent" the first time we talked?

I talked with my agent G.W. about the negative experience, and said M.K.'s manager, B.P., would get in touch with me. M.K. left a voicemail, and I responded to him with a voicemail. I didn't get anything back.

In the meantime, my agent, G.W. asks for pictures to make a determination consistent with the hail storm (hint: they already have them). So I play along and send him pictures I received from the contractor. Nothing about the pictures were mentioned by my agent (like: we already have these).

B.P. asks to drop by and review the damage to the house. He states that they already had the pictures of the roof (not the fascia) and, if they had pictures of the fascia, that would also help determine damage to the siding (hint: they determined that the storm didn't do ANY damage. surprise!) he also stated that "any good contractor" would have sent them pictures.

First, the have pictures already in the file, so why ask for the same pictures (unless you wanted different pictures, which they didn't ask for).
Second, you shouldn't say you don't have fascia pictures to help you out when you do (you think the roofers replaced the fascia for free? ahh, no).
Fourth, I find it funny that B.P. calls out the contractor for not doing their job by supplying pictures when the contractor actually did. Typical sleazeball used-car dealership comments by passing off the blame, hoping that I'll fall for it.
Fourth, I mentioned M.K.'s behavior. B.P. completely ignored my comment. Brought it up again, and ignored it again. So I'm assuming this is acceptable crappy behavior towards customers...

btw - I recorded the conversations with B.P. using my phone, so there can't be a "he said, she said" scenario. Perfectly legal.

Whether the claim was appropriately denied or not, the way it was handled by Farmers was flat out miserable. Shame on Farmers with their dishonest tactics. Don't lie to me. Don't manipulate me. Apologize for poor behavior. Have some full disclosure. Discuss corrective actions moving forward to treating customers professionally.

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Re: poor customer service from adjusters in MN
September 21, 2020 07:38PM
I am glad that the agent tried to help you but they have very limited influence on the claims office. I would suggest you go to appraisal.

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