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Is Farmers even WORSE than ALLSTATE?

Posted by melshae 
Is Farmers even WORSE than ALLSTATE?
August 09, 2007 01:47AM
A lot of people I have informed about how Allstate has completely
failed me in my time of loss, have said, "oooh, I have Allstate. I

Well, you won't be ok if you ever need them. DON'T HOPE!!! SWITCH NOW!!

An arbitration specialist I sat next to on a plane told me her cousin
worked for Allstate, and their official unwritten position was to DENY
ALL CLAIMS over a certain dollar amount, and to only continue to work
the people who raised a fuss and didn't give up.

Unfortunately, due to Allstate's considerable 'contributions', they
seem unafraid even in the face of the Better Business Bureau and the
Washington Insurance Commissioner with whom I have filed complaints.

If you are burgled like I was, and experience a $102,000 property loss
I did, and still don't see a dime from Allstate after NINE MONTHS like
I haven't, don't say you weren't warned.

Allstate has no excuse to fail to assist me during this financial
hardship, as I have paid them to do. Two of the criminals have
already been caught and are definitely no relation to me. I am 50
Grand in debt replacing things I needed just to get on with life, not
excluding luggage and undergarments, which I have documented, not
including the fine heirloom jewelry which can never really be replaced.
As if the emotional trauma of coming home from a Thanksgiving trip and discovering your home ransacked wasn't enough, the pain from dealing with Allstate has been far greater and drawn out.

Please take action on your own behalf by 1. going with a GOOD company
like COUNTRY (it is quite easy to change insurers, even if you do
escrow with your mortgage), and by PASSING THIS ON to your family and
friends. Burglaries and ID Theft are very much on the rise.

Allstate dropped my policy as soon as I filed my claim. Allstate Agent
JEFF DILLARD in Vancouver, has never been in touch throughout the
ordeal and never answers his phone, neither have claim adjusters
ELIZABETH ARNTZ or JASON CATLETT, both of whom did so much as to send
one letter saying "WE'RE HERE TO HELP" !!) So, on top of trying to
replace everything and fighting ID theft, I was forced to find another
insurance company.

Luckily COUNTRY INSURANCE offered a better policy, and even included
earthquake (which Allstate dropped last summer) for a premium around
$200 LESS than I was paying to Allstate with no earthquake coverage.
They are also way better rated and have been around longer. You
probably don't know the name, because they don't advertise. They
don't have to. And likewise, is that why you see so many Allstate
commercials. I get nauseous every time they come on. I've heard the
actors in the commercials don't even have Allstate.

MAKE THE CHANGE NOW, but don't make it blindly. I highly recommend
going to www.insweb.com and after putting in your customized info, the
four agents with the best quoted rates will get in touch and offer
great service. I've used the site for 10 years and have never failed
to get the best policy for the price on home and auto.

So why, after an entire Purdue class was warned against Allstate by
our law professor 10 years ago, did I end up with Allstate as my insurer?
Unfortunately, after all the insurance companies were reeling from
losses in the aftermath hurricane Katrina, Allstate happened to be my
only choice company offering insurace in the area at the time I bought
my house. Now I know why - they're not worried about paying any

Allstate has taken certain actions that not only delay my claim in way
that makes it impossible to proceed, but have been cited by the
Insurance Commission as taking steps an insurance company takes when
they are trying to blame the burglary on the claimant! A classic case
of treating the victim like the criminal, which of course only
amplifies the pain of the event itself and the pain of being doubly ruined by
We can't help random acts of criminals, but we can prevent putting
ourselves in a position prone to Allstate's despotic business tactics.

Today I was told flat out on the phone by ALLSTATE "investigator" RON
MILES in the Tualatin branch, that I would "GET NOWHERE" !!! I wonder
how JERRY O. BOLT, the Senior Manager of Customer Experience Research,
will manage to insult my intelligence and injure my feelings when I
respond to the 'customer survey' he had the nerve to send without
first finding out more about how my claim is going.

Apparently Allstate failed to consider the wisdom of pulling their
charades on someone in the mortgage industry (me), a person with many
contacts and so close to influencing borrower's choice of insurers.
And regardless of how you may feel about MICHAEL MOORE, you should
know he is collecting stories such as mine for a sequel film with some
pretty hilarious stories. I wonder if Allstate's PRESIDENT & CEO
THOMAS J. WILSON II has ever been in a movie? But then I guess it
would be rude not to also invite CHAIRMAN EDWARD M. LIDDY, maybe VP /
CFO DANNY L. HALE, and of course their textbook jerk attorney ANDREW

If the considerable time and intimate exposure I have invested in this
letter helps even just one person spare the same heartache Allstate
has caused, then it will be worth it.

My apologies to those who may have received this message twice. Those
of you who don't normally receive email from me, don't worry, you have
not been placed on a spam list and you will not be receiving any more
mass mailing. This is not junk mail, it is news, and before you
decide not to pass it on, think how you will feel if your sister or
best friend ends up going thru the same thing with Allstate.

Thanks for listening and don't forget to spread the word!


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Re: Is Farmers even WORSE than ALLSTATE?
August 09, 2007 03:57AM
I agree Allstate Insurance Sucks too

You're question is:
Is Farmers even WORSE than ALLSTATE?

Well after reading your letter I would say Allstate is quite close but Farmers Insurance Group is the still the worst. You can read how Farmers Insurance is rated the "Worst" and has the most complaints in many states at link below (more complaints than Allstate).

Consumers Reports gave Farmers Insurance Homeowners their worst rating. Farmers Insurance was the ONLY company on the list with a "Worse" rating for BOTH "Problems with Claim" and "Delayed Payments".

I certainly agree with you that spinning smiley sticking its tongue outCountry Companies is a GREAT ethical insurance companyspinning smiley sticking its tongue out. I am currently insured with Country Companies and have been for years. Click yellow button below (Alternatives to Farmers Insurance) for more information about Country Companies.

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It is all so true
August 14, 2008 09:24PM
Hello all you fine people. I have been dealing with insurance adjusters for 26 years in the construction industry. If you have a homeowners claim, NEVER accept the adjusters estimate. We fight tooth and nail on almost every claim, especially claims with Farmers. Seek out a restoration contractor who you feel comfortable with, check their refrences and don't be afraid to contact them and ask questions.Honest contractors only want to make a reasonable profit, restore the home using like materials with quality workmanship. Adjusters are NOT qualified to access the cost of repairs to your home or business. After 26 years, I am still boggled once in a while. DON'T GIVE IN OR UP!!!!!!!!!!!!

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