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Farmers will show up on TV Show "AMERICAN GREED" someday...SCAM!

Posted by April 
I started contributing to my universal life policy in October of 2015. My total contributions are $30,811.50 I have tried multiple times to get info on my account, (EX: statement, on-line access, receipt of payment, etc...) and can't seem to get answers. I've been told, "we don't give account access to life insurance policy holders only", "we only send out a statement every year so I need to wait until October 2016", "I have no money in my account, it doesn't exist because my contributions are in the stock market the first year". I'm sorry, but it seems highly unlikely I am the first customer that has given money to a life ins policy and asked to see my account. I asked about withdrawing funds and I was told it would cost me a $7800 surrender charge the first 9 years, when the policy states $25 and a written request. When I brought this up to the representative she said it was incorrect and my written request will only be accepted if my signature matches my policy acknowledgement page, after review, I noticed this page had a scribble at the bottom that looks nothing like my signature?! I also noticed the back of my checks being deposited to different accounts and I'm missing a payment made. My contributions were 18,931.50 and my husbands 11,880.00 when I sent 6 checks to be contributed equally. Other odd things are now surfacing such as, my DOB and DL # is wrong on the policy (even though all my paperwork was filled out correctly). I read in the fine print I have 2 years to make changes to my DOB while living or my cash value will be less. I filled out a form to access my husbands account (policy co-owner) yet when I call, they will not talk to me, my husband had to call them. My policy said reports will be sent out "At least Annually" yet when I wanted one I was told they dot exist....finally someone called after I complained to the BBB and told me they would hand write me one and send it. Still haven't received anything. I was sending checks in ahead of time (sent 3 in October for Oct, Nov, Dec payments), yet I was receiving letters that my policy will be closed due to non-payment. My Agent told me the checks were sent to the wrong address and to send another check for the full amount, then in April one of my checks sent to his office was deposited in April with his signature on the back deposited into a wells fargo account (which wells fargo would not help me because I don't bank there). It states in my policy I have 30 days to reject the policy, yet I didn't receive my policy in the mail until January, (3 months later). Many other issues, but I cant type anymore...I'm just getting frustrated.

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Re: Farmers will show up on TV Show "AMERICAN GREED" someday...SCAM!
November 30, 2016 09:49AM
Wow.. It's really interesting.

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