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Exposing Farmers

Posted by Farmers Parolee 
Exposing Farmers
October 03, 2008 12:00AM
What would the possibities be to expose Farmers and all of their indiscretions on a larger scale. What if we (as a group) provided information to somebody like 60 minutes or another similar show and advised them of all of the unpaid overtime issues, treatment of employees. Unethical ways, all the employment laws they maliciously break etc...even issues regarding claims handling and how insured's (or claimants) sometimes get treated.
I've seen many instances where a show would take information and "run with it". Then they go to the guilty party and try to uncover what is going on.
I don't know, seems like it would be great to do something like that. This site is fantastic however, people that don't have a gripe with Farmers most likely wouldn't visit it.
This way, word would get out to the general public.
I think that would be a great kick in the the teeth for Farmers. I know it would give me some form of satisfaction

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Re: Exposing Farmers
October 03, 2008 12:46AM
This site is VERY effective. Go to Google and do a search for "farmers insurance" or "farmers insurance group" and look where this site comes up. This site gets over a 1000 hits a day and sometimes over 2000 hits a day! I agree though the major media outlets (tv or newspaper) could certainly expose them A LOT more.

I get a ton of emails from folks who thank me for exposing Farmers Insurance and saving them from a headache of having to deal with Farmers Insurance and their delay, deny and defend tactics.

Good luck parolee

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Re: Exposing Farmers
October 03, 2008 03:50AM
I agree with you 100% that the site is very effective. I was just thinking media exposure would just add to the cause.

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Re: Exposing Farmers
October 07, 2008 02:04AM
Just wondered,in an election year what liberal media outlet whould want to devote any time to this subject? The power of this comapny is so far reaching that it even extends to politics thru pac's.

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Re: Exposing Farmers
October 12, 2008 09:12AM
A few things soon-to-be employees, policy holders and the media should know is this:

Farmers will usually tell their employees, when under the microscope, that OT is ok. However, by working OT, an employee has just decreased his/her performance scores which directly lowers the amount of a raise they may or may not get. Most employees also work through their lunches. That place will suck you in chew you up and spit you out.

At farmers, there is absolutely no motivation to do well. What's the point? You will either burn out and leave or you will be fired. The truth is, it doesn't matter who you are. You are a series of numbers on a spreadsheet to those snakes...and nothing more. After a while, you start to see the effect the job has on most people. Folks get visibly older. You will start to hear about people having relationship problems, getting divorces and you'll notice people coming into the office depressed. This is a dead end job. Unfortunately, if it isn't bad enough that you will never go anywhere with farmer's, the job will kill you in the process.

The best thing people can do is cancel their policies and go to legitimate companies. Employees need to get out for the sake of themselves and their loved ones. This is an unethical, greedy and shady company regardless of how great they make it look to outsiders.

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Re: Exposing Farmers
October 13, 2008 07:28PM
When I thought of this, I ralize there isn't any great hurry. So, as far as an election year, I think something could be attempted after the election, maybe at the begining of the new year. And as I previously said, I agree that this site is very effective. Of course, I came across it and so do many others.
I was just thinking about local news stations in my area investigating consumer complaints and watching either 60 minutes or 20/20 when they've done stories on companies for various reasons.
I would think with that goes on within this crap company, it would make for a informative, fact finding story. Not to replace this site but, to maybe reach out to individuals who never had a reason to or isn't able to look at the site or have access to the site (someone who does not use PC's, such as an older person?).
Just a thought.

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Re: Exposing Farmers
October 16, 2008 08:16PM
I have tried to reach several media sources concerning Farmers and their evil pracitces. When I finally was able to speak with someone with the ability to bring these truths to the media, it was explained to me that any attack on a company as big as Farmers would result in direct and immediate retaliation. Basically, no one wants to mess with them.

From the research that I have done on Farmers, I have found them to have many deep seeded political ties which allow them to essentailly get away with murder. Unfortunately, The past 8 years of the Bush Administration have allowed many evil corporations to run unregulated through the free market in quest of their own profits with no regard to their effects on society. Hopefully, once Bush and his oil/Banker buddies lose some of their power, this country can begin to get back on track. Not to say that Farmers wasn't an evil company before Bush, but when no regulations are inforced on large corporate enteties with no ethics or morals, the little guy and the middle class will suffer in both the working and consumer world. I hope that there will come a time when we can all finally bring these greedy pigs to justice. When that time comes, I hope that I can be a part of it.

