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Taking Premium but not the Risk

Posted by stopfarmersevil 
Taking Premium but not the Risk
December 29, 2008 02:06AM
I am a lawyer who has filed a bad faith claim against Farmers and I need your help. My client's wife and daughter died in the 2004 Sri Lanka tsunami. A month or so before the wife bought a $500,000 life insurance policy from Farmers. Soon after her death, those friendly folks at Farmers sent my client a letter telling him how sorry they were for his loss but would not be paying on the policy since coverage did not become effective until the day after his wife died.

The litigation has been long and arduous. The apellate court ruled in August that as a matter of law, Farmers was required to pay the full policy benefit because they didn't have certain required language in the application/policy.

That's one for the good guys. The only remaining question now is: Were the actions of Farmers punishable and if so how much?

That is where you can help. If you bought a Farmers Life policy anytime after August 8, 2008, chances are those arrogant lazy Farmers executives haven't changed their illegal language at all. If that's the case, we can make a solid case that they still haven't learned their lesson and the only way to teach them is by hitting their pocketbooks. Send a copy of your application/policy to andrew.weitz@yahoo.com. Your help will be greatly appreciated.

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Re: Taking Premium but not the Risk
November 13, 2009 01:04AM
I am not sure if this will help. Seven years ago I bought a life insurance policy with farmers. When I bought this policy the agent told me that it was like a savings account and I was going to be able to get the money any time I wanted as long there was money in the account. I month ago I called farmers main office to telling them that I receive a letter stating that there was money in the account and I wanted to get the money and cancel the policy. Their response was."your policy needs to be active for at least nine years. and if you cancel before that we keep the money." I called the agent and told him that "there is money in the account its possible that I can get that money, He said "yes". then I told him what the guys from the main office told me. the agent response was " no you will get your money". the agent sent me a form by fax to fill out and send it back to the main office. A week later I receive a letter saying that I was not going to get any money back. I called the agent and his response was sorry. now they kept the money and no insurance.

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We have an account for socicial Security to be deposited for our for our disabled and blind son. Prematic Corp has twice in the last few days withdrawn 199.26 each time and there is a 25.00 overdraft charge each time for this illegal fraud.
We have no account or insurance with them, and we have never given out this bank account information to anyone. Theft, deceit, bank fraud. I NOW HAVE TO MAKE A TRIP TO THE BANK TO SIGN PAPERS TO CANCEL THEIR ENTRANCE INTO OUR ACCOUNT.

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