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Re: Exposing Farmers
October 20, 2008 08:11PM
Greetings to everyone who are still Farmers employees or those alledgedly recovering from the Post Traumatic Stress or medical conditions exacerbated by the effects of past employment:

During the last few years I have reviewed or submitted personal opinions about Farmers, and I have noticed that so many people do not identify themselves.I can understand those who are still employed and have a legitimate fear of reprisal. This company would definitely place any employees name higher up on the hit list if you were identified.

However, any current employee who has the guts to anonymously discuss their personal opinion on this site should at least rally our cause to expose the truth about Farmers by submitting any proof of the facts they present.

All news organizations except the tabloids will brush off the few unverified complaints it may receive without physical documentation (company documents, recordings, claim #, video, witnesses, etc.) If there are only a few people who talk to the media (broadcast, print, radio) and those few remain ananymous, no media organization will be interested regardless of the politics involved. You will be brushed off as a disgruntled employee with an axe to grind, and this is exactly what Farmers wants and relies upon.

There is strength however if the current employees who choose to remain ananymous can start to submit documentation that can be verified by the media or government investigators. I am suggesting you folks reading this post to please submit your ideas, and with some opinion of the site administrator on the feasibility of having a fax - email - mail drop in place for anyone to submit information or documentation for investigation clearing house purposes.

A free efax number could be opened as well as a free yahoo or other account. Perhaps the administrator knows someone who has a P.O. Box to send items by mail.

Keep in mind however, anyone who intentionally submits false or manufactued information - documentation with the express purpose to discredit Farmers, and which the public, media or investigator may rely upon may be construed as committing libel or fraud.

Those of us that are former Farmers employees should submit their name when they post if you want credibility. Who would really want to use Farmers as a reference anyway?

There was another comment in the above threads about how to OUT Farmers alleged unsavory business practices to warn potential customers. This site has been effective in educating those who research a carrier before they buy a policy, but to get a huge consumer group with hundreds of thousands of customers to drop a bomb on Farmers, how can that be done...?

It is in my opinion that after supportive information on illegality was received as outlined above, and VERIFIED AS TRUE could then be transmitted to a large corporate business partner like say an organization used by other companies..., an Older Peoples group.., one who could hold a major endorsement for Farmers/Foremost subsidiary for Homeowners, mobile homes, motor cycle, RV and boaters policies. Would a corporate partner then trust Farmers to administer policies and claims for its constituents?

Now is the time for current and former employees to voice their opinions on what we should do as a group to start an information clearing house, and how to pass documentation for investigation on to media, government and business organizations that have interest.

As always, good luck to all.

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Re: Exposing Farmers
April 03, 2016 03:23AM
Wish I had seen this site one year ago

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Re: Exposing Farmers
January 12, 2017 02:05AM
My home burned down 7/27/11. My agar today sent another agent as it was burning who brought yet another guy who was a Fire Restoration company . Lo and behold - they were ALL Farmers agents or ex-Farmers agents . Long story short - I've lost my home and due to it being inhabitable and I they quit paying for a place and my home was a moldy mess. They walked away with $611,000 which is criminal to me and I had to short sale as it was uninhabitable .Ive been trying to expose this to media and otherwise . There were 8 others I am aware of . This "group" takes the first draw (or more) and just doesn't come back or does very shoddy cheap work . They form themselves in a corporation and once the heat goes up they fold the business and start another . I had over half million in coverage yet they drug us out over the last 5 years . They gave us almost. O thing for our expensive possessions we lost - my husband found out he had lymphoma cancer during this night mare and guess who paid for 10 years for life insurance And yes!! They denied my claim . Said he was reinstated 2 years ago so they can contest .They walked away with with EVERYTHing and made our life hell . Now I have no one -no home , and they have cracked jokes to each other saying I must be "broke" by now . It's all just wrong.My husbands life insurance was paid up to date and they are using date of May 28,2013 as a contestible period. Which he passed away March 2015 .They said he lied about his medical but they are absolutely lying!!! They said he was on medications he was not on . They said he had a diseased heart . He did have heart attack back in o6 . A as in 1 and nothing since . Until the cancer hit him. I've told them I can prove otherwise but they continue to deny . I believe this to be all in bad faith. I have turned them into insurance commission to no avail.They lied in response . I am now hoping the media will bring all this out .And they call this civil . My home should have been completed for $611,000 and no way did we get anything remotely close to that yet lost almost that much not counting our home .I have proof . And I won't stop until this nonsense is stopped .

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Re: Exposing Farmers
February 08, 2017 02:30AM
Hi There,

I was an X Farmers Agent, suggest you hire an attorney and fast. Farmers only wakes up when an attorney is with you, trust me, they just deny and hope you don't do anything. They can be sued now for bad faith. I would hire an attorney as soon as possible.

Let me know.....where are you located?

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